Beauty Bar {Allure Sample Society} - December 2014

Are you still on the fence about Allure's Sample Society monthly box?  Or, are you just curious to see what was in this month's box?  Well...if either of those describes you, then today's post is just for you!!  Last week, I received both of my sample boxes and Allure's box is fantastic this month, so I couldn't wait to dive in and give everything a try!

As is the case with any of the sample boxes out there, some months it's a wash and other months they hit it out of the ball park.  I'm so happy that this month it's the latter and I am loving pretty much everything they sent me!!

Want to take a peek at all the goodies?  

Yes? Then here we go!

#1 | Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm

Normally, when a sample box includes a lipstick it usually is a color that doesn't quite work with my fair complexion (despite my profile being up to date with my skin, hair, and eye colors!).  Considering this is a full size tube of lipstick, I was almost heartbroken before I even opened it thinking I'd have to toss a tube of lipstick!  

But, not so my friends!!  I'm SOOOOO happy that this mid toned pink is perfect with my skin tone and is a wonderful day time hue.  The beauty of this lipstick is that it's not just a basic's a tinted lip balm.  That means it's packed with moisture so your lips don't get dry, yet provides a medium coverage of color to give your kisser a pop!


#2 | RGB Nail Polish (color:  Oxblood)

I LOVE the color of this polish!  I've been looking for a nice, dark, burgundy shade of red that wasn't shimmery and this fits the bill perfectly.  I only just applied it this weekend, so I can't comment on it's longevity yet, but I did use it with my Sephora Formula X 'sticky' base coat, so hopefully that'll make it last a nice long time!


#3 | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye  Cream

I've only tried this cream for a couple of nights, but so far I really like it.  I was expecting your standard white cream, but when I opened the mini jar, I was surprised to see it's more of a creamy gel.  

I loved how smoothly it went on my skin and how moisturized my under eye area felt!  I'm always on the lookout for a good eye cream and while I've found other skin care products that I loovvee I have yet to find an eye cream that I can't live without!  Maybe this is the one!!


#4 | Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (color:  Nude Radiance)

This little tube was an interesting product.  I thought it was like a primer (I mean, it does say 'base' in the name!), but after applying a bit of this before my foundation, it didn't really act as a primer (i.e. making my foundation 'stick' to my skin better) and since it was shimmery, it made my face seem a little too shiny.  

I was ready to toss it in the trash when I actually read the booklet that came with the box!  They, apparently, experienced the same issue of it not working well as a primer, but when they mixed a little bit with their foundation, they loved the slight brightening effect it gave to their skin.  

Well..I had to try it!!  For a couple of days, I used my normal primer, then mixed just a small bit of this with my foundation.  I like it!  I don't know if my skin is more glow-y, but it does look a little nicer.  I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I do want to keep using the sample to decide if it's worth ordering and adding to my product stash!


#5 | Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy

Confession...I used to buy this moisturizer all.the.time a few years ago.  I love, love, LOVE the scent of this stuff!  It's light and fresh and clean which is right up my alley.  It's not too flowery, musky, or heavy in the scent.  

As for the cream's a lovely thick cream to really sink into your dry winter skin, yet it's not heavy in feel, nor do your hands feel greasy after application!  This little tube will be going in my carry on for my upcoming travels this month and I can't wait to quench my dry hands with this stuff post flight (I don't tend to use too much moisturizer mid-flight since even the slightest of scents seem to magnetize in those cramped conditions, so out of consideration for those around me, I either wait until I'm on the ground and in the airport, or I just apply it in the airplane lavatory)

So if you're keeping score, I LOVE the nail polish, lip balm, and hand cream.  As for the eye cream and Burberry base...I'm really liking them so far but I'm undecided as yet on whether I'll be purchasing these particular products.

I love sampling different beauty, skin, and makeup products each month!  Not only is it a ton of fun, BUT I love discovering new brands and products that I would have never known about!  

Have you been seduced by any of the sample/monthly boxes out there? If so, which are your faves?!  I'd love to hear, so leave me a comment and let me know!