The Goodness Series: Blogging, vol. 1

If you read blogs, and I’m guessing you do since you’re reading mine, you know there are TONS of good info out there. It can be hard to find all the good content so you make the most of your blog reading time, am I right?!

That’s why I tend to enjoy when bloggers offer ‘round up’ style posts which corral a bunch of posts they’ve recently enjoyed reading.  I’ve discovered quite a few new bloggers through those shares and who doesn’t love that?!  It’s a great way to learn more and get introduced to other awesome bloggers!

Going forward, I intend to do this every now and then under the title of The Goodness Series.  Sometimes I’ll just share random goodness, other times I may focus specifically on personal growth, and other times, like today, I’ll narrow in on blogging topics.

I’m not planning to do this on a specific day or frequency…just when I gather up some enough awesome links to share, I’ll pull one of these together and hopefully inspire you with great info and introduce you to some other amazing bloggers! Win win!

So, if  you’re a blogger, go ahead and grab a cup of coffee/tea/wine/hot chocolate/whatever, settle in and prepare to learn a few new tricks!

Blogging goodness

I’ve scoured the interwebs over the past couple of weeks and these are the gems that I loved and wanted to share with all of you!

•   If you are looking to get into the world of Twitter chats, Sea Salt Secrets is sharing ideas on how to connect via Twitter chats and she provides a list of her faves!

•   Are you struggling with blogging about too many topics?  If your blog is all over the map, you might be losing readers, so it definitely pays to narrow your focus a bit.  By Regina walks you through exactly how to do that!

•   Looking to take your blog to the next level but not sure where to invest your money?  Check out XO Sarah’s post on 8 Investments that are worth it!

•   We’ve all seen blog posts go viral and I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but wonder how they made that happen.  Well, Erika at shares her ideas on how to make YOUR blog post go viral.

•   If you’re desperately trying to get more comments on your blog posts, then Erika is also sharing tips for how to get readers to leave more comments on your posts.  Excellent advice!

•   We have all heard how important it is to have a newsletter, right?  But what if you have no idea where to get started or what to write about?  Check out Sweet Tea and Saving Grace’s blog post where they share 101 ideas for your newsletter!  101!  

•   Something I’ve struggled with as I’ve brainstormed for blog posts, Moxie Tribe emails, and future courses is the idea that I’m not an expert and who the hell would listen to me?!  Well, I’m not alone in that mindset and Elembee assures us that it’s just fine to not be an expert.

•   If you’re trying to get the word out about your blog, Elle & Co. is sharing 30 great ways to generate buzz for your blog!

•   Sometimes coming up with new blog posts ideas can start to hurt your brain!  If that’s happening to you, check out By Regina’s list of 51 types of blog posts.  I found this to super handy!!

•   If you’re ready for crazy growth, then Elle & Co. has 6 secrets to share with you to experience exponential blog growth.  I will be giving a few of these suggestions a try!

•   At the end of the day, blogging should be fun. If it’s not, then why are we spending our precious time on it?  If blogging has started to become a bit of a drag for you, add a bit more pep in your step with Elembee’s reminders for how to have more fun blogging.

Your turn friends!  What have been some helpful blog posts that you've stumbled on recently?  Share a link below (even if it's to YOUR blog post!)...I'd love to check them out!