Why you NEED to Make Time for Your Girlfriends

Alright ladies, fess up...who is in need of a girls' night out?  You, you, and....You!  Okay, so all of us!If it's been awhile since you went out with your friends (even if just for coffee!), I encourage you to make plans TODAY! It's so important and today, I'm going to tell you exactly why you need to make time for your girlfriends!

Close your eyes for a minute and think of your best gal pals, okay?  When was the last time you saw them or even talked to them (and a quick text message or Facebook message doesn’t count!)?

The answer to that question will likely depend on where you are in your life.

Still in college? You probably saw your girls within the past week (if not the past day!).  Out of college, in your 20s unmarried and no kiddos? Let’s see…last weekend or the previous weekend?  And for you ladies that are married and especially if you have kids…how long has it been?  Too long, I bet.

This is a common issue for women…as we get older and take on more responsibilities our friendships, while still there, get relegated to the back burner.  Jobs, houses, husbands, and especially kids eat up all our time. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that living like that is not the way to go.

You NEED to make time for your girlfriends and here’s why

I’m a huge proponent of taking time for ourselves.  We HAVE to and it’s NOT selfish!  It’s taking care of yourself.  As women, we tend to be caretakers, only we tend to take care of everyone else but ourselves.

Think about this for a second…you will better be able to take care of your family if you make the time to take care of yourself! For realz, people!

There are MANY ways of taking care of yourself...a afternoon alone with a favorite book, an evening at the mall shopping for a fun new outfit or killer accessory, or even a manicure/pedicure after work on your way home.  

But, one of the best ways to take care of yourself is to spend time with your girlfriends!

The many benefits of hanging with your tribe


Nothing will make you feel better than an evening filled with laughing with your besties!  They just get you in ways that no one else does!  Laughing will reduce your stress and improve your mood, so if for no other reason, this one is one of the best reasons to make time for your friends.


Need to get some things off your chest? Your friends are there to lend an ear and give some advice! Just don’t let the entire evening turn into one long vent-fest or you’ll leave in a worse mood than when you arrived.

Sharing Memories

Got a long history together?  Sharing memories will inevitably come up and what better way to bring a smile to your face than through a good (or funny!) memory.  Relish them!  And remember...the more you hang out with each other, the more memories you are building!


After you meet up with your friends, you’ll likely start to relax without even realizing it.  You’re there to have fun and that’s it, so the stresses of life will temporarily melt away.

Feel Appreciated & Understood

Your friends get  you, love you, and appreciate you and they aren’t afraid to show it!  You’ll feel like Superwoman after an evening with your girls!

Being there FOR your Friends

Lest we forget that it’s not all about us…hanging with our girls gives us a chance to be there for our friends.  Listen to them, give them advice, support them, and be their biggest cheerleader!  She’s doing it for you, so return the love!

All of this will allow you to feel less stressed, more relaxed and open you up to other things going on outside of your world.

How to make the time to spend with your friends

Now, I’m not suggesting you ditch your family for your friends every Friday night!  I get it, you’re not the single girl-on-the-town anymore!  But…if you answered my question about when was the last time you saw your friends and you either couldn’t remember or it was so long it made you feel sad, it’s time to put in the effort to change that! 

Start out by aiming for once a month!!  And that may be all you can squeeze into your schedule, but I’m betting once you start making the effort you’ll find other little ways to get in that all important time without taking away from other aspects of your life.  It’ll do wonders for you and give you something to look forward to!

As for me, most of my friends are wives and moms, so I GET it (I was a wife once, too), so I don’t see them as often as I'd like.  But, one of my very dear friends, who became a mom about 2 years ago, doesn’t let that stop her from still having her independence.  We typically meet for dinner once a month if not twice.  We email regularly and vent about life when necessary through that, but when we get together, we just laugh and have fun!

Another good friend who is the mother of two (and recently married) is always up for a girl’s getaway weekend, so we make time to do that about once a year, in addition to meeting up for dinner or a little shopping.  

The point is, there’s always time, it’s just realizing that taking that time for yourself will make you better in the long run!

And...If you have any friends that are reluctant to take the time for themselves…just forward this to them as a way to send a little encouragement ;).

Taking time for yourself is NOT selfish!  It's important for your health and well being (and it sends a great message to your family that you are a person too!)...

So, what's your story, friends? Do you get to hang with your gal pals regularly or does this fall into the category of 'needs to improve'? Tell me all about it!

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