7 Quick Ways to Brainstorm for Blog Post Topics

Do you struggle to come up with good blog post ideas, or do you have a tendency to wait until the last minute?  If so, I completely understand because I've been there! But, there's a better way and today, I'm sharing 7 quick ways to brainstorm for blog post topics so you can up your game and be a better blogger!

Two weeks ago, I shared with you why you need a mission statement for your blog and how to go about writing a good one. Now that you’ve worked on your mission statement, I wanted to dive into another topic that will help you be a better blogger!

Brainstorming for post ideas!

We’ve all been there…the clock is ticking and you are ‘supposed’ to have a blog post for tomorrow but your brain is just not coming up with anything!

It’s frustrating and usually, one of two things happen - you bail on it and come up with nothing OR you force out an idea and while you have a post, it’s probably not one of your best.

Now, imagine not having to worry about what to post and being able to turn to a cache of awesome ideas where you could just pick a topic and write away!

And...It’s easier than you think!

For a long time after starting my blog, I never brainstormed on topics, I totally went with what came to mind a night or two before I published a post.  This worked out okay until I started running out of ideas!

The reason this doesn’t work for most people (obviously there are some folks out there that thrive on last minute pressure!) is because we can come up with better ideas when not down to the wire.

Setting time aside specifically for brainstorming will allow you to really focus on the task which will help your mind to really go exploring!  Once you start brainstorming, ideas will generally start flowing.  Usually your best ideas aren’t your first ideas, so it’s best to get the bad ideas out first so you can get to the really good stuff!

While I always keep a notebook with me to jot down the random ideas that come to me while I’m out and about, I generally set aside about 2 hours on a weekend every other month.  In those 2 hours, I can come up with enough topics for 2+ months!  When I'm do my brainstorming session, I’m actually not out of ideas from the last time, I’m just injecting even more ideas into my stash!!

Today, I’m going to share a few of my favorite ways to brainstorm to come up with good ideas to keep you rolling!

7 quick ways to brainstorm for Blog Post Topics

Look Back at your Most Popular Posts

One of the best ways to come up with good content is to look back at what your readers have been reading the most.  If you’re a lifestyle blogger and your most popular posts are about your tips and tricks for gardening, then explore ideas related to this and you’ll likely have some more winners!  Google analytics is a great way to quickly identify your most popular posts.

Figure out your Most Popular Categories

Similar to using your most popular posts as a guide for future posts, figuring out which categories are your most popular will open up several avenues for ideas. Once you know your top 3 categories, start focusing on those to come up with some more great ideas.

Scroll through Pinterest

Pinterest can help you in so many ways!  Just browse in general to see what speaks to you…jot down ideas, thoughts, etc.  Or, once you know your most popular posts and categories, search on those to narrow down your focus.

Let a Favorite Quote Inspire You

This may not work for everyone, but I love quotes and get so much inspiration from them!  Sometimes, I go to my quotes board on Pinterest and read through them to see which one speaks to me.  Sometimes this sparks an idea for a post!  You can either share the quote that inspired your or let it lead you down a whole new path!

Share any Problems You've Recently Solved

People love to learn solutions to their problems, so if you’ve solved any problems lately, it’s a pretty good bet that this may be helpful to others, so if you feel comfortable with sharing, tell it to the world!  You may be surprised at how popular these types of posts can be!

Read Other Blogs in Your Industry/Niche

The goal here is NOT to copy, but be inspired!  Get a general feel for what others are writing about, let it inspire you, then write your own take on the topic.

Do a Reader Survey

Since I just did my first reader survey a few weeks ago, this is now my favorite way to be inspired on what to write about!  If you really want to write about topics you know your readers will love, then you can take the guess work out by simply asking them.  

So…do you like these ideas?  They’re just a few in my brainstorming arsenal!  Brainstorming is one of my favorite blogging tasks!  

I am currently putting together an e-Course for lifestyle bloggers that will launch later this summer or early fall!  It will be 4 weeks of fun with a community of other lifestyle bloggers that are sharing the same struggles and questions that you have.  We’ll come together as a group and make some magic happen on your blog!

Brainstorming is one of the topics we’ll be going through in more detail since this is so important to successful blogging.  I’ll be giving your worksheets to help you come up with topics you would never have thought of before and I’ll guide you along the process, while sharing exactly what I do to keep my editorial calendar full and the ideas flowing.

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Do you currently brainstorm for topics?  Why or why not?