August Faves & September Plans

It’s that time again, folks!  The first part of the month around here means checking in on how we’re doing on our monthly goals and setting some new ones for the month ahead.

You might be asking why I share these every month for all the world to see.  For starters, it helps to keep me accountable.  But, for some reason, you guys seem to like taking a peek at what's going on in my world, so I'm happy to oblige!

I can’t believe it’s September!  I’m not ready for warm weather, light evenings, and open windows to come to an end.  We still have a few more weeks of summery goodness, but in the blink of an eye, it’ll be drawing to an end.  I do love fall, so I’m not unhappy about it’s arrival in a few weeks, but I don’t look forward to the long months of cold and darkness that we get here in Connecticut, so I’m going to squeeze out the last good drops of summer while I can!

But, enough about that, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Let's start with a peek back at August before we dive into what's ahead for September!  

Here’s what you were loving

After returning from Summer Camp, I hit a bit of a rough patch getting back into the swing of things and my blog posting took a hit the last week of August (i.e.  I didn’t post anything!).  So, I’m little lighter on monthly posts than I normally am, but despite that, you guys still showed up and gave some love (thank you!).  Here are the top 4 posts that you were loving in August:

How’s I do on my August Goals?

This month was a good one!  I worked a lot on my new site cleaning things up behind the scenes and, as you know, I skipped town for a long overdue vacation!  But, for a few of my goals that I set out last month, I was a bit over ambitious...oops!

Blogging Goals | Finish the Cleanup of Content {FAIL}
My goal was to finish cleaning up all my old Random Little Faves posts by August 31.  I didn’t realize how ambitious that goal would be!  I worked every week on that and rolled out cleaned up posts along the way, but despite working many hours on this one, I’m still not quite finished.  So, this ‘fail’ was not from lack of effort, but not fully anticipating the amount of work!

Blogging Goals | Launch "Define Your Mission" e-Course {FAIL}
My “Define Your Mission” e-Course will be my very first e-Course and it will be FREE (it’s all about establishing your own personal mission statement)!  As with the previous objective, I underestimated my available time this month.  I worked on this and have a complete outline done, I just need a good chunk of time to turn that into lessons :).  

This one WILL happen this month, though, because I really want to get this into your hands!

If you'd like to get on the VIP list to find out more once I have more info, then just sign up HERE.

Creative Goals | Make a Mala Necklace {SUCCESS}
I debated over how I wanted to do this, but finally settled on a design that I love and got it done this past weekend.  I have some more beads to make a completely different style and that will happen in the coming month or two!

Get crafty this past weekend and finished up my Mala Necklace!

Get crafty this past weekend and finished up my Mala Necklace!

House & Home Goals | Organize my Bookcase {SUCCESS}
This was a quick little project that I finished in the course of an afternoon.  I have a bookcase in my living room that needed a good clean out and reorganization.  Now that this done, I’m ready to tackle something else!

Travel Plans | Get Ready for Vacation {SUCCESS}
Travel plans are set!  I just got back from my first trip of the year and this weekend, I fly to Vienna, Austria to kick off 10 days in Europe!  Every thing (except for packing) is ready to go!

My Plans for September

There’s a lot going on this month, so I’m going to plan my goals accordingly and keep them short and sweet!  I will be on vacation for 10 days, so not a lot of anything is going to happen for 1/3 of the month.  After that, I have a busy work week to round out the month, where my entire team will be in town, so I know that will grab a lot of my time and energy.  So…with all of that on the books, what am I hoping to get done?  Well...

Blogging Goals | Knock out more of the Cleanup of Older Content
I’m being realistic here…this little project will happen in little bits of spare time, so I’m not expecting a lot here.  If I can cleanup a few older posts, I’ll consider that a success!

Blogging Goals | Launch "Define Your Mission" e-Course
This WILL happen this month because I’m so excited about it!!  I don’t have a date quite yet, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement in the coming week or two.

House & Home Goals | Organize the Closet in my Spare Bedroom
Alright, full disclosure…this one has to happen because my AC unit sprung a leak right before I left for Summer Camp.  It leaked through the ceiling of the closet in my spare bedroom causing a HUGE mess.  Repairs to the AC unit and the ceiling and the walls/baseboards are currently underway, so everything in there had to be moved out.  Once that is finished, I’ll be doing some purging and reorganizing!  

Your turn, friends! What are YOUR goals for September? I’d love to hear all about them, so leave me some comments below and let me know!