accountability-partners.png want to stick with your goals and not squander your time on other things that tend to suck away your time?


Sounds like you need an Accountability Partner!

As a Moxie Girl Tribe member, and more specifically, a member of the fabulous, awesome Facebook group, you have the ability to be matched with a partner to keep you on track (and you'll be keeping them on track!).

Pretty cool, right?!

What are Accountability Partners?

In case you're wondering what an Accountability Partner is, it's essentially someone you pair up with to keep each other on track with goals and objectives.  You typically meet up (which could simply be an email) where you share your goals or objectives and what you plan to have done by when.  Then you cheer each other on, check in with each other, and by a designated date, you report back on how you've done.  

The goal isn't to chastise each other for not getting things done (unless you specifically want that!), but it's to have that extra bit of accountability so you don't slack off on the things you want to get done (I'm looking at you, Pinterest!...and Facebook!).

Having an Accountability Partner can be an amazing tool to stick to your goals and make things happen!

How does it work?

If you are interested in being assigned an Accountability Partner, all you need to do is fill out the form below!  

On the 1st, you will receive an email from me with the name of your partner and their email address.  From there, you're off to the races!!

I won't be involved beyond simply pairing you you and your partner manage your partnership is up to the two of you.  

However, since this is new for a lot of people, here are some suggestions on how to kick things off:
   -  Introduce yourself & get to know each other
   -  Discuss the frequency and the methods you would each prefer for checking in with each other
   -  Share your objectives or goals that you would like to be accountable for (try to make them measurable!)
   -  Talk about how you'd like the other person to respond if you don't follow through on your objective

At the end of the month, if you want to keep working with your partner, then no further action is needed.  However, if you both want to mix it up, or one partner no longer wants to participate, then jump back in and sign up for another partner!

Sign Up!

Please include your full last name and not the first initial or something else. 

Name *
Type of Contact *
What type of contact are you open to from your partner? (This doesn't guarantee this is how you'll communicate with each other, it's just to help me match you up with someone that is open to the same type of communication.)
Example: daily check-ins vs. weekly check-ins; hands on vs. hands off, etc.