Let's Talk about the Moxie Tribes!

If it’s been a few days since you visited randomlittlefaves.com, don’t run away! You’re not in the wrong place…Random Little Faves got a makeover and a brand spankin’ new name! Read all about it HERE and HERE!

As Heart & Moxie starts to spread her fledgling wings this week, I wanted to wrap up the kickoff posts with an introduction to my new TRIBES!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I have spent the past year really throwing myself into this whole blogging thing.  Part of my process was to get to know other bloggers and to network.  Yes, networking can help grow your blog, but for me, growing my blog ended up being the side benefit. 

What I have LOVED about the past year is getting to know so many people from all over the world!  I have met ladies through blogging that I’ve never met in real life, but I truly consider my friends.  

I've also experienced the beauty of how like minded women, when coming together for a similar purpose and a shared energy can bond and boost each other up beyond what is possible when flying solo. #truestory

When envisioning how I wanted to use my little space on the internet to spread some positive energy, I knew I wanted to create an environment just for women to do just that.  And that, my dear friends, is how the Moxie Tribes were born!


Why 2 groups?

When I first starting dreaming of this online, thriving community, I originally only planned to have one group - my Moxie Girls.  This tribe would be for both following your dreams, living a life you love, and for all things blogging, but that just didn’t feel right in my heart.  

I knew that some of you visit me because you’re looking for blogging tips (woohoo!) and others come here for the self-love, dream chasing, make your life your own goodness (yes!).  And then there are those of you that come for both (can we be besties?)!  

Since there are distinct groups of all of you awesome and amazing ladies, I wanted to honor that and create a space for each!  This will allow me to get really specific in what I provide to you so its more valuable to YOU. 

And speaking of you, my sisters in blogging and grab-life-by-the-horns, you’ll get tailored emails for only what you’re interested in, so if you have no interest in blogging, you won’t have emails show up in your inbox from me about that topic!  Win-win!

So…let’s talk more about the tribes, okay?

About Moxie Girls

The Moxie Girls tribe is for those of you that want to make the most of your life, chase your dreams, organize your time, and get healthy doses of motivation and encouragement in your life.  If this sounds right up your alley, then check out my Moxie Girls tribe!

Tribe Features

Resource Guide
As soon as you join, you will be directed to a Thank You page and there will be a link to my resources page.  Feel free to bookmark that for future reference! 

This page will contain all my favorite resources for feeling the love (for yo’self and your life!), goal setting, and anything else that may help you live an authentic life and go for what you want.  I will continually update this as I find more amazing resources for you! 

Bi-weekly Tribe Notes
Later this month, I will start sending out an email every other Thursday with motivating, inspiring, uplifting goodness that only my tribe members will get!  It might be a short pick-me-up to get your day going, it could a handy dandy free printable to get more organized, or something completely different, but it’ll only be for you and not non-tribe members (because you’re awesome and deserve a little something special!). 

Access to Free Printables Library **coming soon!**
Since this is just the beginning, I don’t have everything in place yet and the tribe will only be getting better as we go along!  Coming very soon will be a printables library that only tribe members will have access to.  This is where you can grab and download different PDFs for your personal use.  All will pertain specifically to all things girl power and getting things done!

Private Facebook Group **coming soon!**
Also, coming very soon is a private Facebook group just for tribe members.  No one can request to join via Facebook and only those that want to be there will be there!  It will be a positive, supportive, inspiring place where we can get to know each other, share our journeys, encourage each other to face our fears, and lean on each other when faced with challenges.  I’m aiming to open this up in September.

More Ideas!
Beyond that, I’m tossing around other ideas…a monthly twitter chat?  Maybe a live Google+ hangout from time to time?  Or, perhaps, a live Q&A webinar to ask me questions!  I’m not sure what will be next, but there will definitely be something more engaging coming down the pipe (and when you join the tribe, you’ll see a very short survey on the Thank you page asking for your opinion!).

If this sounds right up your alley, then I’d LOVE for you to join me...

*If you were already an email subscriber of Random Little Faves, you are automatically a member of the Moxie Girls tribe! I’ve ported you over so you are all set!

About Moxie Bloggers

For you bloggers out there, if you want tips & tricks, how-to’s, behind the scene peeks, and all around blogging love, then my Moxie Blogger tribe may be just the thing for you!

Similar to the Moxie Girls tribe, my mission is to bring together a group of positive, supportive, and inspiring women bloggers to help each other out on our blogging journeys.

Tribe Features

The tribe features are pretty much the same as what I outlined for the Moxie Girls, but it will all be specific to blogging.  So, the emails that you will get every other Thursday….they’ll be all about about blogging.  The printables library that is coming soon…yep, all blogging related material!

You will also have the opportunity to join an exclusive Facebook group (separate from the Moxie Girls group!), where we can share our blogs, our posts, connect on social media, and educate each other on all things blogging!  My goal is to get this going in September as well.

Also like the Moxie Girls, I want to take things a step further with something more engaging…twitter chats, google hangouts, webinar Q&As…still mulling around ideas, but you get the picture!

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee!), then I’d love to have your join the tribe!

Some of you might be wondering…can I join both?  YES!!!!

If both of these sound like your thing, then by all means join me in both tribes for some all around awesomeness!  (and some of you fabulous ladies have already done that, so you’re total superstars! mwah mwah mwah!)

As for the emails, these will start up later this month and they will go out every other Thursday for each group on an alternating schedule.  In other words, if you only join one group, you can expect an email every other week, but if you join both, you’ll hear from me every week (Moxie Blogger email one week, then a Moxie Girl email the next, wash & repeat!).

I hope to see you in one (or both!) of my tribes and I if I don’t already know you, I can’t wait to get to know you!

Got any questions for me about my tribes?  Ask away!  Or, tell me what you think…I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave me a comment below and let’s get the conversation going! 

And, in case you haven’t clicked one of the buttons above yet, here they are again to make it easy for you…time to join up, girlfriends!