PopSugar Must Have Box {March 2015}

As you know, I'm a fan of monthly subscription boxes and today, we're taking the lid off of the PopSugar Must Have Box for March 2015!

The theme this month was Travel and for the most part, PopSugar did a great job packing this box full of useful items to toss in my suitcase this summer for my on-the-road adventures.

The only item that didn’t seem to quite fit this theme was the Reed Diffuser kit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this item (in fact, it’s my favorite thing from this month’s box!), but I can’t say I’ve ever considered taking something like this with me on my travels!  I don’t think that bottle is going to fit in my 3 ounces or less baggie!

I will admit, earlier this month, I googled this month's box for a sneak peek at what would be coming.  Since they hit the ball out of the park with last month's box, I wasn't surprised that I wasn't quite as excited about this month's items.

However, as always, PopSugar knows what they're doing. Once I had the box and all of the goodies in my hands, I liked everything more than I had anticipated. I will be using every single product in this box!

So...are  you ready to take a peek?!

#1 ! Pink Pina Zip Pouch by Samudra (Retail $40)

I am a total hoarder of pouches, makeup bags, or anything in that family!  I also happen to love bright pink, so this little pouch made my day!! (although I have to be honest in that the pineapples aren’t really my thing, but it won’t keep me from using it!)

This pouch is HUGE.  It’s much bigger than a standard makeup bag.  If it were a tad bigger, it’d almost be large enough to hold documents.  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll use this for, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

My only 'negative' comment on this one is that I’m surprised the retail value on this is $40.  That seems very high to me for a plastic pouch.  I’m glad this was ‘given’ to me because I would never pay that for this particular item.


#2 | Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment by Bliss (Retail $48)

I am always happy to receive an exfoliator product and to get a full size one from Bliss thrills me!  I had the pleasure of going to the Bliss Spa in Soho, NYC several years ago with a girlfriend and it was, well...wait for it...Bliss!

Every product I’ve ever tried by them has been exceptional, so I can’t wait to give this one a go. It contains vitamin E, volcanic pumice, and aloe, so it’ll slough away the dry skin, then smooth and soften the buffed skin!


#3 | Halfpopped Popcorn by Halfpops (Retail $1.69)

I love when my subscription boxes contain a snack or goodie to try!  This particular product was new to me and since I love popcorn (who doesn’t?!), I couldn’t wait to dive in.

It’s….very interesting, but I liked it! The name of this product is spot on…this is half popped popcorn.  In fact, you can still see the shape of the kernel.

I was little afraid to bite into it for fear I’d break my tooth (you know when you don’t realize your handful of popcorn contains a kernel and bite down on it and feel your brain practically shaking in your skull?! Yeah…that’s why!).  But, I’m happy to report, my teeth are still intact! 

These little half popped kernels are crunchy and buttery and salty.  They are fantastic!  I definitely want to try other flavors (that is, if there are other flavors), so I’ll be on the lookout for these at my local stores.


#4 | The Archivist Lemon+Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit by Greenmarket Purveying Co.  (Retail $20)

I love things that make my home smell good and reed diffusers are always fun to use.  My current fave is one from Pier One that I’ve been using for years, so I was excited to try a new one!  

Let me just cut to the chase…this reed diffuser is AWESOME!   The Lemon+Cucumber scent is a little sweeter than I would’ve expected, but I love it.  It’s perfect for spring and it’s very refreshing.

What really surprised me about this particular diffuser and what caused me to fall in love with it is how potent it is.  I live in a town home and my first floor is pretty open.  I placed this all the way on the other side of where my front door is and when I walk inside, I can immediately smell it!  The one I have from Pier One is closer to the door by half the room and I’ve never smelled it upon walking in my home!  

It’s not overpowering despite its potency…it’s just nice and refreshing! I was also happy to see that it is handmade with natural ingredients.  That may be a big reason why is smells so fresh…it’s not a bunch of chemicals!

Along with the diffuser, PopSugar sent along a coupon for 20% off orders from Greenmarket Purveying Co.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I had actually tossed this after opening the box because I figured I wouldn’t be ordering anything from them.  Let me tell you…after enjoying this for one day, I dug through the garbage to retrieve that coupon (and I’m not ashamed to admit it!!).  

I am definitely going to order more of these! I want another of the same scent for upstairs so my entire house smells  awesome!!


#5 | The Squirt by Wet Brush (Retail $4.99)

I have heard about these wet brushes and have even had them used on me at my hair salon (not these exact ones, but the same concept)

Having grown up always hearing that using a brush on wet hair will break it, makes it hard for me to embrace the concept, but embrace it I will! 

These brushes pull the hair less and the bristles give a nice massage, so I definitely prefer it over a traditional wide tooth comb.  I love it so much, I might just have to get one of the full size brushes to use on a regular basis and keep this one with my travel items so it’s ready to pack on a moment’s notice!


#6 | What to Pack Pad by Knock Knock (Retail $7)

How cute is this packing list?!  It’s hand drawn and contains categories for all of the major groups of things you need to remember to bring with you.

I love how whimsical this is and will definitely be putting this to good use.  While it keeps things something generic (i.e. ‘shirts’), it does provide a few blank rows to fill in more specifics or other items, which I appreciated.


#7 | Roller Lash Mascara and POREfessional Primer by Benefit Cosmetics (Retail N/A)

This little combo was listed as a bonus item.  I think Benefit just released the Roller Lash Mascara, because I also received a sample of this in my latest Allure Sample Society box!  Good thing I liked it!  I’ll let you read my review on that post instead of repeating myself so soon!

I’ve used the POREfessional in the past and liked it.  The little sample size is perfect for keeping in my makeup bag that goes to work with me every day.  If I need a little mid-day spruce up, this will come in handy!            

So, how did we do this month?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, I will be making use of every single product in this box, so I'd definitely say this is a winner!  The reed diffuser is my new favorite product and not only will I be ordering more of these, it's going on my list of 'great gift ideas'!

If you’d like to sign up and get your own, just click HERE!

What do you think folks? What’s your favorite item in the box? If you get this box as well, what did YOU think about it this month? Leave me a comment and let me know!