Birchbox Sample Box {May 2015}

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.

It’s time to lift the lid off my May Birchbox Sample Box to reveal the goodies inside!  You know I love my sample boxes and based on the response from you do too! Is this box a thumbs up or a thumbs down?  Let’s take a look at each product as I give a review on how each one performed!  

One of the things I love about Birchbox is that they provide special edition boxes each month for subscribers and you can opt to go with one of those or stick with the surprise regular edition.

I am a Birchbox Ace member (i.e. I spend way too much on Birchbox!) so that allows me to some early sneak peeks and when I saw the Beauty Solutions box as an option for May, I was so excited!

This is their second Beauty Solutions box and it promises to be packed with products to solve your big beauty issues.

Included inside are a few skin care, hair, and makeup products so they covered the gamut of potential ‘problem’ areas and I loved their picks!  

Ready to take a peek inside and see what I got?  Then let’s dive in, shall we?

#1 | Candlenut Body Creme by JUARA

This body creme is made with rich candlenut oil and promises dry, rough skin a non-greasy means to banish the flakes and restore the skin.  While I wasn’t too crazy for the scent (it’s a bit strong), I definitely agree that it’s not greasy and it’s incredibly hydrating!

The creme is on the thick side, which I like, and as soon as I rubbed it into my hands, it absorbed quickly but my hands were left feeling very moisturized.  I actually said ‘Wow!’ out loud in my bathroom as I rubbed it in, it was that nice!  

Even though I do like it, I’m not sure I’ll buy it since it rings in at $35, but I’ll definitely make use of the little sample tube!

#2 | Flawless Complexion SPF50 by CoTZ

This product promises to provide sheer coverage with lots of hydration and an SPF of 50!  I have to say, I liked this product.  Currently, I rely on the SPF 15 that’s in my foundation, but I would like to up that bit.  My problem…I hate the smell and texture of sunscreens!  This is why I just go with whats in my makeup.

This little product is slightly tinted and very creamy.  What I love about it, is that It’s not smelly like a sunscreen at all.  It is pretty thick and it did make my face very shiny, but since I put it on under my makeup that wasn’t too much of a problem.  It works really well under makeup.  It made my makeup/skin look creamier and very nice, so that’s an added bonus!

Since I just added a retinoid product to my nightly skin care regimen, I definitely need to up my daily SPF, so this is big win and I’ll definitely be ordering a full size of this product.

#3 | The Expressionist Mascara by W3LL PEOPLE

This mascara was listed as ‘pro-grade’ (whatever that means!) and promises to give your lashes extra length and lift.

I didn’t think I’d like this mascara because the applicator is plastic and doesn’t have fluffy bristles. However, the short plastic bristles really allowed me to work the mascara into the roots of my lashes for a fuller and longer lasting wear.

I actually really liked this mascara and very well might order it when I next need a new tube!  It was long lasting and flake free!

#4 | Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel by Marcelle

This lightweight gel is full of vitamins that promise to brighten the skin while remaining cool and soothing to the skin.  Sounds pretty good to me!  Unfortunately, I didn’t really see or feel any major differences in my skin.

Granted, it might be one of those products that takes a couple of weeks of use before you see the benefits, but for me, it wasn’t enough to encourage me to buy this product.

With that said, I didn’t dislike it.  It went on well, made my face feel hydrated, and layered nicely under my makeup.  But, so does my regular moisturizer, so for now, I’m sticking with that!

#5 | Blow Dry Lotion by Number 4

This is a leave-in protector that promises to protect the hair, cut drying time, and leave it shiny and smooth.  This all sounds pretty good, so I was definitely intrigued by this product.

I didn’t have high expectations since I’ve tried similar products in the past and saw no visible changes in my hair.  Not so with this gem of a product!  I LOVED this blow dry lotion.

My hair did seem to dry a little quicker, but what I really loved about it was how it made my hair look…smooth, shiny, and bouncy.  I looked like I had just walked out of a salon with a pricey blowout.

I definitely plan to order a full size of this product!

Before we go, let’s take score and see how we fared!  I LOVED two of the products and I've already ordered the full size versions (the sunscreen and blow dry lotion).  I also really liked the mascara and may order it when I am next in need of a replacement.  The other two products were a wash, so we stand at 3 out of 5 with two of those being products that I adore, so I am liking those results!

If you like the idea of these boxes and want to give it a try, you can sign up here -> Birchbox.

What do you think? Do you currently use any of these products? If you get Birchbox, did you get the same box, or something completely different? Leave me a comment and let me know!!