What do YOU want to make happen this summer?

The first day of summer is just over a week away (Sunday, June 21) and I have to ask…what do YOU want to make happen this summer?

Here’s a quirky fact about me…I LOVE beginnings and I loathe endings.  I feel like there’s something so sad about things coming to an end, but I absolutely love when things begin.  

Beginnings are exciting to me…it’s a blank slate and I find that refreshing and exciting.  My mind fills with possibilities of what I want to happen! 

Case in point…I hate New Years Eve.  Yep, I said it.  I absolutely hate it and I dread the week leading up to it with all the ‘year in review’ crap.  It just makes me sad. 

But, while I always feel a little sad on New Years Eve, I wake up the next morning on New Years Day a whole new person!  I bounce out of bed and can’t wait to get started.  I love New Years Day!  It’s the first day of a whole new year and it makes me excited to know that I can make it what I want! 

I also go through this every weekend. Friday nights are magical…the entire weekend lays before me and I love that feeling.  Same thing each day…I love mornings and how a brand new day and all it’s possibilities stretches before me (although I don’t necessarily feel sad at the end of each day, lol…but I’m definitely more energized first thing in the morning and I’m not even a morning person!)

So, when a new season is upon me, I feel the exact same way…excited about everything I want to do to squeeze the most I can out of the season (the one exception here is the first day of winter, where I just want it to get through it as fast as possible!).

To make that happen, I start planning for it before summer hits!

As I’m gearing up for the official start of summer, here are a few things on my must-do list!

You'll notice I don't have chores or regular to-do's on my list.  That isn't what this is about!  

This is about identifying fun things you want to do, so you make time to enjoy the summer!

With that said, I did sneak in one of my ongoing goals, but I disguised it as something fun.  Get more activity and fitness in my life is always a goal, but instead of writing 'work out more' on my list (because that doesn't sound like much fun), I reworked it as hiking, going for a walk in Central Park, and doing yoga outside.

But, here's the thing, if I want these things to happen…I have to make them happen!  How many times do we get to the end of a season, or a week, or even a year, look back and realize we didn’t do nearly as much as we wanted?  We feel a little let down in ourselves and a tad bit regretful.  

Well…stop that craziness now, by taking a quiet hour to sit down and just plan it all out!

And to make it easy for you…I’ve created a fun worksheet that you can fill out to do just that.

On this sheet, you can list out everything you want to make happen this summer.  Then, for activities that you know will happen in specific months, I've given you 3 boxes - one each for June, July, and August - to go ahead and jot those down!  Finally, there's a big brainstorming area at the bottom where you can think about what you will do to make these happen (my favorite one that I came up with is to schedule some 'summer fun' time every weekend and then pick something from my list!).

The idea is that by thinking through what you want to do, planning some of it out now, and actively figuring out ways to make your plans happen, you'll be MUCH more likely to stick with it.

My plan is to put this sheet on my fridge so I can see it everyday so I don't forget to make time for these things.

Dream it…plan it…do it!  That’s my motto :)

So friends...what fun things do YOU want to do this summer?  Leave me a comment and share some ideas!