On my Birthday...9 Reasons I'd Never go back to my 20s!

Today I turn 40.  Yep…the big 4-0.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that since I feel like it was just yesterday that I was turning 25!!  I blinked and suddenly I’m 40. In light of this milestone, I wanted to share a few thoughts on why getting older is actually pretty fun and why I’d never go back to my 20s!

The stereotype of turning 40 is that you’re depressed and life is basically over.  Ummm…yeah…maybe in 1843 when life expectancy was significantly less!  But these days, people are healthier and happier in the 40s and with good reason!

I’m not sad or in denial (still a bit in disbelief, though!) about the new decade I’m entering.  Quite the opposite, actually…I’m ready to embrace a new decade and squeeze every drop of awesomeness out of it!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post anything today about my birthday, but then I thought, what the heck! 

Me & my brother right around my 1st birthday!

Me & my brother right around my 1st birthday!

 I think women getting ‘older’ have traditionally gotten a bad wrap. But, I’m here to let you younger gals in on a little secret….your 30s are SO much better than your 20s!

Yep!  Even though I feel like it was just yesterday that I turned 25, I wouldn’t go back to being 25 for anything!  Not that my 20s were bad…they weren’t.  They just weren’t as good as my 30s and I have a strong feeling my 40s are going to be even better than my 30s.  

When I look back, I feel like the decades break down like this...    

-  20s: Figuring out life    

-  30s: Figuring out who you are and accepting yourself    

-  40s: Figuring out how to embrace the life you love and get even MORE out of it!  (i.e. have fun and do whatever the heck you want!)

So, in light of my big day, I wanted to share what’s so great about ‘getting older’ and why I wouldn’t go back to my 20s!

Thoughts on Getting Older

When you’re older…you are taken more seriously

When you walk into a meeting at work, people take you seriously.  You have years of experience behind you so they know you know what you’re talking about (that and you usually outrank them!)

When you’re older...you like yourself more

Remember when you were super critical of yourself and thought you weren’t quite good enough?  Yeah, that goes away in your 30s and you start to realize you’re pretty freakin’ awesome!

When you’re older…you know what you want in life and you’re not afraid to go for it

In your 30s you start figuring yourself out and you know yourself better than ever before.  You know what you want and, more importantly, what you don’t want.  As you slide into the 40s, you take that knowledge, your confidence in yourself, and your I-don’t-give-a-damn what anyone thinks of me attitude and you go for what you want in life!

When you’re older…you make more money

While life isn’t, of course, about money and we all know money can’t buy happiness, it is nice to be at a point where you’re probably not living paycheck to paycheck.  You can indulge in things and take trips all while still stashing cash in a savings account for when you’re even older!

When you’re older…you’re more relaxed about life

You’ve spent some time in the trenches and you’ve gone through some bad times and lived to tell about it.  This makes you more relaxed in life because you know you can handle things and make it through to the other side in one piece (this is also a big factor in boosting your confidence in yourself).

When you’re older…you don’t really care what others think about you

You're more secure in who you are and you like yourself better so the opinions of others don’t bother you.  You also realize that everyone else is so caught up in their own worlds that most of the time, they don’t really pay as much attention to you as you used to think they do.

When you’re older…you realize ‘someday’ will never happen if you don’t make it happen

When you’re younger, life stretches out in front of you with no end in sight.  When you’re older, you start to realize how fast time goes by and relegating something to ‘someday’ will never happen if  you don’t make it happen.  You no longer take life and time for granted.

When you’re older…your circle of friends will get smaller and that’s okay

People will move in and out of your life.  Those that are still in your life after decades will always be in your life.  You have a tribe and you know they will be there for you regardless of miles, priorities, and whatever else life throws at both of you.  Trust me, this is SO much better (and some of your friends in your 20s will still be around in your 40s, I promise!).

When you’re older…you realize you don’t know everything

Ahhh…the hubris of the youth!  Life will have a way of waking you up, smacking you in the face, and showing you that what you thought, was not really the case.  And that’s okay!  Embrace it, enjoy it, learn from it, and and move on.

FREE Birthday Goals/Planner Printable

You guys know how much I enjoy setting goals and making plans!  While I always make New Years goals (not resolutions!), I actually prefer to set goals on my birthday for the coming year.  I don’t know…it just feels like a better time to set personal objectives to me.

To get myself in the right mindset of grabbing life by the horns this year, I put together a printable that I can fill out and hang on my inspiration board by my desk.  Now, I can glance at that through the year and feel inspired to stay the course and reassess my decisions as I move through the year.

And…I don’t want to just keep this for myself, so I’m happy to make it available to my lovely friends that visit me on my blog!

One final note...this post isn't to say that those of you that are in your 20s (or even 30s) aren't enjoying your life, or anything else!!  I just want to let you know that as much as  you are enjoying life now...hold on to your hats, girls, because it's only going to get BETTER!! 

What are your thoughts on growing older?  Are you dreading it or are you ready to embrace it!?