March Faves & April Plans

Hellloooooo April!!  I don't know about you, friends, but I am so ready for April.  Theoretically, it should start getting warmer and Spring should be in the air! Since its the first of the month, I like to share a few goals and take a look back at how I did on my goals last month!

Can you believe we're a 1/4 of the way through 2015 already?!  I never mind these early months hurrying by, but once we start to get into the warmer months, I'd love life to slow down just a bit!

Today I’m checking in on how I did with my goals from last month and I'm outlining my new goals for April! This not only helps me stay accountable for what I set as my goals, but I also hope it serves as a bit of inspiration for you to set some goals of your own!

What You Were Loving

It’s always fun to look back and see which posts people liked best.  These were the four top posts that I published last month, so if you missed one, be sure to check them out!

How'd I do on my March goals?

Well...I didn't do so good on my goals last month :(.  In my defense, though, I got hit with the flu half way through the month and that had me out of commission for a solid week!  Even after getting back on my feet, I lacked energy for another week, so when I got home from work, I'd basically crash and get nothing done.  

I also traveled at the end of the month, so that knocked out a weekend, which is when I normally get a lot of my blogging tasks completed.

But, that's okay!  I'm not beating myself up!  These things happen and I'm happy that I did complete one goal and one of the 'fails' is in progress, so not all is lost!

Fitness Goals  |  Gettin’ Fit – Re-establish a routine {FAIL}
I failed miserably on this one this month.  I started out the month with snow keeping from the gym, then I injured my toe, which had me hobbling around for a week, then the flu hit, and well, by then, I was just completely off track!  I will get back on track, but I am disappointed to be a month behind where I wanted to be right now.

Fun Goals  |  Make Some Travel Plans {SUCCESS}
Check, check, check!  I booked a solo trip to San Antonio for October to attend the second Click Away conference for women photographers and I CAN'T wait to go!  I'm registered and my hotel room and flights are booked.  I've never been to Texas (except to change planes at an airport or two, but that doesn't count!) and I've heard all kinds of good things about San Antonio, so I'm very excited!

I attended the first Click Away last year and LOVED it!  It was so inspiring and I came home, not only richer in photography knowledge, but transformed in my approach to life and facing challenges.  I'm thinking this year will be even better!

I'm also in the early planning stages of a vacation with a friend.  We're looking into a European adventure later this year, so our planning hats are on!

Financial Goals  |  File my Taxes {FAIL}
When I made this goal last month, I doubted that I would accomplish it (how's that for goal setting!).  I never do my taxes early.  I'm one of those scrambling to get it done in early April.  

Fortunately, my taxes aren't challenging and are usually rather straightforward.  My excuse for putting it off every year...I HATE doing them!!!  But, time to put my big girl pants on and get it done this weekend (grrrrrrrr).

Blog Goals |  Add more cool stuff {FAIL
I'm in the process of working on this one!!  Had I not gotten sick and traveled this month, I would've accomplished my plans for what I had hoped to achieve during March.  

But, I did get started and I'm well on my way, so I have no doubts this one will be a success in my next update on May 1!

I celebrate a birthday this month (it’s on Easter this year, which has never happened during my lifetime before!), so I’m gearing up with goals and plans for the year (and it's a milestone birthday this year!).  

While I do make New Years goals, I really prefer to set goals on my birthday for my next year.  I haven’t decided if I’ll share these on the blog or not, but I guess I better decide soon, since the big day is just a few days away! 

I’m also traveling back to Atlanta in another week or so for a long overdue family reunion. (I was just there this past weekend for a wedding.)

My Plans for April

Fun Goals | Book European Vacation
Once my friend and I start finalizing our plans for our trip, we'll likely start booking things.  We're shooting for either late May or sometime in September (we want to miss the crazy summer crowds and summer isn't the best time for me to be out of work).

Health & Budgeting Goals | Start my first Capsule Kitchen
Have you heard of a Capsule Closet?  It's kind of the rage on blogs and Instagram lately.  I recently read a blog post by Miranda over at Miranda Writes a Blog where she introduced the idea of a Capsule Kitchen.  Ever since I read that, I SO want to do it!!  

I'm going to be putting pen to paper soon and coming up with my own Capsule Kitchen as a means to focus on some healthy eating and to be able to better budge my grocery bills.

Blogging Goals | Focus on Facebook
Every month this year, I've been trying to focus on a social media platform as a means to better know it and to grow my engagement, interactions, and relationships.  Facebook is one that I use, but I don't focus on heavily.  So, this month, I am going to up my game and see what happens!

If you would like to follow along and give me some support and encouragement, be sure to LIKE my page

Blogging Goals |  Finish the 'add more cool stuff' plans
My goals from last month for this one will carry into this month since I really want to finish these and add them to my website!  What's on my list?  Adding gallery pages for three of my categories, adding a 'Shop my Faves' page, and setting up the early stages of a Printables library (although, I'm not sure it'll be quite ready to release in April, but I hope to get the bulk of it set up this month!).

Around Here in April

This month is going to be hopping!  I'm signed up for a 30 day blogging challenge, which basically means I'm going to attempt to blog every day in April!  I might be a little crazy to try this, but what the heck!

To fill out my calendar, I'm adding two new mini series for the weekends.  On Saturdays this month, I plan to show a quick weekend project tutorial and on Sundays, I plan to share things from around the web that inspired me during the week.

I'm also going to attempt to achieve a 30 day Instagram challenge!  Be sure to follow me to see if I keep up!

As for posts, I have lots planned for beauty products, blogging tips, a few travel posts, and I'll be dishing up a couple of girl power inspirational posts!  I’m really excited about what’s coming your way this month and I can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Your turn, friends! What’s on YOUR list of goals & objectives for April?