PopSugar Must Have Box {May 2015}

Have you seen the May edition of PopSugar's Must Have Box?  If so, then you already know what I got, but that doesn't mean you know what I think about it!  If you haven't, then today's the day we lift off the lid and take a peek inside...am I thrilled or disappointed with this month's edition?

The inspiration for this month's Must Have Box was "...glowing skin, Mother's Day, fresh flowers, beach bum, colorful California Sun".  They definitely hit the nail on the head with this! 

This month's box is filled with summertime goodies that promise to have you ready to hit the beach and enjoy the warm weather!

I kind of peeked before this box arrived, so I knew what was coming.  To be honest, I wasn't overly excited about it, but I was optimistic since sometimes I feel that way when I see the spoiler pics, but when I get the box in my hot little hands, I fall in love with the products.

This month...welllllll...why don't we just take a look inside...

#1 | Bare Shave Cream by Sage & Row (Retail $17)

This shaving cream is supposed to lock in moisture and leave your legs radiant.  I'm always thrilled to receive a full size product, but I'm lazy...I don't typically use a shaving gel or cream. 

I just zip-zip-zip with the razor and I'm done!  With that said...I'm a daily shaver, I don't go days without shaving (even in the winter!)...I just can't stand to feel stubble!  I guess my legs are used to it and I'm not working with days of regrowth, so I don't really experience any bad side effects of not using a shaving cream!

Having to add in an extra step to use it when I'm already pressed for time in the morning just isn't going to happen, lol.  But, it seems to be a good product, if you're into high end shave creams.

#2 | Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red by Middle Kingdom (Retail $20)

This little vase adorable.  It seems to be a very nice piece, but I'm not 100% sure what I'll do with it.  It's tiny and more of a bud vase since the opening is so small.  

The red does go nicely with my decor in my living room.  While I don't really have anywhere for it now, I'm hoping to install some shelving later this summer and I think it'll go perfect there once that's in place!  So, for now, I'll leave it safely in it's box until I'm ready for it.


#3 | Dry Shampoo by Batiste (Retail $4)

Batiste's dry shampoo is one of my favorite dry shampoos!!  Even though this is one of the cheaper things in the box, I love it!

I have a full size can that I use regularly, but I'm really happy to have a travel size can for when I fly around on my trips and don't want to check a bag.

Now, I can take my favorite dry shampoo with me!  This stuff smells amazing and really refreshes day old hair so that it looks and feels freshly shampooed.


#4 | McCraw's Flat Taffy by Hammond's Candies (Retail $1)

This iconic symbol of summer is made with no artificial flavors or colors, which is pretty cool!

While I usually have a raging sweet tooth, I'm not a huge fan of taffy.  I don't like things that stick to my teeth...it's just weird!

I did give it a try though, and the flavor was good...it tasted like taffy :).  But, yeah, I still don't like the sticky pulling factor!  So...I tossed the rest!


#5 | Tri'd & True Y-Shaped Necklace by Kitsch (Retail $32)

This necklace is interesting.  I think it's very pretty and very unique, but I can't for the life of me figure out what to where it with!

One of my friends was asking me how I liked my box this month and we were chatting about this necklace and she asked jokingly...'what, you don't have a shirt with the neckline dipping down to your navel?'...exactly!!

I'm thinking maybe it'll work with a turtleneck, but I don't really wear turtlenecks either.  I'm going to hang on to it for a bit to see if I'm struck with inspiration.  If not, then I'll probably donate it or gift it to someone with a much better sense of fashion than me.


#6 | Surf Sand Love Beach Towel by Sisters of Los Angeles (Retail $40)

I'm not a beach or pool person, so a beach towel is, unfortunately, not the best item for me. 

The yellow & white stripes with bold yellow lettering saying 'Surf Sand Love' is very cheery and summery, but sadly, just not very useful for me.  With that said, I'm sure I could use the towel for any other toweling needs, but most likely, I will gift this to one of my friends that has kids since they usually spend the summer at the pool.  

So, how'd we do this month...  Unfortunately, not too good :(.  This is my seventh PopSugar box and normally, I'm raving about them because so far, I've honestly loved every box.  But, for this one, I will probably only use the travel can of dry shampoo and possibly the red bud vase.

But, not all is lost!  I have a few awesome products that I can regift to others and its still a really fun experience to get the box and check it out!  Besides 1 dud box out of 7 aren't bad odds, so I haven't lost faith in my PopSugar!

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What do you think folks? What’s your favorite item in the box? If you get this box as well, what did YOU think about it this month? Leave me a comment and let me know!