You feel unfulfilled, lost, stuck...

You routinely ask yourself: "Is this it?"

It doesn't have to be this way.

You have it in you to do more...be more...live more.


You're Invited...

To join a small group of amazing women in a 4 week small group program to help you fall in love with yourself.  

No excuses, no apologies, and no guilt.  

Will you join us?

You know you want more from life, but...


Sure, we all want more money or to lose those pesky 10 pounds, but those aren't the things that really impact the success or happiness of our lives.

We have to dig deeper than that.

So, I'll ask again...what is it that you truly want? 

To figure out your purpose?
Deeper connections with your loved ones?
More adventure?
To feel more fulfilled in your life?
To spend more time doing the things you love?



When you think about those things you truly want, what ties them together?

What are you ultimately craving more of in your life?

More fulfillment?
More clarity?
More security?
More love?
More purpose?
More direction?
More peace?

You've done everything you were supposed to do, yet...

When we enter adulthood, most of us follow an expected path:  graduate from college, get a good job, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after.

Except...somewhere around your late 30s or early 40s, you start to realize that you did everything you were supposed to do and you're not as happy as you thought you'd be.

In fact, you may even be downright miserable.

What happened???

You realized you're not young anymore, but you know you're not old either.
It scares the crap out of you to think the life you're living now is all there is or will ever be.

You know something needs to change, but you're not sure what or where to start.  You feel a sense of restlessness and deep desire for your life to mean something.


You also feel guilty

You probably also feel a bit of guilt, because your life isn't bad, so who are you to feel unsatisfied with it?
You tell yourself you should just be grateful for what you have, yet you can't shake the feeling there are many things in your life that just doesn't fit anymore.


Women go through a midlife crisis too

While men get all the midlife crisis attention, make no mistake...women also go through this rite of passage.

But, women do it differently than men and during this phase of our lives, we come alive!

We’re not trying to hang onto our youth by pretending we’re not getting older.  We blossom into powerful, self-assured women that embrace our age and ourselves. 

We stop living according to other people’s expectations and we start defining our lives by our needs and desires.

I don't call this a crisis.

I call it...




The Midlife Awakening

Discover what's on the other side of your Midlife Crisis...

Create Your Own Magic 

You're ready to do the work to get the life you crave...

Connect with Others

Join a group of like minded women for community & support...

Be Inspired

Be inspired to live life according to your rules by reading the blog!


What others are saying

Removing blocks little by little...

Working with Vicky has been a true pleasure. I’m starting my business and Vicky has helped me unblock barriers that have been holding me back. She quickly pinpoints the core of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful understanding or a question to consider. I find that in every session I get an AHA moment that I never thought about.

In the few months that we have worked together I’m finding that my blocks are, little by little, going away. I’m so grateful to be working with Vicky. For anyone that is considering a life coach, I highly recommend Vicky. She has truly found her gift in helping people find their way to a better life!



I'm Vicky!

I started my own personal journey towards my awakening in my mid to late 30s.  Now in my early 40s, I love my life more than I ever have.  I'm more confident, grounded, focused, present, aware, grateful, joyful, and peaceful.

It wasn't always an easy process, but it was incredibly enlightening and empowering.

I understand feeling lost, unfulfilled, frustrated, alone, and defeated.  I've lived them, too, so you are not alone.

I choose to work with women going through the murky midlife years because I understand them and I know the life they want is within their grasp.


Join My Tribe

Every woman needs a tribe of soul sisters to turn to when life gets tough and to celebrate life's successes. 

The Moxie Girls tribe is my way of providing a supportive environment to connect with like-minded women.  We come from all walks of life, different places, and varying ages, yet we all share one thing in common:  

Living our lives to the fullest and leaving the regrets behind. 

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