8 Girlfriend Getaway Ideas You'll Want to Make Happen!

Itching to get away with your best gal pals but not sure where to go or what to do?  Then, settle in, friends, because today I'm sharing a list of 8 girlfriend getaway ideas that you'll want to make happen this year! 

On Monday, I convinced you to start planning a girlfriend getaway right away (I did, didn’t I?!).  Now that you’re itching to get something booked, you might be wondering where to go!  Or, maybe, how you can swing it without breaking the bank.

Have no fear because today, I’m going to go through some of the favorite options for girlfriend getaways!  Then, on Friday, I’ll let you in on a few secrets for how to save a little cash (to meet your budget or to have more on hand for shopping!) and some tips for making sure you have an AMAZING time).

So, let's get right to it, shall we?!

Places to Go for Girlfriend Getaway!

If you’re not sure where to go, then let me toss out a few ideas for you! Based on you and your friends' interests, budget, time available, etc., where you go on any given trip may vary (but that’s the fun part!).

Idea #1 | The Spa

Ahhh...one of my favorite getaway trips! Do you really just need a few days to relax and unwind?  Then a spa trip may be just the ticket. There are TONS of places to go and not all are crazy expensive. 

This is typically the type of trip my one of my best friends and I take, but even when we don’t do a dedicated spa trip, we squeeze in a massage or facial wherever we go (it’s kind of our thing!).

Two of my favorite spa trips has been the Hershey Spa in Hershey, PA (hello...they do chocolate facials and body scrubs!) and Lakeview at Fontana in Bryson City, NC.  

Lakeview at Fontana in Bryson City, NC

Lakeview at Fontana in Bryson City, NC

Idea #2 | The Beach

Personally, I’m not a beach person….like, at all!  I’d rather watch paint dry than sit out on a beach, so while I’d never plan a beach trip for myself, I know these are quite popular with folks since most people actually do like the beach.

The nice thing about a beach trip is that you can spend a lot and fly to a tropical location for an all out treat, or pack up the car and road trip it to a beach that isn’t too far away (unless you live in a landlocked state…sorry Kansas/Nebraska/etc.!).  Either works just as well and relaxation and good times will follow with both options!

Even though I’m not a beach person, my main travel buddy and I did road trip it through New Jersey a couple of years ago to Cape May, NJ.  While we didn’t spend any time on the beach (it was still too cool), it was nice to hear the waves and smell the salt in the air (and squeeze in some spa time!).

Cape May, NJ

Cape May, NJ

Idea #3 | Shop 'til you Drop

Are you and your best buds shoppers?  There are trips for that too!  Save your pennies and head to New York, Chicago, or go big and hop across the pond to Paris, Milan, or one of the other fashion forward cities.  These types of trips are also great for sightseeing and going out on the town, dressed to the nines, since they’re typically in urban areas.

As for me, I love to shop when I travel (just not the entire trip!) and fortunately, my friends do as well, so we always plan a little time to hit the shops when we’re doing our thang.

Shopping is a great option with your best girls!

Shopping is a great option with your best girls!

Idea #4 | Party the Night Away

If you really want to let off some steam and you and your gal pals are nightclubbing, party-til-you-drop kind of girls, then picking a spot with a hot nightlife would make an ideal trip.  Think Miami, New York, New Orleans, etc.  

This is another trip type that isn’t really me…I’m not a party girl.  The introvert in me shudders at the idea of donning some party duds and dancing the night away amongst throngs of people!  Not that I haven't done a few 'party' trips - bachelorette weekend in Vegas (not mine, but for a friend), check!  New Orleans (several times), check!

Bourbon Street, New Orleans (the morning after!)

Bourbon Street, New Orleans (the morning after!)

Idea #5 | Get in Shape

Love yoga?  How about hiking?  If there’s a particular fitness activity that you and your friends enjoy, then I guarantee there is a trip out there to satisfy your passion!

Yoga retreats are, by far, the most popular.  I've been to a yoga retreat with girlfriends in Costa Rica, Kripalu in western Massachusetts, and Wanderlust in Stratton, Vermont.  I’m not even a yogi and I enjoyed every minute of those trips!  Peaceful, relaxing, and I got in tons of physical activity!

If yoga isn't your thing, you could go on a hiking trip, camping, sky diving, etc.

On the grounds of Pure Vida Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

On the grounds of Pure Vida Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Idea #6 | Learn Something New

Everyone loves to learn something new and while this may not be your typical getaway trip, it’s one that could be both rewarding and a ton of fun!

One that I’ve seen and would love to try is a cooking retreat.  While on your trip, you participate in various cooking classes. So, not only do you learn something new, you experience something completely different, and have fun with your friend(s) doing something you might not have ever thought you would do!

Idea #7 | Road trip

Are you and your friends the adventurous sort?  Plan a road trip!  This is a great way to spend time together, see lots of cool things, and keep the budget in check.

I’ve road tripped from St Louis to Portland, Oregon, from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon, from Atlanta to New York, Atlanta to New Orleans, and all along the coast of Maine.  One trip I’m dying to do is the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco.  Someday..that’s definitely happening!

The beauty of this type of trip is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money! Hop in your car and hit the road…you can even take snacks and food with you to keep the food budget down!  The best part is getting off the beaten path to do some exploring.  Spending hours in the car with your friend(s) is a great way to have fun singing along with your fave playlist and sharing stories, laughs, and memories.

Idea #8 | Experience Culture

Want something a little more mentally stimulating? Then, take in a city with a lot of history or culture!  If your budget allows, heading off to Europe is a great way to explore and immerse yourself in centuries old culture.  A girlfriend and I did a week in Paris some years ago and its remained one of my favorite trips!

But, you don't have to cross the pond to experience culture.  We have plenty right here in the US!  Think Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, etc.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

The beauty of all of these types of trips is that you really don’t have to limit yourself to one type.  Several of these can easily be combined into the same trip for even more fun.  You could do a Beach - Spa - Fitness trip, or a Party City - Spa - Shopping trip...basically the options are unlimited and you can be as creative as you want!

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So tell me, where would YOU want to go to get away with your girlfriends?  Leave me a comment and let's chat it out!