Christmas Gifts for...You!

Alright, sassy lady…it’s the holidays and you’ve been a busy girl grabbing up amazing gifts for all of your lovely family and friends!  Way to go!  But, no matter how many times you have checked your list twice, I’m betting a lot of you left someone off your Christmas list...


I know, I know…with everyone else on your list, how can you possibly treat yourself to something right now?  Well…allow me to tell you why you should do exactly that...

Why You Need to Treat yourself to A Christmas Gift

Reason #1 | You deserve it

Why do we give people gifts?  There’s many ways to answer this question, but what comes to my mind are:  we love them, it’s a special occasion, and/or we want them to feel special.

Don’t you deserve those things too?

Yes, we’ll receive gifts from those we love and that’s awesome and the feeling from that can’t be replicated or replaced.  But, there’s also something about treating yourself that makes you feel like a rockstar.  And that, ladies, is why it’s so important to add your name to your list!

REASON #2 | You’ve earned it

No matter what you do on a daily basis, whether it’s haggle in the boardroom or chase after 2 year olds, you work hard  You deserve to show yourself that you appreciate everything you do and everything you are by treating yourself from time to time. The holidays are an excellent time to do just that!

REASON #3 | It feels good

Come on…how indulgent does it feel to buy that bag you’ve been eyeing for months or slip into Starbucks and read a good book while sipping on a Gingerbread latte?  It feels freakin’ awesome!!!!  And not to digress to reason #1, but for just a moment…you deserve it.

REASON #4 | You get yourself exactly what you want

As much as we love our family and friends and we know they want to get us something we love, sometimes...well…let’s just say we’re very grateful for the thought behind the gift :).  

For me, personally, I love whatever people give me.  I truly am touched by the thought that went into it even if it’s not something I would’ve picked up for myself.  That is the reason behind gifts and I do really hate returning a gift because, to me, it feels ungrateful (but I get it…if something doesn’t fit, it’s better to exchange for something that will!).  

Even though, I’m touched by the thoughtfulness and I’m so grateful that someone took the time to shop for and buy me something, it is nice to get something that you absolutely adore.  Or, perhaps what you really want is an afternoon to do nothing but whatever you want...most people won't necessarily give that to you as a gift!  

So, sometimes, that means treating yourself to what you really want.

Gift Ideas for Yourself

You may not have noticed as you’ve read through this post, but I have to point something out. 

At no point have I said that you must ‘buy’ yourself a gift. 

All I’ve said is that you deserve to treat yourself to a gift. 

How you define said gift is up to you! 

Maybe it is something totally luxurious that you’ve had your eye on for awhile, but it doesn’t cost a single dime.

The goal is to find something that will bring you joy as a means to treat yourself this Holiday season!

It also doesn’t have to be something that you do right now!  Maybe you book yourself a spa day after Christmas as a means to recover and relax from the holiday craziness!  Maybe it’s as simple as asking your family to give you a Saturday morning all to yourself in January.  

There are a lot of ways to go about this and I bring that up because I know you’ll come up with a lot of excuses as to why you can’t possibly treat yourself this holiday season and to that I say, bah humbug!!

If you would like a few ideas to get yourself going, here are a list of some possible winners!

  • A new bag or purse
  • Killer new shoes
  • A new planner for 2016 (here’s my pick for 2016!)
  • A fresh new journal
  • Books
  • Candles
  • New headphones
  • Comfy PJs
  • Request time for yourself
  • Take a class for a hobby you’ve always wanted to try (or register for one in the New Year!)
  • Register for an online self-improvement class
  • A new piece of statement jewelry (doesn’t have to be expensive!)
  • A new haircut/style
  • A spa day
  • A mani/pedi
  • A couple of hours in a favorite coffee shop with your journal or a good book
  • A weekend getaway (probably for after the holidays!)
  • A splurge item!

Since I’m single, don’t have kids, and I come from a small (immediate) family…I don’t have that many people to buy gifts for, so my Christmas gift to myself tends to be something I’ve been eyeing but haven’t broken down to buy (yet)

Last year, I treated myself to the Lo & Sons O.G. bag and I still adore that thing!!  I use it every single time I travel and it is amazing.  This year, I decided to get a new leather tote bag (clearly, I have thing for bags!) since I adore a good leather tote!  On Black Friday, I made the decision that Vintage tote by Whipping Post was my gift for the year!  Since I read online that this bag tends to typically be on backorder, I went ahead and placed my order.  To my delight, she shipped out on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) and arrived a few days later and I LOVE her!   

My gift to me this year!

My gift to me this year!

So, ladies, I hope you’ve found some inspiration today and the wheels are turning for ways to treat yourself this holiday season!

How are you going to treat yourself this year?? I’d LOVE to hear all about it, so leave me a comment and let me know!

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