It’s Just a Story! Time to Rewrite Those Fear Stories

Recently, I saw a quote on Facebook that went something like this:  “The fears we don’t face become our limits.”

I love that, and it’s SO true!  

Faced with anything scary, we create a story in our head about how it will impact us and that defines our actions.

These “fear stories” are our go-to defense against anything that makes us step outside of our comfort zone.  They’re powerful and prevent us from going for what we want and growing beyond our safety zone.

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Carry Your Gratitude Forward


It’s a word we hear a lot; especially this time of year.  The end of the year looms, the holidays beckon, and we’re encouraged to share our gratitude loudly and proudly.  So, we see daily gratitude posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

I love it.  I love the slight shift in energy that comes from seeing so many people share the little things each day that makes them grateful for their slice of the world. 

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Upgrade your Life with a Self-Care Plan

Alright friends...time to get honest with yourself.  

How do you take care of yourself?  

Do you start your day with a 3 mile run, eat organic, go to bed early, etc.?  Do you zen out in a yoga class when you're stressed, book a massage when you're tense, or call a friend when you're upset?

There are many ways to take care of yourself, but most folks limit their thinking to just their physical being.  

But, aren't you more than just your body?  What about all of the other parts?

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Why Perfectionism Isn't Worth It

Every day, no matter where you turn or look, you’re bombarded with ‘perfectionism’.  While the rise of social media has certainly played into this, this battle with perfectionism has existed long before the introduction of Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social sharing.  

From the dawn of time, people have attempted to portray a life to be envied by others…a perfect life.

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Create a Support Team for Your Midlife Awakening, Part 2

You’re changing.

While this is exciting, it’s also scary. Peeling back layers of your life (and yourself!) that don’t fit anymore is freeing, but leaving behind what’s familiar and comfortable is scary.

You have lived a good life up until now, and you’re grateful for it, but you crave more.

More adventure, more connection, more purpose…

You may not know exactly what that will look like yet, but there’s something inside you that is propelling you towards finding it.

Along the way, having a group of personal cheerleaders on your side can help you when things get tough.

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Create a Support Team for Your Midlife Awakening, Part 1

You feel a little lost, a little frustrated, and scared. You’ve been living a good life, but recently, something feels off.

It’s uncomfortable.

The life you know so well doesn’t quite fit you anymore, and you don’t know what to do about it.

You feel alone because surely, no else is experiencing these thoughts and feelings. You see how perfect life is for all of your friends and colleagues, so you can’t help but wonder why you don’t feel the same.

On the heels of the confusion and frustration, comes guilt. You have what most people spend their lives wishing for, so to feel it’s not enough, makes you feel ungrateful.

But, when you’re alone with your thoughts, and you allow yourself to go deep, you also feel a teensy bit excited because you feel like you’re starting to come alive in a way that you don’t fully understand, yet.

When you are transitioning through your Midlife Awakening, it’s exciting but also scary.

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6 Ways to Banish Negative Self-Talk for Good!

Are you a negative self-talker or a positive self-talker? I tend to be a positive self-talker, but that's not to say I don't have my moments when a little negative thinking slips in.  But, I don't let that go too far before I squash it like a bug!  Over the years, I've worked hard to banish negative self-talk and today, I want to share with all of you lovelies six different ways that YOU can work on improving the conversation you have with yourself in your head!

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Dating in Your 40s: 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Dating in your 40s...a necessary evil or a new release on life?

If you’re ‘hell yeah!’ for the latter, then this post probably isn’t for you ;).

But, if dating in your 40s is feeling a little bit like a cruel trick in life, then grab some coffee (or your drink of choice!) and allow me to boost your confidence, so you start dating from an entirely new perspective!

One of the hardest things about dating for anyone is to go into with the right frame of mind.

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The Mental Side of Self-Care

Let’s be honest, self-care is hard work.  

It’s not just treating yourself to a day at the spa or indulging in an afternoon of ‘me-time.' These are certainly ways of caring for yourself, but self-care goes much deeper.

To really take care of YOU, there’s a lot of mental work that has to happen first. Doing this level of work allows for a deeper connection with yourself and enables you to establish a self-care routine that you can maintain on an on going basis.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Say NO

No one would be shocked by the statement that women have a hard time saying no. It’s what lies at the heart of feeling taken advantage of, burned out, walked on, and inevitably leads to overextending yourself.

Sound familiar?

You know you need to say no, but you just can’t bring yourself to utter that magic little word.

There are a variety of reasons why women tend to struggle with this, but regardless of the why, this inability to say no holds you back and prevents you from taking care of yourself.

Women are not born with an inability to say no.  They’ve been taught this throughout their lives.  

Fortunately, what you’ve learned can always be unlearned!

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