Taking a Look Inside the Passion Planner

I'm a planner.  I love to create lists of the various things I need to do and then cross them off once they're complete.  I love to plan out my days and weeks with my projects, appointments, and events.  So, it's only to be expected that I love planners!  

I've tried many different formats, both paper and digital, and I've found that I'm definitely a paper planner kind of girl.  I recently stumbled upon a planner that is new to the scenes this year and I LOVE it!

Allow me to introduce you to the Passion Planner.  This is more than just a mere planner for your appointments and to do lists. This helps you map out your dreams and goals, then get you on the path to accomplishing those.  I LOVE that and it's right up my alley!  I've done similar exercises independent of my planner in the past, but it ends up falling to the side never to be looked at again (mainly because it just wasn't in a convenient spot for me).  With everything incorporated into one book, it's easy to refer back to past exercises and reacquaint myself with my goals and plans.

There are a number of things I like about this planner, so let me dive in a little deeper and show you the various parts of this nifty little book! 

What I love about this planner

First of all, I love the size.  It's not too big, but it's not too small...it's jussttttt right!  The book measures 11.25" x 8.25" x .5".


The cover is similar to a moleskin notebook cover, but I think it's a little softer and a tad nicer.  The Passion Planner logo is embossed on the cover, but it's very subtle.  It also has an elastic band (attached to the back cover) which allows you to keep the book closed tight when not using it or toting it around.

Passion Planning

Near the front of the book are a couple of pages explaining the concept of passion planning.  In a nutshell, it's identifying your passions and establishing plans to accomplish those.  To facilitate this, these pages walk you through a simple process of brainstorming to pull those ideas out of your head. 

Then, you hone in on a specific goal and brainstorm on ways to meet that goal.  You can easily use that process for your other goals and passions.  I LOVED this exercise!  For now, I've only mapped out one of the goals, but I do plan to run through the exercise again with some of my other goals.

Monthly page view

Every planner needs a monthly page view, but this one takes it a step further by providing space at the bottom to list your objectives and goals for the month and action items to work towards those goals. 

At the end of a month, I love to reflect back on what I accomplished and look ahead to the next month and list out everything I hope to get done, so this perfectly aligns with the workflow I already have established.

Daily planning pages

Each week is laid out over a 2 page spread.  Each day has time slots per the half hour from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm.  I prefer this type of granularity so I can take my to-do list and translate it to time slots so I can accurately assess if I have more on my plate than I have time to accomplish (which is usually the case!)

I use different color pens for different entries (i.e. workouts, errands, to-do's, appointments, social events, etc.).  That helps me quickly glance at my calendar and see if it's more in favor of one type of activity for any given day. 

One thing to note...I don't keep any work related events in this planner unless it's in the evening (i.e. my personal time) or first thing in the morning (i.e. it might impact what I might do before work).  This planner is strictly for my personal use!

To Do Section

Beneath the daily columns, on the left side page, is a section for personal and work to do lists.  These also include a section for errands.  I love this! 

On Sundays, I like to plan out my week.  I just jot down everything I know I need to do, plus any errands I know I need to run.  Then, as I move through the week, I refer to these lists and jot down items on my daily planning sections as I spot time in my calendar to complete those. 

Since I don't use this planner for work, I use the 'Work To Do' section for any blog related work that I may have for the week.  Very handy!

Notes/Journal/Brainstorm Section

On the right side page, beneath the daily columns, is a blank section for whatever you want.  I use this to jot down my blog ideas for the week, my weekend project list, and anything else that I feel needs to be jotted down for the week.

Blank Journal Pages

At the end of each month, there are three blank, lined pages to journal.  These are perfect for end of month reflections.  At the beginning of the planner, there are questions provided to help you reflect back on your month. 

I use the first two pages of the blank pages to do my month end reflections.  Then, I use the third page, which is facing the monthly page for the next month, as a place to list out all of goals and objectives for the coming month. 

I can go into a bit more detail here, then transfer the main projects to the monthly page.  This will also be great for looking back through as the year progresses to see how I'm doing.

Weekly Inspirational Quote

I love inspirational quotes, so I LOVE that one is included each week of this planner.  Directly above the quote, but not shown in the photos, is a box to list out your focus for the week and a second box to list out all the good things that happened during the week - genius!  How fun to note the good things in life so you can flip back through and remind yourself as the year moves on.

Other Thoughts

So much is packed into one planner, yet it's lightweight and not too bulky!  Like a moleskin, the book lies flat when open, so it's easy to write in it and leave it open on your desk throughout the day.

Personally, I'm a tab girl.  I like having tabs in order to flip right to a specific month.  This planner did not come with tabs, but that's okay!  It's easy enough to add your own!  My personal favorite are these sticky monthly tabs from the Container Store.

Once I had them in place, I did use a stapler (using colored staples) to firmly hold these in place.  I love that it adds a bit of color and with the preprinted names, it looks a bit more professional!

If you've been searching for a good planner, or you're not loving the one you currently use, I definitely recommend this one!  I haven't loved a planner this much...well ever!