The O.G. Bag by Lo & Sons {The BEST Carry On Bag!}

Are you a traveling girl that needs a top notch bag to join you on your adventures? If you're jumping up and down screaming 'YES!' right now, then let me ask you...have you heard of The O.G. Bag by Lo & Sons?  If you haven't, well...hold on to your hat, you're about to fall in love!  If you have, and you've been on the fence with whether you need this bag, let me assure do!!!  

I love to travel and I head out on trips numerous times throughout the year (which is not nearly as often as I would like!).  Over the years, I have tried so many different types of bags for my carry on - totes, backpacks, duffles, you name, I’ve tried it, but nothing ever really stuck as my go-to bag.

While I haven’t necessarily been on a quest to find the BEST carry on bag, I think I might have just stumbled upon it!

Ladies, allow me to introduce to my new lov-ah…The O.G. by Lo & Sons!

She is a little pricey, but if you travel enough, she’s worth every single penny!! (and they routinely put these on sale, so like their Facebook page to stay in the know on when these pretties go on special!)

I’ve been eyeing this bag for almost a year, but couldn’t quite wrap my head around paying that much for a bag that I wouldn’t use everyday and that isn’t leather (although, this is actually a good thing…the nylon is lighter and more durable).  

But, I always like to buy myself a Christmas present and when I saw these were 25% off in December, I made the snap decision to go for it!  They seemed to have a good return policy (extended for an extra 30 days for holiday purchases), so I figured if it arrived and I was less than impressed, I could return it and be done with it!

But, wouldn’t you know it…I LOVE IT!

They offer two sizes in this style..the O.G. and the O.M.G.  The O.G. (which stands for Overnight & Gym bag) is the larger of the two and it’s the one I opted for.

While I could easily ramble on and on about how awesome this bag is, let me try to focus so I don’t lose you!  

How about I list out the specific things I love about this bag?  

The Things I LOVE about This Bag

It holds a lot more than you think!

Upon first opening the box, I was surprised at the size…I actually thought it’d be bigger!  So, I was a little worried about being able to pack everything in that I normally like to carry with me on a plane.  She proved me wrong though…this bag holds a serious amount of stuff (without it looking like you're carrying a lot of stuff)!

There are tons of pockets

I can’t stand bags without pockets and this one has a ton!  

First up, there's a large zippered pocket on the front, which has an organizational panel for your passport or small notebook, pens/pencils, etc.  To make sure you don’t lose your keys, there’s a strap that you can use to clip your keys to the bag. Also, within this pocket is another zippered pocket which is perfect for gum, mints, makeup, etc. 

On the side of the bag is a zippered pocket for your shoes or anything you don’t want to get next to the rest of your stuff (think leaky water bottle!).  The pocket rolls up on the inside of the bag when you’re not using it (genius!).

Inside the bag are even more pockets!  There’s a large, padded slot for your laptop and a pocket on front of this for your tablet (I was able to put my 11” MacBook Air in the smaller tablet pocket with no problems).  On the opposite side, are two wide pockets - I used one for my Nook - and yet another zippered pocket!

All of these pockets make it SO easy to organize everything and not lose things in the bottom of your bag!    

Zippered panel for sliding onto your suitcase handle 

This is such a nice feature!  On the back of the bag is a panel with zippers on the top and bottom.  If you unzip both of these, you can slide the O.G. right onto your suitcase handle to make it even easier to navigate through the airport.  If you don’t want to use it for this purpose, then leave the bottom zipper closed and you have yourself another pocket!

It doesn’t cause my shirt to ride up 

Maybe this is just me, but one of the reasons I HATE using a backpack is it causes the back of my shirt to ride up and bunch up between my back and the backpack.  Not only is that super uncomfortable, it’s looks horrible.  

I’ve also had some totes do that as well (I think it’s because I usually have so much in my bag when I travel.  Outside of traveling, this usually isn’t a problem!).  

But, with this amazing bag, my shirt stayed put and I didn’t have to try to do that awkward shirt tugging thing to get it back into place.

The Quality 

This bag is very well made.  The straps are leather and the zippers are smooth and don’t snag.  The nylon is resistant to water (although, I haven’t tested it in a downpour!) and dirt can easily be wiped off the surface to keep it looking brand new.  I have no doubt this bag will last me for years and will look good as new!

And there's more! 

Because of the way the bag is designed to be tall and somewhat narrow, you are able to fit everything into a specific spot, which makes grabbing things in flight a breeze!  Once you load her up, it’s so easy to look in and grab what you need without making a mess of everything else in your bag.

Despite the bag being somewhat big and loaded up, it’s comfortable to carry and doesn’t weigh my shoulder down (and I even had TWO laptops in here when I went home for Christmas!).  And...unlike a big backpack, it doesn’t bump into people when you’re navigating around a crowded airport!

And just in case you’re wondering…she DOES fit under the seat in front of you!  I was doubting her abilities to slide underneath the seat, but she fit just perfectly and without any problems.  That’s a HUGE relief to me!  I like having my bag within reach when I’m flying, so I prefer having it under the seat in front of me. 

I used this bag on 2 different trips in December where I had to fly to various places.  For both trips, I was loving this bag the entire time and I even had two different women in two different airports stop me to ask me where I had gotten my cute carry on! You gotta love that!

If I had to wish for one thing, it would be that it came in some fun colors, instead of just black, navy, and brown.  With that said, I do like how the black blends with everything.  I just happen to be color person and rarely (i.e. NEVER) buy black bags!  But, that’s definitely NOT a deal breaker and I won’t hold it against her.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a post showing what I packed in my carry on to give you a better idea of what you can fit in here (read that HERE)!  

Your turn friends!  Do you have any 'can't live without' travel accessories or bags that you want to share?  Leave me a comment and let me know!!

Note: I have no affiliation with Lo & Sons…they have no idea that I am writing this about their bag and I’m getting nothing for this review. I just love this bag and I’m sharing it forward!