Tieks...the Most AMAZING Shoes Ever!

Pssst....I have a new love!  They're really soft, super comfy, and look amazing…they’re my new Leopard Tieks!  I’ve had these shoes for about 2 weeks and I can proudly say that I’m not just sipping the Tieks colored kool-aid, I’m swimming in it.  If these have been on your wish list for awhile, let me explain what is so awesome about these shoes and why I’m glad I finally caved!

I've been oogling Tieks shoes for many months.  When I first spotted them, I thought the idea of foldable shoes that are still a real shoe, was genius!  Most other fold up shoes are what I call temporary 'shoes’ and they're only meant to get you from the car to the party before strapping on your gorgeous stilettos (sort of like that little donut spare tire…it’s not meant to be used for the long haul, if you know what I mean!).

I went to their website and oohed and aahed over all the different colors that were available.  I was all ready to pick out my faves, add them to the cart, and have them on their way to me in no time flat.  

That is until I saw the price....gulp.  For flats?????  No way, Jose!!  

Feeling disappointed, I shut my browser and went on about my merry business.

Over the next year, I kept spotting them in ads and on other people’s blogs. I resisted the pull every single time even though I'd visit the website again, ooh and aah, and pick my faves…again.  But, I just couldn't fathom paying that much for flats!!

Now, mind you...I wear flats more than heels.  That wasn't always the case...I used to wear heels all the time because, well, they're just so darn hot. 

But then, about 4 years ago, I tripped and broke my right foot (wearing clogs no less!).  After being laid up in a cast for 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks of physical therapy, my heel wearing days came to an almost thing of the past.  That's not because my foot didn't heel, but it was because I had to wear flats for months after the cast removed.

Anything other than very comfy, cushy flats was way too uncomfortable.  My poor doctor, though, had to be subjected to my relentless question of ‘Sooooo….about the shoe situation…’ at the end of every.single.appointment. He assured me when my foot was ready, I’d be able to wear them again (and he couldn’t understand why I wanted to wear them since I’m 5’8” and he was like ‘but you’re already tall’…men!).

He was right…eventually, it healed completely and my ability to wear heels returned.  But...my desire did not. 

Flat shoes were just SO much more comfortable!!

But, you know as well as I do...not all ballet flats are comfortable!  And this is where Tieks come in and completely and totally steal the show!

I finally decided to just do it…I had a big birthday earlier this month, so I decided what better time to treat myself! 

I LOVE leopard print.  I have a pair of leopard flats that I got at the Gap several years ago that I have worn to the ground.  Seriously, these things are pretty pathetic looking but I still wear them because I loved them so much.  So, when deciding which of the many pairs of Tieks I loved would be the ones I ordered, I didn't have to think too hard...the Leopard print ones were the clear winner.

I knew I'd wear them a ton and at a price tag of just over $200 (yes…you read that right!), I didn't want a pair that would be sitting in my closet more than on my feet!

I placed my order and within days (2 to be exact), they were sitting on my doorstep.  Squeal!

First off...the packaging...Tieks knows how to impress you right out of the shipping box.

The flower can be used as a headband or whatever you want!  I opted to slap it on my planner!

Within the box, are not only your lovely pair of shoes, but 2 pouches (more on those in a minute) and a lovely handwritten note thanking you for your purchase.

These shoes are easily the nicest quality shoes I’ve ever owned (and they darn well outta be for that much cash!!).

But, how do they feel?

Umm…like a very comfortable second skin!!  There is literally no breaking in time required for these shoes!  Say what???  I’m not kidding…you put these on and they just mold to your little tootsies like they were made for you!

I was concerned about the elastic on the heel and that it might dig into my skin after wearing them for awhile…nope!!  I actually love that elastic…it keeps the shoes ON my feet!  I have narrow heels so half the time I wear shoes, they flop off my heels as I walk.  Not these puppies…they stay right where they’re supposed to!

Now, for the pouches…you get 2 pouches.  One is a small one to carry your folded up Tieks (although I could only fit 1 shoe in the pouch, so clearly there’s a skill here I haven’t learned!!).  Then, you get a bigger pouch with a strap that unfolds for carrying your heels!  Genius!  Tieks have thought of everything!!!

Normally, I’m the type that takes my shoes off the second I walk in the front door because I love being barefoot. The first day I wore these, I came home and after about 45 minutes, I realized I still had my shoes on!  I had completely forgotten to take my shoes off…I didn’t even notice I had them on!

My only negative comment on Tieks…once you buy one pair, you WILL start planning for your next pair!!  I already know which ones I’ll get next, but need to save my pennies in the mean time (helloooo…ruby red patent…come.to.mamma!).

Final verdict...these shoes may be pricey, but with good reason.  They are worth every single penny!  And they will definitely not be my one and only pair!

Your turn! What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever treated yourself to?  Do you still love it??  If you could treat yourself today to one nice thing…what would you get?  I’d love to hear your answers, so leave me a comment and let’s chat it out!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am NOT being compensated in any way for this post. Tieks did not send me any shoes, nor does this post contain any affiliate links. I'm just sharing this review because they're such an amazing product!