Autumn Themed Journal Prompts

Journaling is my favorite way to unwind, connect with myself, and release anything I’m holding in that isn’t quite working for me anymore.  It’s a really powerful way to explore yourself on a level beyond just thinking about things.

There’s just something about putting pen to paper and letting the words flow out that sets things in motion.

Whether you have a regular journaling practice or not, having prompts can be a wonderful way to look at things in your life from a different perspective.  Since it’s not you coming up with the question, it may allow you to reach corners of your mind that would’ve gone unnoticed otherwise.

With Autumn now in full swing (at least around these parts), what better to celebrate than with some fun Autumn themed prompts!


One of the things I love about fall is it’s the last hurrah before winter settles in.  It’s the last time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful show nature puts on for us.  The world explodes with color and the leaves swirl around your feet in a gentle dance.  

The other thing I love about fall is the feeling of starting to tuck in for a few months.  As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, the world around us starts to close in and hibernate.  Naturally, we follow suit.  We wrap ourselves in layers of clothes and we stay inside as much as possible.  It gives us  chance to slow down and turn inward.

We start to do warm, soothing things from curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket, to wrapping a hand-knit scarf around our neck, to making a pot of warm soup on a cold night.

Just as the world needs to retreat and hibernate, so do we.  It’s our season to reconnect with ourselves, our families, and prep for the long winter that is now on the horizon.

The journal prompts that I have created for you explore all of these areas.  They will help you identify how to get the most out of this season, areas in your life that you can release (much like the trees release their leaves), and ways to introduce more self-care and soothing practices to take care of yourself as the weather starts to change.


Journal Prompts

In spirit of the season

  1. What is your favorite fall memory...
  2. Describe, in detail, your perfect fall day.
  3. What does the fall season mean to you?
  4. What would need to happen for this fall to be magical?

Digging a little deeper

  1. What do you need more of this Fall?  What do you need less of?
  2. Much like the leaves fall off the trees each fall, what in your life needs to be released so it falls off of you?
  3. Signs of Fall include coziness, warmth, and connection.  What can you do this season to invite more of these into your life?  What would that look like?
  4. When you think ahead to the bigger goals or life dreams that you have, what is ONE thing you can do this Fall to move closer to making that happen?
  5. Describe your self-care process and how the changing seasons impact this...

One Step Further

  1. If you described your perfect fall day in the first section...what can you put in place right now to make this day a reality (or at least parts of it)?
  2. If you assessed what in your life needs to be released so it falls off of you in section 2, explore this deeper by considering the following questions:
    • How would your life be different if you let go of these pieces?
    • How would YOU, as a person, be different?
    • What would it take for you to put this into motion?
  3. If you described your self-care process in section 2, go deeper and outline a new self-care plan to embraces Fall and the changing weather.  What can you do to start integrating this into your life?


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy digging into these questions!  Why not make an event of it and carve out time for yourself to work through some of these.  Find a comfy, cozy spot and warm yourself with some apple cider, a Pumpkin Spice Latte, or another favorite Fall beverage.  Pull out your journal, your favorite pen and lose yourself in the process of explore yourself on a different level than you normally do.


Before you go, don't forget to download an On-the-Go PDF of these prompts to print out and save in your journal!  That'll keep you prepped for more fall journaling fun as the season unfolds.

Edit:  This workbook is no longer available

What are your thoughts on journaling around fall themed prompts? How do you feel this might change your perspective on things going on in your life right now?