Why you NEED to take the Badass Babes Blog Club & e-Course!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. Registering for the course through the link will not cost you anything extra, it simply pays me a small commission. With that said, I'd 100% recommend this class even without any sort of compensation because it is AWESOME!

Alright blogger girls…today’s post is just for you!  Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?  Have you been blogging awhile, but not sure what to do next to grow your blog more?  If you answered yes, then read on to learn why you NEED to take the Badass Babes Blog Club & e-Course!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably taken a few blog classes along your blogging journey.  

I’ve taken three workshops (i.e. 4+ weeks for each) and two mini workshops (i.e. 2 weeks each).  I can honestly say that I’ve walked away from each one armed with more knowledge and a few new blogging buddies!

While I am planning a post to talk about several of these, today, I wanted to focus on just one and it’s my favorite class to date!

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Sarah Morgan is a blogging guru and if you haven’t visited her blog, XO Sarah, then after you finish with my post, grab a cup of coffee, head on over, and settle in for a ton of blogging goodness and inspiration.  

After you spend a little time on her blog, you’ll easily sense her love of blogging and her passion for sharing that love with others (just check out her post on Friday where she answers all of your blogging/coding questions!).

Sarah also happens to be the woman behind the Badass Babes Blog Club + e-Course!

I was in the January course and we just wrapped up a few weeks ago and like I said earlier, this was my favorite blogging course!  Taking this course was one of the best blogging decisions I’ve made!

What I LOVED about this Course

It’s 8 weeks of content

That’s right…8 weeks!!  All of the other courses I’ve taken were either 4 weeks or 6 weeks.  With 8 weeks, we were able to cover a lot of content, but space it out enough so that it’s not overwhelming.  You have time to allow the concepts to sink in, percolate, and for ideas to start flowing before the next lesson comes out. 

Why is this good?  Because compared to classes that flood you with lessons 5 days a week, I got a lot more out of the content.  I was able to dive deeper into the lesson and within myself to come up with some really good stuff that still has me flying high!

It makes you think

Sarah has a way of presenting the content and posing questions that really get you thinking.  Her lessons aren’t long in terms of a lot to read or long videos to watch, so you might not realize it at first, but if you take her questions and lessons to heart, it’ll start opening up doors within your mind allowing you to explore more ideas than you thought you had (and this, folks, FLOORED me!).

Sarah is very involved in the class

The Badass Babes Blog Club is accessible via a Google+ group.  I hadn’t really used Google+ much up to that point, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I really like that forum better.  It’s much more organized!  Sarah is very active in posting helpful articles and advice.  And, if you have any questions…and I mean ANY…about blogging, your blog, the class materials, you can ask it there and she (as well as the  other Badass Babe alumni) will jump in with answers, advice, tips, etc.

You get a personalized blog review

That’s right!  Sarah will go through your blog and write up a review on what you’re doing right and suggestions for what you can do better.  This was one of my favorite features of the class!  I had been wanting to have a blog review and in researching it prior to this class, I found it to be in the neighborhood of $100, so this was a huge incentive for me when considering the class.  Sarah gave me fantastic feedback (which was right around the time I did my blog redesign).  I incorporating pretty much all of her suggestions and I’m still working on a few others.

Weekly LIVE Google+ hangouts

Throughout the course, there are weekly Google+ chats with Sarah and your classmates.  They’re an hour long and they quickly became my favorite part of the class.  I think this right here is what really sets her course apart from others.  Sarah is open to any blogging questions…it doesn’t have to be specific to the lesson, which I thought was SO helpful!  There were several times I asked general coding questions for something I wanted to do on my blog and had no idea how to do and Sarah told me exactly what and how I needed to do it!

You’re in the Badass Blog Club FOREVER!

And finally…after you finish the class, you are part of the Badass Blog club (for life!).  In ALL of the courses and classes I’ve taken prior to this one, when you finish the class, that’s it for interacting with the instructor.  Some allow the Facebook group to remain open so students can continue to network, but the instructor is gone.  Not so with the Badass Club!  As I said earlier, Sarah is active in the Google+ group and as alumni…so are you :).  AND…every other week, she has a Google+ hangout for the Badass Club members!  We talk blogging, life, food, etc.  Basically anything goes and I always keep my schedule open to attend!

What I GOT OUT of this Course

Sharper Focus

I went into the class with a good idea of my target audience and a general idea of how I wanted to grow my blog.  But, I still felt like I had a lot of unanswered questions and I hadn’t quite figured it all out yet.  While I wasn’t floundering, I wasn’t exactly blogging with purpose.  

After taking the Badass Blog course this is no longer the case.  I know exactly who my target audience is and I know exactly how I want to grow my blog (I even have a 5 year plan…that wasn’t part of the class, but the lessons enabled me to get to that point!).

I had struggled in the past with coming up with a mission statement (which you need if you want to blog with purpose!).  After going through the first couple of weeks of lessons, when we got to this one, I was able to finally come up with a mission statement that was spot on (with Sarah’s help, I might add!).  Now, every decision I make regarding my blog is with that in mind.

100+ blog post topics

Yes…you read that correctly.  When I finished the course, I had over 100 blog posts topics.  My editorial calendar is planned out for the next couple of months and I STILL have other topics on my list.  No more scrambling for ideas on what to write about at the last minute.  I have more topics to pick from than I would’ve thought possible!  And yes…this is a direct result of her Week 4 lessons.  It also taught me a fantastic process for continuing the practice of brainstorming ideas as I go forward, so I will never be at a loss for what to write about!

A better blog design

Several of the things I’ve implemented on my blog in the past two months were suggestions by Sarah that I either wouldn’t have thought of, or I would’ve never figured out how to do without her help.  My blog is now better, stronger, and it just works.

Who Should Take this Course

This is a premium course and for those bloggers that are really serious about blogging and honestly want to do what it takes to get to the next level.  If you put the work in, you will get a lot out of it!

While I think anyone at any level would benefit from this course, I, personally, think it’s best suited for those that have been blogging for at least 6 months, if not longer (for some of the lessons, you review your posts from the past 6 months - 1 year).  She doesn’t go into how to set up a blog or other newbie questions, so, ideally, you need to be past that point to get the most out of this class.

If you’re serious about blogging and you’ve been blogging awhile and don’t know how to get to the next step, I can’t encourage you enough to take this course! Believe me….it is worth every single penny.

I want to take this class, where do I sign up!?

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next step and join me and the rest of the awesome Badass Babe alumni in the Badass Blog club, then sign up for the next run!  The class starts April 20 and registration opens TODAY!

You can read more about the Blog Club and e-Course on Sarah's blog, or if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away and I will give you more of my insight as an alumni!

What to do next?  Check out Sarah's blog, read more about the Badass Blog Club + e-Course, and sign up if it sounds like just what you need to get to the next level!