4 Blogger Babes eGuides = Countless Tips & Tricks!

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As bloggers we are always on the lookout for how-to's and advice and it’s not hard to find an abundance of tips and tricks floating around if you go searching.  Believe me, I’ve Googled, pinned, and read more articles than I can count!    Recently, I had the opportunity to read through four new Blogger Babes eGuides that taught me more than any random Google search.  Today, I’m going to share those with you, so you can get your hands on them and up your blogging game!  

Have you heard of Blogger Babes?  If not, then girl, you’re in for a treat!

Blogger Babes is an organization whose goal is to help women bloggers learn more about blogging and turn their passion into a career (if they so choose). They provide tons of educational resources and if you haven’t already checked them out, be sure to do so (after you finish reading my post, of course!)!

Recently, they released four new eGuides that are not only beneficial to new bloggers, but I think even seasoned veterans will find these a valuable addition to their blogging tools.  I think they've really hit the ball out of the park on these!

A Little Background

In January, Blogger Babes co-founder, Ponn Sabra, started a Connecticut chapter of Blogger Babes.  I had been looking to get involved in a local blogging group, so I was thrilled when I found out about this and excitedly went to my first meeting. I left several hours later with a wealth of information and a new blogging ally in Ponn (I can’t say enough good things about Ponn!).  

Since they were putting the final touches on these eGuides, I had the opportunity to read through them to provide some feedback. 

Spoiler alert…I LOVED them!!

I’m not exactly a complete newbie, these days, but I have a long way to go on this blogging journey to get where I want to be.  

Each one of these eGuides taught me something new and I took numerous things away from each one that I was able to turn around and immediately apply to my blog.

I’ve been eager to share these with everyone since I love to pass along good tips and valuable tools.  Now that these are officially live, let’s take a look at each one!  

eGuide #1 | 50 Things Your Blog Needs to Attract More Readers

50 Things Your Blog Needs to Attract New Readers by Blogger Babes via randomlittlefaves.com

This eGuide is essential for every blogger.  I don’t care if you are a new kid on the block or you’ve already done a few laps already. I guarantee you, there will be things in this guide that you do not have on your blog that you need.

It points out things you need on your homepage, sidebar, footer, and even things on the backend.  And the awesome thing...most of them don't even take you that much time to implement! You can go through each one on your own time, or power through and knock them all out over the course of a weekend!

Personally, I loved #3, #15, and #23 on the list...

Trust me on this…if you’re a blogger, you need this one!

eGuide #2 | Starting a WordPress Blog: A Step by Step Tutorial

Starting a WordPress Blog: A Step by Step Tutorial by Blogger Babes via randomlittlefaves.com

I didn’t really think I’d learn too much from this eGuide since...hello...I already have a WordPress blog.  Ummm…yeah…I was WRONG!!  

This eGuide helped me fill in the blanks on some of the technical stuff that I just didn’t know or didn’t understand.  While I still probably (i.e. definitely) can’t talk the technical talk, it’s definitely not as fuzzy as it was before.  I wish I had had this eGuide when I set up my blog 18 months ago!  It would've made the process a lot clearer.

Once you have your blog set up, the eGuide takes it one step further and walks you through some of the basic settings you need to address to ensure you have everything set up perfectly right from the start! This section was particularly valuable for me.  I definitely did not have most of these settings correct, so I was able to fix this and get my blog on the right track.

If you already have a blog on WordPress, then you might need this eGuide, but if you are on Blogger and you’re looking to make the switch to WordPress or, if you don’t have a blog but want to start one, you absolutely need this guide (note: this guide won’t tell you how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, but it will explain WordPress from top to bottom, making it easier to go through the migration process)!! 

Update: Since writing this post, I have switched to Squarespace and no longer use Wordpress, but if you are planning to build your blog via Wordpress this is a fantastic resource to get your started!

eGuide #3 | Why Bloggers Need an Email List

Why Bloggers Need an eMail List by Blogger Babes via randomlittlefaves.com

I’m sure you’ve all heard that bloggers need an email list, right?  Do you know why you need an email list?  If you answered no, then we don’t even have to go any farther…you need this eGuide.  

Even if you think you know why, this guide is invaluable for explaining all of the benefits as to why we bloggers need to set this up in order to grow our blogs.  Not only does it go into the why's on why you need this precious list, but it walks you through the what a good email looks like and what to include and not include to really pull in your reader.

If you’re on the fence about whether you want to take the time to set up an email list, this is a good one to consider.

eGuide #4 | Using Your WordPress Blog to Build Your Email List

Using Your WordPress Blog to Build Your eMail List by Blogger Babes via randomlittlefaves.com

This eGuide came to me at the exact right moment!  When I first received this, I was in the process of setting up my email list for the first time.  I had NO idea how to go about doing this!  

This guide walks you through everything you need to consider and how to best optimize your blog to work with your sign up forms.

From introducing you to various email list services, to how to create a successful campaign, to where to place your opt-ins to get the most engagement...this eGuide basically spells it all out for you!

Once you’ve made the decision to start that all important email list, this eGuide will be your next best friend.  Even if you already have an email list, if you’re not getting a lot of traction, this might help you make a few modifications to see an increase in your subscribers.

Don’t these look fabulous?!  If you are interested in grabbing a copy of these for yourself, just click the banner below!

Each eGuide runs $7, but if you buy more than one, you get a bit of a discount! Buy 2, pay $6 for each; buy 3, pay $5 each; and if you want the whole enchilada, then buy all 4 and pay only $4 for each eGuide.

Even if you’re not interested in purchasing these eGuides right now, I strongly recommend visiting Blogger Babes and poking around for a bit.  If you like what you see, be sure to sign up for their emails and as a thank you, they will give you a copy of their Ultimate Blogging Binder! It's not only a planner to keep all of your blogging tasks organized, but it's also chock full of helpful advice. You can also click the button below to jump right to their sign up page if you are eager to get your hands on this!

And…if you happen to be a blogger in Connecticut and would be interested in joining in on our meetings, visit the Meetup page to join in on the fun (or contact me and I can point you in the right direction)!

Your turn!…I’m always interested in hearing other people’s tips & tricks.  What is YOUR best blogging advice for the new, and not-so-new bloggers out there?  Leave me a comment and share it with the rest of us!