My 3 Favorite Instagrammers! {Blog Linkup!}

Did you know there are more people on Instagram than Twitter?  True story!  Instagram has really blown up after the past couple of years and with good reason...there's so much awesome eye candy on there!  So, today, I want to share that inspiration by identifying my three favorite people to follow on Instagram!

I don't know about you, but scrolling through Instagram is one of my favorite past times when I need to kill some time (ok...that's a's also quite fun when I don't exactly have time to kill!).

When do I Instagram?  Let's's not uncommon to find me scrolling through my feed first thing in the morning after I wake up (yep...I'll admit it!), during my lunch hour at work, while waiting for my dinner to cook (a.k.a. heat up in the microwave), while watching TV (multi-tasking at it's finest), and again before I say nighty-night and turn in for the day.

I might have a problem.

But, in my defense, there's just so much inspiration out there!  

The ladies over at The B Bar are hosting a Blog Linkup today and they asked us this (very difficult!) question...

Who are three of your favorite people to follow on Instagram and why?

There are a number of people that I would classify as my favorite people to follow, but after careful consideration, I've narrowed it down to these three as my ultimate favorites!

World of Wanderlust


I LOVE to travel and if I were to win the lottery, I would travel all the time.  So, I happen to be drawn to travel bloggers and their Instagram accounts.  If I can't get out and see the world, well, at least I can see it through their eyes!  

Brooke Saward is the Aussie behind World of Wanderlust.  She is THE primo travel blogger and if you haven't heard of her (yet), she has a cult-like following with a mind blowing amount of followers!  

I adore her Instagram feed because she is always on the go and she travels all around the world all the time.  In addition to getting an inside glimpse into different corners of the world, I love her photography style.  

It's SO colorful!  All of her photos are just gorgeous and it makes me want to book a flight on the spot to experience it as well.

Charissa Fay


Charissa Fay is a travel and lifestyle photographer based out of New York.  Since I live in western Connecticut (i.e. not too far from the city), I love seeing photos of the Big Apple.  As with the World of Wanderlust, her photos make me want to hope on the next train to the city and go explore!  Here's a peek at her feed..

I love how cohesive all of her photos look.  I know before I even look at who posted the image that it's one of hers.  She always captures great texture in her photos!  I also love the soft and muted colors.  It just looks peaceful despite the urban landscape around it!


Made by Girl


Jen Ramos is the girl behind Made By Girl and she is the owner of her company by the same name.  She also happens to be based in New York, but unlike Charissa, her feed isn't sites from around the city.  She shares a lot of her art work and what's going on her world.  Let's take a look at her feed...

What I adore about her photos is how girly her images are.  I love neutral backgrounds with the pops of pink and gold.  I love her artwork, so seeing shots of those also inspire me.  I feel my Girl Power fire up when I look at her images!  As with the others, I love how cohesive her feed is and I know just by eyeballing the photo that it's one of hers.


As you can see by these three superstars, what really pulls me into someone's feed is a cohesive look and something that inspires me! Throw in some travel shots and anything girly and I'm hooked!

I'm still working on trying to get my feed as organized and cohesive and these three ladies are a huge inspiration to me!  With that said, if you'd like to be Instagram buddies, then hop on over and follow me

Now, before you go, be sure you stick around to check out TONS more inspiration from the other bloggers that are sharing their three favorite Instagrammers in this fun Blog Linkup!


Your turn friends...who are YOUR three favorite Instagrammers?  Leave me a comment and let me know...I think it's safe to say everyone is always on the lookout for more inspiration, so share the love!