Beauty Bar {Allure Sample Society} - February 2015

Ready for another Sample Box reveal??  Today wraps up the third of the boxes I receive each month…Allure’s Sample Society box!  This month’s box is a mix of skin care, hair products, nail polish, and perfume, so it was definitely a nice variety of things to try. First off, let me just apologize to those that are trying to keep their wallets nicely closed!  If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a bit of an enabler…especially when it comes to beauty products and subscription boxes (hehehe).  

This month has been stellar for the subscription boxes I receive!  As with the other two, I liked everything I received in this box, so all three services knocked it out of the park!

Ready to dive in and see all the awesome things I got?  Let’s go!

#1 | Strivectin Intensive Illuminating Serum

This serum promises to even out skin and boost radiance by discouraging excess melanin from being produced (melanin causes discoloration).  Last month I received a sample of this in my box and mentioned that it was a bit of a mystery item since it wasn’t featured in the product card that comes with the box, or under my account online.  Guess they got a little eager with sending this out at the time, because it is officially part of this month’s box!

Last month, I mentioned that I liked it and that it smelled really good!  I didn’t really see too much difference in my face, but I suspect this is one of those products you need to use for several weeks before seeing any benefits. 

I didn’t *try* this again this month, since I tried it last month, but now that I’m armed with two samples, I do plan to give it a go and see how it works now that I have enough to try it over a longer period.

If it works well and I end up buying it, I’ll be sure to do a full review!


#2 | Chloe Love Story Perfume

This perfume contains neroli, orange blossom, jasmine, and cedar wood notes.  Allure describes it as “A sweet and cheerful floral perfume”.  I’m usually a little hesitant to try perfumes since I’m uber picky and I don’t want to be stuck wearing a scent that I don’t enjoy all day!  

When I first spritzed some of this on, I wasn’t thrilled.  It had a very ‘old lady perfume’ scent going on, so I wasn’t loving it.  But… it settled into my skin and the day wore on, I caught whiffs and I actually quite liked it. 

It’s definitely a lighter scent and floral, but not too sickeningly sweet.  I think this would be a perfect spring/summer perfume and I might just end up treating myself to this once we get some warmer weather here in New England (so…I still have a few months, before I’ll need to order this!)


#3 | Nugg Deep Cleansing, Hydrating, and Revitalizing Face Masks (1 of each)

These little single-use gel mask packs are just too cute, right?!  While each of the three packs target something a little different, they all contain moisturizers to soften and hydrate the skin.  

So, what are the three varieties?

  1. Deep Cleansing (Green Packet): this one has a cool mint scent and contains cucumber extract and jojoba oil to really get into those pores and get them clean, then hydrate the skin to soften it up.
  2. Hydrating (Pink Packet): This one contains camellia seed oil and spiraling extract to “intensively hydrate & replenish dry, dehydrated skin”.  It has a slightly fruity scent.
  3. Revitalizing (Blue Packet): This mask also has a cool mint scent and uses flaxseed and peppermint oil to revitalize and plump dull, tired skin.  

I haven’t had a chance to try all three varieties, but I did indulge in a DIY facial this past weekend and gave the Revitalizing one a try.  

I loved it!  My face definitely felt hydrated and refreshed and my skin looked really good.  It's an interesting mask...unlike typical masks that harden or you have to peel off, it stays gel-like.  So, it's kind of like putting a creamy cleanser on your face and letting it sit there for 10 minutes.  But, it was refreshingly tingly, so I didn't mind!

There was more gel in the pod that I needed and that included applying it on my neck and trust me, I didn't use a light hand when applying!  

I love that you buy these in the little one off packets.  Not only is that just too cute, but how perfect are these for traveling!  I don’t know about you, but flying and being on the road wrecks havoc on my skin, so having one (or two!) of these in my bag would make for a welcome hotel treat upon arrival!

I will likely order these to continue with weekly at-home facials, but I want to try the other two first to see which one I like best.


#4 | Nails Inc. Nail Polish (color: Princes Palace)

This is supposed to be an opaque light blue polish.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I definitely plan to once the weather warms up and it starts to get a little more springy around here.  

In the product card, they mentioned trying it with both a high gloss top coat and a matte top coat.  While the glossy was nice, they said the matte top coat yielded tons of compliments and that it resembled Wedgewood china.  So…guess I need to pick up a matte top coat before giving this a try!


#5 | Batiste Dry Shampoo (scent: Blush)

Okay…you guys know I love me some good dry shampoo!  And up until I received my February Birchbox a couple of weeks ago, I had a reigning champion that couldn’t be beat!  The one I received in my Birchbox definitely rivaled my all time fave, so I was eager to give this one a try!

First off…I LOVE the scent!  It’s a floral scent, but it doesn’t stick around and overpower anything else you might have going on, but it definitely makes it nice for when you first apply it.  In terms of performance (because that’s what we’re really interested in here!).  I really liked it and think it’s right up there with the Fekkai that I received in my Birchbox and the Klorane one that I’ve loved for years.  

Will I buy it?  Maybe…it is significantly cheaper than either of the other two, ringing in at $7 for a can!  But, I think I want to use it a bit more before making my final decision.  For now, it’s in my gym bag and I definitely love the scent of this more than the other two for a post-workout refresh.

So…how’d this month rate?  Well…there are two products that I most likely will definitely order (the face mask pods and the perfume) and two maybes depending on more sampling (the dry shampoo and the illuminating serum).  I like the nail polish too and definitely plan to wear it, but it’s generous sized sample, so I don’t really need to buy it.  So…nothing is going in the trash this month (yay!) and I might’ve discovered several new faves, so all in all, a very good month!

Want to give this monthly box a try?  You can join by clicking HERE and entering code VRCS3543 when checking out! (disclaimer: this is an affiliate link)

What do you think folks?  See anything you'd like to try? If you got this box too, what did you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know!