Operation Beautiful by Coming Up Roses!

Just in case you missed it, we're talking all about Self-Love and Self-Acceptance around these parts this month (and on-going, but I'm going a little above and beyond this month!).  One of my blogging buddies, Erica Ligenza, recently started a new series on her blog, Coming Up Roses, that really makes me heart sing and aligns perfectly with my focus on self-love this month, so I just had to have her pop in for a visit to share it with you!

Before we get to this amazing series, let me first introduce you to Erica...


Erica is the sassy and fun girl behind Coming Up Roses.  I only discovered her blog a couple of months ago and through various blogging networking groups, we've become blogging buddies.  As a full time college student and a recently engaged gal, she has a lot on her plate, but what I love the most about her and her blog is her positive attitude and fierce girl power (not to mention her fun and inspiring posts!  seriously...check them out!).

In December, she announced a new series for her blog called Operation Beautiful.  I'll let her go into all the details, but I can't tell you how much I love, love, LOVE this project!  I love seeing women promoting and lifting up other women instead of vice versa, so a big standing 'O' for Erica for her vision with this series!

So...with that, I'm handing over the reins today and letting Erica run the show!

When was the last time you felt most beautiful? A minute ago? Yesterday? A month ago? What were you doing?

Operation Beautiful is a mission to show you – and women everywhere – that you are beautiful all the time exactly the way you are. (Really). But, you need to change.

operation beautiful

I’m not talking about changing your weight or your love of chocolate – I’m talking about your love of yourself. So often, we fill ourselves with self-deprecating thoughts, and it's negative and tears us down. If we don't love ourselves first, who ever can? Time for Operation Beautiful.

I first saw the Operation on my friend Shane’s blog and I was instantly inspired, knowing I had come across something awesome. So what’s the deal?

The deal is this. Too often, we sell ourselves short. It’s too easy to get sucked into the societal vacuum of aggressive Type A perfectionism (I would know – I’m Type A through to the core), always reaching and climbing towards a look, achievement, or status that seems better than our current spot. We’re not happy with our bodies, and we in turn tell lies every day to our own faces. I’m too fat. I’m ugly. I’m not that pretty. I’m not strong. And I’m definitely not beautiful.

Lies, lies, LIES. Youarebeautiful, and this is the movement to prove just that.

Operation Beautiful happens as often as you like. You fill out this form, answering 4 little questions about what you love most about yourself, inside and out. You send a photo along too, and you’re on your way. But here’s the thing. Most of us don’t realize how insanely hard it can be to recognize the beautiful aspects of ourselves when we’re constantly surrounded by society’s version of what “beautiful” is. Thin is beautiful. Tan and toned is beautiful. Blonde bombshell is beautiful. Victoria’s Secret Angel is beautiful.

All of that might be true (and Lord knows I want me a pair of wings someday), but it’s not the only beautiful.

Do you have big doe eyes? Do you love your booty? How about your calf muscles, your super smooth hands…or maybe your dry, worn-in hands that show the signs of your fruitful maternal and domestic labors. It’s all beautiful, and it all deserves to be celebrated. So join me in celebrating the simple things that are oh-so-inspiring and wonderful. Join the operation that’s pulling women together and showcasing all of the insanely beautiful things we have to offer, even if in just a snapshot.

It’s my hope that this whole shebang will go viral. Because it’s my hope that one day, you’ll wake up everyday feeling beautiful.

Will you join the Operation?


It's me again!  What do you think?  Pretty awesome stuff right?

It's at this point that I'm going to tell you to not only go read Erica's blog, but I'm also going to tell you to apply to Operation Beautiful and give her lots of love for her fantastic project!