You're busy & it’s hard to carve out time for YourselF  

Your mind is racing with everything that needs to be done and you end up pushing the little (and sometimes big!) things that are bothering you to the back of your mind to explore later. The problem is, you never slow down and take the time to dig into what’s going on in your life.

You're exhausted, stressed out, and feeling more than a little out of touch with yourself. You aren't happy with yourself and you're tired of it.

You want to feel worthy...enough...alive...aware...and maybe even a little enlightened. You want to feel more in control of your life.

It's time to start putting yourself first and fall in love with the amazing woman that you've forgotten existed.

She's still in there...I promise!



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In order to amp up that self-love, you have to spend a little time digging deep and getting real with yourself.


One of the best ways to peel back those layers is to pull out your journal!  

Journaling is a powerful tool for spending a little quiet time with yourself and providing a safe space where you can explore the thoughts and feelings swirling around in your body.  

When you put pen to paper and let the ink flow, you’ll be amazed at the personal insight you’ll uncover.

The beauty of prompts is that it nudges you into areas that you may not typically explore or that you intentionally avoid. This will allow you to get clarity on who you are now and what you want out of your life.

You're not the girl you were in your 20s.  You're a woman approaching or square in the middle of your midlife years.  

It's understandably hard to love yourself as you see the effects the passing of time has taken on you and your life.  But, to fall in love with yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!


It's more than a positive attitude and healthy ego

It's taking time out for you, saying no, being kind to yourself, respecting your body, doing things you truly love, and genuinely liking the woman you see in the mirror.

The best part is when you amp up your self-love, you don't feel guilty doing any of know you deserve it!
Aren't you ready to dig in and fall in love with YOU?


Hey There!

I'm Vicky and I started my own personal journey towards my awakening in my mid to late 30s.  Now in my early 40s, I love my life more than I ever have.  I'm more confident, grounded, focused, present, aware, grateful, joyful, and peaceful.

It wasn't always an easy process, but it was incredibly enlightening and empowering.

I understand feeling lost, unfulfilled, frustrated, alone, and defeated.  I've lived them, too, so you are not alone.

I choose to work with women going through the murky midlife years because I understand them and I know the life they want is within their grasp.