Why you Need Butterfly Goals

Ahem...Can I ask you a question?  If I asked you to quickly name 3 things off the top of your head that you would love to try in your life but you're too afraid, what would they be?

Are they big things, like sky diving or traveling solo to a foreign country?  Or, is it something smaller, like getting a new haircut/style or asking out the cute guy at the gym (okay, maybe that's still a big thing!)?

Regardless of whether it's something big or small (and you likely have both!), we don't always pay much mind to these because we're a little scared and it's typically easier to let it stay a 'nice idea'.

But, today, I challenge you to pause for a moment and consider those ideas a little bit more.  

I encourage you to follow your butterflies...

Follow your Butterflies?

What does it mean to follow your butterflies? 

Well, you know when you’re faced with something new and you feel those butterflies in your stomach?  That quivery feeling of fear and excitement that makes us want to explore it more, but at the same time tends to hold us back...

Those are the butterflies that we’re talking about.  Those are the butterflies that you should befriend and start following with gusto! 

I first heard about "following your butterflies" on a random podcast over the summer (and sadly, I don't remember who mentioned it, but I do remember her saying that it wasn't her idea...she'd heard it from someone else!).  I loved the idea so much, that I took it a slight step further to think on what my Butterfly Goals might be and it was a different, but fun, way of thinking about what I want in life!

The idea behind following your butterflies is simple.  The mere presence of them is your heart trying to tell you that this is something you really want, but your fear jumps in to try to hold you back and to protect you.

I’ve written about fear in the past and how you can’t let it hold you back, but I love how the premise of 'following your butterflies' gives you something tangible to feel so you know exactly when to push yourself to go after something new.  It’s you taking control of your journey and challenging yourself to step outside that proverbial comfort zone.  

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Creating your butterfly goals

When I started to think about my butterflies, I wanted to identify them so I could make a conscious effort to chase after them.  As I thought through them, I discovered a few things and put together a quick list of tips to help you create yours! 

Tip #1 |  They Can Hit You at Any Time

The beauty of Butterfly Goals is that they can hit you when you aren’t expecting them!  

With most goal setting, you identify your main objectives and set targets to get there.  But with Butterfly Goals, I think you have to be a little more flexible.  

Yes, you may be able to think of a few things right off the bat, but for the most part, you have to be patient and wait for the butterflies to come to you.

Tip #2 | They May be Different than Your Overall Life Goals

You may be surprised to see that your Butterfly Goals are different than your overall life goals.  

Sometimes, the things that make our stomachs flutter are one off random things that have nothing to do with our overall life goals.  

That's perfectly okay!

Not only is that what makes these type of goals fun, but I'd say this is why they're so important!  It introduces other things in our life that have the potential to make our hearts soar and to experience true joy!

Tip #3 | They May Be Very Specific

Butterfly Goals may not require any action steps other than doing the one thing...they may be very specific.

While life goals can be very specific, they tend to be written with somewhat of a broad stroke that require many steps to achieve.  This may be true for some of your Butterfly Goals (like starting a new business), but you may also find them to be very specific with limited, if any, steps required to achieve (like sky diving...just find a place to do it, then jump out of the plane!).


Butterfly Goals ARe Unique

Everybody’s Butterfly Goals will be different.  What’s on my list may be a walk in the park for you.  What’s on your list may be something I did 3 years ago. 

Our Butterfly Goals are all our own and there is no right or wrong list.  There is no Butterfly Goal that is too simple or too hard.  They’re unique and they’re all you!

You may choose to share them with the world or keep them just to yourself.  It’s up to you!!

Here's a peek at my list...

You can download this PDF for yourself (it's right below here!)...

You can download this PDF for yourself (it's right below here!)...


If you are interested in making your own list of Butterfly Goals, then let me make it a little easier for you with my FREE Butterfly Goals PDF that you can print out, fill out, and start chasing away!

What are your Butterfly Goals? If you’re comfortable sharing them, I’d love to hear them and cheer you on!

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