Mighty Purse: the BEST Wristlet Ever!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.

What's so special about a wristlet, you might be asking!  I mean, is there really anything so special about a wristlet that it deserves it's own writeup?  When it comes to this particular one...yes! Not only is this wristlet a gorgeous, soft leather, but it's big enough for all the essentials (including your phone).  But, that's not the best part.  The best little secret about this wristlet....it contains a backup battery to CHARGE YOUR PHONE on the go!!

I don't know about you, but I have been caught out with a low battery on my phone and it's annoying!  Am I right?  Between texting, checking emails, snapping some photos, editing said photos, and posting them to Instagram...

...it's really not that hard to chew through your battery when you're out and about.

I've looked into small backup batteries to keep in my purse, but either they're not exactly small, or if they are small, they don't pack enough punch and barely provide enough charge to make it worth hauling around.

So, what's a girl to do?


Was I subtle enough on that?  Seriously, get your hot little hands on one of these Mighty Purse wristlets by Handy Butler and your dead phone problems will magically disappear (unless you forget to keep the backup battery charged, which if that happens, I don't know what to tell you, girlfriend).

In the past few months, I've seen similar wristlets online, but they didn't really appeal to me for various reasons (it wasn't pretty, it wasn't good quality, or the battery inside was a little clunky).  While visiting home (i.e. Atlanta) last weekend, I was out shopping with one of my friends when we happened across these little lovelies.

I was instantly intrigued!  Pretty...check!  Good quality...yep!  But, how did it perform?

I chatted with the sales girl and she has one of these and she couldn't stop raving about it.  Now, I know she's a sales girl, but sometimes you can really tell someone is being genuine and her excitement seemed too legit to be fake.  When she told me it has enough juice to charge my phone at least twice, I was sold!

I will say...these little wallets are a tad pricey.  The cost of each one is dependent on the leather you choose.  I selected a soft shell pink that was $84.  Bear in mind, it is real leather with a suede lining AND a 4,000 mAH battery, so in reality, it's not really exorbitant for what you're getting.  If you are an iPhone user, like me, you will need an adapter kit (which was $15 at the store where I bought it).

Want to take a look inside and see how this bad boy works?

The battery

When you peek inside the wristlet, you'll notice a center section with a top zipper.  This is where the slim battery lives.  The zippered section at the top is where the cord that connects to your computer is located.

To recharge the battery, you just plug this into the USB port of either your computer/laptop or your iPhone wall charger (remove the iPhone charger cord and just plug your wallet right into the brick itself).

Since the battery section is removable from the wallet, you can take it out for charging if that makes it easier.  As a side note, that also lets you use this wallet without the battery if you so desire (options!  you gotta love that!).

Attached to the bottom of the battery compartment is a short cord that plugs into your phone.  If you're using the iPhone adapter, you'll obviously plug that in first.  As with charging the battery, you could remove the battery from the wristlet to charge your phone if you're at home or at the office.  But, the beauty of this wristlet is that you don't need to do that!  Just plug the charging cord into the bottom of the phone and pop it into the wristlet, zip it up, and away you go!

As it charges, you'll see a light on the side of the battery to indicate the charge level.  Once it completes charging, it makes a little sound so you know it's ready!

Other features

Since you obviously need to USE the wristlet in addition to charging your phone, the folks at Handy Butler have clearly put a lot of thought into this.  There are credit card slots (only 2...I personally would've liked 3, but I'm not complaining), a zippered section for change (although I keep my license, AAA card, and insurance card in this space), and a removable wrist strap.  For my money - both bills and change - I just keep that in the open space next to the battery charger. There's PLENTY of space!

I've found there's enough room for not only my license, insurance/AAA cards, money, and phone, but also a pen, my car key, and my lip balm/gloss (one tube, not both).  Even with all of that in there, it's not packed full and I can easily get what I need in and out of the wallet.

I've been using this as my wallet for the past few days in my purse/work bag and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It's not very heavy considering it has a charger in it, the cords tuck neatly out of the way so I'm not fumbling with that and getting things all tangled up.

I charged my phone when it had about 30% charge left, just to test things out and it worked like a charm and the battery still had plenty of life left.

I can easily say this was worth every single penny and I know it's going to save my hide down the road when I'm out and about with an almost dead phone!

With Christmas coming up, I would definitely add this to your shopping list for the ladies in your life!  It's definitely one of my most favorite finds in quite some time!

Your turn!  What's your favorite find recently when it comes to accessories and must-have items?