PopSugar Must Have Box {April 2015}

As you know, I’m a fan of monthly subscription boxes and today, we’re taking the lid off of the PopSugar Must Have Box for April 2015!

The theme this month was Spring and they were inspired by spring showers, farmers markets, outdoor fun, fresh produce, and simplicity.  I'd say they hit the nail on the head because that is exactly what this box is and I am loving it!

I didn't really peek this month before getting my box to see what was coming, so it was definitely a surprise!  I'm so ready for spring and a box filled with goodies for the season made me happy.  Even though it's still not warm here, I know it's around the corner and this box gave me hope!

Ready to take a look inside and see what goodies I received?

#1 |  Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum by One Love Organics (retail $39)

This stuff is rather interesting.  It’s basically a spray moisturizer for your body.  It contains antioxidants with a light scent of gardenias.  

Since it’s not exactly warm here in Connecticut yet, my skin is still a tad on the dry side, so I spritzed this on after getting out of the shower (and toweling off) and it definitely does what it says! 

My skin felt hydrated and moisturized.  It had a nice scent, but didn’t compete with my perfume.  I was also happy to see that it absorbed nicely so it didn’t leave my skin greasy.

All in all…I like this one!  I would never have thought to buy this if I had seen it in a store, so I’m pretty happy to have discovered a new product! 

#2 | Rhubarb Spring Candle by Produce Candles (retail $20)

As I mentioned in my Beauty Bar box review yesterday…I love me some candles!  So, seeing a full size soy candle in my box made me do a happy dance!!  Soy candles are my favorite and anytime a candle is in a mason jar, I’m a happy girl (it doesn’t take much!).

The scent is rhubarb, which may have you wondering what the heck rhubarb smells like (that was my thought!).  It’s really nice!  It’s a light, somewhat sweet scent that is playful and perfect for spring and summer.

Thoughts on this one…total love!

#3 | 24-7 Bag by Flip & Tumble (retail $12)

I love the idea of these little bags to throw in your tote or purse “in case of emergency”.  I’ve wanted to get one, but was never sure if I’d use it (although, when I’m out and need an extra bag I remind myself that yes…I could use it!).  So, I was quite happy to see this in the box this month!

Now, I just need to remember to keep it in my purse/tote bag so I have it on hand when I need an extra hand!!

#4 | Garden-in-a-Bag Basil by Potting Shed Creations (retail $10)

When I saw this particular product in my bag, my first thought was ‘oh dear…’.  You see, my thumb is so black it’s practically falling off.  So….not sure how this poor little innocent basil plant will fair under my care, but I’ll give it a go!

Basil is not one of my favorite herbs, but I’m definitely willing to use some fresh basil (provided it’s a fighter and survives my care taking!) and see if that makes the difference.

While this probably isn’t the best product for me, I do really like the idea of growing my own stuff, so it’ll be fun to give it a try!

#5 | Dottie Umbrella by Dabney Lee (retail $20)

Can you ever have too many umbrellas?  I say no!  Especially when they’re as cute as this one!  I tend to buy the boring black umbrellas (on the rare occasions where I actually buy an umbrella), so I am LOVING this one!

The navy with white polka dots is still somewhat understated, but fun.  The pink handle is my favorite part of this umbrella….LOVE that!

It also opens with the push of one button and the same button collapses it for you, so super easy! When I first saw this in my box, I figured it’d be cheap quality, but au contraire, mon frere!  It’s very solid and doesn’t seem flimsy at all!

I’m almost wishing it’d rain soon so I can try it out!

$25 Gift Card from Mott 50 (not pictured)

Mott 50 is a company that sells clothing and accessories with sun protection.  Considering how harmful the sun’s rays are to our skin and healthy, I love this idea.

But, my form of sun protection (in addition to sunscreen) is to basically stay out of the sun as much as possible (which is why people are generally shocked when I tell them my age…stay out of the sun, girls and you’ll look younger for years longer than your friends :)).

But, I took a look at their website, because I’m never one to turn away from a coupon or discount code!!  Their stuff is cute, but nothing really called to me, so for now, I’m not going to order anything.

So, how did we do this month?  As usual with the PopSugar boxes, I LOVE everything!!

I particular love that I discovered a new product that I would've never tried on my own and that, my friends, is what I love about these subscription boxes.  They force you outside your product comfort zone.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but it's fun to try out new things and even more fun when you discover new things that you love and that makes you happy!

If you’d like to sign up and get your own, just click HERE!

What do you think folks? What’s your favorite item in the box? If you get this box as well, what did YOU think about it this month? Leave me a comment and let me know!