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The midlife transition is a phase EVERYONE must navigate as they move through their 40s and 50s. It’s not something to fear; it’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, forge new paths, and awaken to a fulfilled and exciting life with meaningful connections.


As I’ve worked closely with women over 40, I’ve discovered the disconnect their feeling is tied into their desire for more purpose (i.e., more meaning in your life), stronger ties with friends and loved ones (i.e., connection), and having more fun (i.e., adventure). I call these the Chief Desires!


Internal Threads are the powerful inner dynamics that either keep you feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and stuck OR confident, empowered, peaceful, and free (to be yourself). When internal threads are weakened, guilt, resentment, doubt, and fear influence your decisions. To get unstuck and become awakened, you have to strengthen these threads.

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