How to Set Goals that You WILL Achieve {Part 2}

Ready to learn more about setting goals so that you WILL achieve them?  Yesterday, I went through different types of goals and the main reasons people fail at finishing their goals.  Today, we’re diving into the fun stuff….how to organize yourself to achieve your goals!!

I feel like if  you take the time to make goals, that must mean you’ve identified things you either want to change or would like to accomplish, right?  So, I think it’s far to assume that you’re probably disappointed with yourself when you don’t stick with it!

How about we make a pledge right now to stick with our goals this year?!

I’m not going to lie and tell you it won’t take commitment and work, but these are for things you want to do, right?  

So let’s do it!!!

How To Achieve Your Goals

Yesterday, I touched on three main reasons I find that people tend to not follow through with their goals.  The following tips will help you avoid these common pitfalls and help you get yourself on the path to success!

Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Remember how we talked about unrealistic goals?  It’s okay to have goals that you know you’ll never achieve!  

That does not mean that you shouldn’t shoot for the stars and challenge yourself!

It just means being honest with yourself!  

 Let’s consider the typical goal of “losing weight”.  This is a fantastic goal!  But, be honest, are you really going to cut back on what you’re eating and commit to a solid workout routine?  If your gut is telling you that "no", then don’t set yourself up to fail by making this a goal for yourself!  

For this particular one, you could alter the wording to ‘Be Healthier’.  If you are choosing a healthier lifestyle, you should by default, lose some weight, but ‘being healthier’ is a little easier to commit to than ‘losing weight’.  You are much more likely to accomplish this goal!

Moral of the story…be real with yourself about what you can realistically accomplish!

Spend the time to PLAN how to achieve your goal

If you decided to build a house, you wouldn’t start without a plan right?  Or how about driving cross country…you wouldn’t hop in the car and start driving without some idea of where you want to go first, right?

Well, the same holds true for planning big goals.  To better ensure that your will complete you mission, you will need to plan accordingly.  

For big goals, that means breaking it up into do-able chunks.

I like to refer to this as Phases.  

For example, when I first decided to create a blog, I listed out everything that would be necessary to make that happen.  It was  LONG list, let me tell you!  If I didn’t plan accordingly, it would’ve been easy to either feel so overwhelmed that I gave up, or stretch the project out so long that it would never get done.

Instead, I went through the list and starred those that would be required for an initial release.  These were my Phase 1 tasks!  I also gave myself a deadline for when Phase 1 needed to be completed.  Once Phase 1 was done, my blog went live.  Did it have every single thing I wanted, yet?  No, but it had all of the requirements for it to work.  I then moved on to the Phase 2 items, gave myself a deadline, and got to work.

The same thing happens when making planning for any goal!  

Figure out what are the most important tasks and work on those first!

Keep track of your progress

After you’ve established your different chunks for achieving your big goal, check back in with yourself regularly to be sure you’re on track!  You’ll find some things will take longer than you anticipated…that’s okay!  Just adjust your timelines so you are still moving along.  

Also, by checking off tasks as you complete them, you’ll feel accomplished and motivated to keep going!

Give yourself a reward for a job well done!  

I’m a HUGE believer in rewarding yourself!  It doesn’t have to be much!  Just plan a little something for you so that it motivates you to keep pushing towards that finish line!

Let go of any goals that you feel aren’t working

Do you remember how I mentioned yesterday that sometimes you won’t finish a goal because you fail to find the motivation to work on it?  We’ve all been there! That’s okay!!  That just means it probably wasn’t the right goal for you…either let it go, or tweak it so that it’s more in line with YOU!  If you decide to let it go, don’t beat yourself up.  See it as a learning exercise…now you know something that you don’t want to do!

One final note on setting yourself up to ACHIEVE your goals…be realistic in how many goals you can honestly work on at any given time.  If you have limited time, don’t challenge yourself with 10 big goals!!  Limit it to maybe two or three to get started!  You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more likely to make things happen!

Organizing your Goals

As I was putting together my goals this year, I designed a planning sheet to help me organize my goals and plans for the year.  And, since I love you guys, I wanted to share it with you!  

Your turn, friends!  Are you feeling more inspired to set some goals?  Tell me how you feel about the tips I’ve provided….do you feel it’s do-able now?  Let me a comment and let me know!