7 Tips to Speed Up Your Blog Post Writing Time

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The more simply you state something, the less you’ll have to explain.  A 250-word blog post that opens a door onto a whole new level for a reader will have a greater impact than an article that is four times as long.

However, if you prefer to write longer posts, go for it. If you know your chosen subject well, writing a longer post will probably not take significant time from your schedule.  Just know your audience and be sure they actually want longer posts!

My partner Heidi and I chose to do a combination of short (125 - 250 words), typical length (350 - 500 word) and meaty pillar posts (1000 - 3000 words) on all our blogs.

7 Tips To Writing Blog Posts Quicker

As for actual writing tips, these should help you tighten your writing time:

  1. Ideal blog post length varies with audience and topic, but generally posts containing between 350-500 words are the most successful.  (Remember that today’s audience has a much shorter attention span.)
  2. Use sub heads and bullet points. These are often what convince a reader to stop and read your post, so give them clues. It’s important to break up blocks of text.
  3. Write your Introduction, Conclusion and Call-to-Action first.  Then fill in the body.  (Using a template will help you remember this – which will help you save time).
  4. Be personal. Write as though you are speaking to your reader over a cup of coffee. Speak in the first person, addressing them as “you,” and you will across as friendly and engaging.
  5. Be practical. Share relevant information with real life examples.
  6. Keep your post focused!  The more you stay on topic, the less you’ll have to edit.  And if you find you’re going off on a side trail, remove it and use it as the basis of a new blog post. (Create an ideas file for your new post ideas).
  7. Use a timer.  This is just an experiment. You’ll find it either stresses you out or it just may help you stay focused.

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