How to Stick with Your Goals

We're a month into the new year.  Where are you on your 2016 goals?

Are you chipping away at them?  Or, did you almost consider skipping this post because you're feeling a tad guilty because you forgot all about them?

If the latter is you...stay with me!!  Today's post is for you!

For some, the hard part about goal setting is actually coming up with the goals.  For others, that's the fun part and sticking with them is the challenging part and where we fail to follow through.

This was a few weeks ago...getting all my goals in place for the start of the New Year!

This was a few weeks ago...getting all my goals in place for the start of the New Year!

Sticking with your goals won't happen by accident.  You have to plan for them and be very intentional about making them happen.

You have to believe in them and know exactly why they're important to you.  This is one of the biggest steps towards sticking with your goals.  

But, just knowing your why behind your goals isn't necessarily enough.

Once you've set your goals and you fully know why you want to accomplish them, you might still be scratching your head wondering how to stay on top of them. This is where I'm stepping in to help you out, today!


How to Stick with Your Goals

If you have a list of goals that you are excited about chasing, it's time to make sure you put a few things in place to stick with them!  While the list is endless of possibilities, I've outlined a few key ideas that may help you on your journey.

Make your goals visible

If you can’t see your goals, you’ll likely forget them.  Last month, as 2015 came to an end, I figured out my goals for 2016.  Once I knew what I was working towards this year, I had to make them visible.  If I just left them in a notebook, I’d forget about them and likely forget where I put the notebook (the story of my life these days!).

For starters, I put my goals in my planner since I use that daily.  I use the Start Planner and there is a section at the beginning specifically for goals, so that makes it really easy for me to keep my eye on them.

I also blog about my goals and they can’t get more visible than that!!  Sometimes I’ll even write them on post-it notes and stick them to my bathroom mirror or on my fridge…basically places I know I can’t miss! 

Another idea is to type them up on your phone!  I know that will be with you everyday, so maybe make it your screen saver to really keep them front and center.

If I didn’t do these things, I wouldn’t remember what I had planned for the month and I’d never get them done. 


Check in with yourself regularly

I use the Tending List page of the Lara Casey’s Powersheets and I look over it every single day.  I keep it open to that page and it’s on my table in my dining area so I can’t miss it.  

When I travel, I photo copy the page and bring it with me so I can still keep track of my daily habits (like drinking more water each day, getting to bed earlier than I tend to, etc.).


No matter where or how you’re making your goals visible…check them out frequently and ask yourself each week how you’re doing and what else you could be doing to get you there by your target date.


Make yourself accountable

It’s really easy to let a goal slide if you aren’t accountable for that goal.  Because I blog about my goals each month, I definitely feel some accountability to get them done!  

If you have a boyfriend or husband, share your goals with him and ask him to check in with you on them.  You could also pair up with a friend and become each other’s accountability partners.  My dear friend Judy is my accountability partner!  We even have our own Facebook group for just the two of us to share our goals and check in with each other.

Just knowing that you will have to tell someone whether you did or didn’t get your goal finished is sometimes enough to make you stay on task!


Plan for them

Every Sunday, I plan out my week.  As I look over my available time, I refer to my goals to see what I can fit in to get me towards the finish line. 

If I didn’t actively plan for them, life would take over and it wouldn’t happen.


Give yourself a reward

Been eyeing a gorgeous new bag, or those cute shoes at DSW…challenge yourself to finish your goals for the month, then go reward yourself! 

It doesn’t have to be something that costs you anything, either (in case your goal is of a financial nature!)…treat yourself to a Saturday afternoon of reading a good book or doing some yoga or a long walk in the park.

But, having a little reward at the end can sometimes sweeten the deal just enough to motivate you along the way.


Evaluate your progress & tweak your process

At the end of each month, I like to check in on how I did. 

Did I finish all my goals?  If so, at what cost (did I pass on down time or family/friend time to get my goals done)

Do I have a lot of unfinished goals?  What got in my way (other commitments, did I take on too many, or did I just veg in front of the TV too much)

At the end of this post, download this FREE End of Month Reflection Worksheet to help you better plan your goals for next month!

At the end of this post, download this FREE End of Month Reflection Worksheet to help you better plan your goals for next month!

Asking yourself these questions will help you hone your goal setting skills.  The questions are not meant to judge yourself or beat yourself up.  It’s merely to learn more, tweak your process, and fine tune your goal setting skills.


Don’t give up

You fell off the wagon…so what??  That doesn’t mean you should give up! 

It happens, but if it’s still something you want to accomplish, then it’s time to get yourself back on that horse. 

How do you do that? 

Go back to your why!  Remind yourself why you want to achieve that goal or why you want to put in the work.  Once you reacquaint yourself with your why, you’ll likely feel that fire in your belly heat back up!

Your goals are only as good as your commitment, so make the commitment and get them done!


Before you go, be sure to grab your FREE Monthly Goals Reflection Worksheet!  It'll help you look back and see what worked and what didn't to help you fine tune your goal setting process so you can rock your goals like the true girl boss that you are!

How are you doing on your 2016 goals so far? Are you rocking them, or stalling out a little (which is okay!!)? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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