Honing in on My Purpose

Notice anything different?  In case you missed it, Heart & Moxie got a little makeover!  For the past few months, I’ve been tinkering behind the scenes to update my website to better reflect where I am right now and where I see this going in the future (me, my website, my business, etc.).

It’s the same, but a little fresher and a lot more focused (well..it will be!  that’s still a work in progress!).

Since things look a little bit different, I wanted to share with you my new focus and what that means around here.  


My new focus

I’ve mentioned a few times in past posts that I went back to school to get certified in life coaching last fall.  This past summer, I finally finished up and got certified…yay!  I haven’t written about it too much because I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what and who I want to focus on in my work.

I knew I wanted to stay in the life coaching arena and not branch out into corporate coaching (despite my almost 20 years of experience in the corporate world and the encouragement of others to go this route because of that experience).  I’ve been writing about personal growth/development and self-love for the past couple of years and I knew that was where my passion lies.

I also know from having worked in a male-dominated industry and going to a male-dominated university that I was ready to work with women.  After attending some women only events over the past few years, I could see and feel the magic that happens when women come together.  I wanted more of that…that’s what has been missing from my entire adult life!

After a lot of soul searching, journaling, coaching, etc. I finally landed on the area that I will be specializing in for my coaching and business...helping women transition through their midlife years, specifically those experiencing a midlife crisis.


Midlife Crisis Coach for Women

I’ve known that I wanted to help women find their purpose and more meaning in their life.  I knew I wanted to help women get ‘unstuck’ in their lives.  But, I also knew that was still too broad and wasn’t quite ‘it’.

I’ve joked in the past with friends that I’ve been going through a midlife crisis these past few years and have been on this journey to rediscovering who I am now and what I want from my life.  Mainly, I wanted to find more meaning and fulfillment.

One day this past summer, it hit…that’s my niche.  That’s my calling.  That’s who I want to serve.

I’m not the only woman going through this, yet there’s not a lot of talk about women experiencing a midlife crisis and there’s even less talk about how to get through it.

I’ve lived it (and still living it!) so I can talk about it and I can help guide others through this frustrating phase of life and turn those frustrations into awakenings.

I’ll share more details of my own journey through this murky period in a separate post soon, but for now, let’s talk a little bit about what exactly is a midlife crisis for women so we all have a bit of clarity.


A Woman’s Midlife Crisis

I bet you’re thinking that men are the only ones that go through a midlife crisis, right?


It’s not that men are the only ones that go through this stage of life, it’s just they’re the ones that get all the attention. That’s not exactly surprising.  Most things in our society are looked at from the perspective of men.  Side topic, but somewhat related…did you know the classic heart attack symptoms we’ve all been taught over the years are typical symptoms for men??  While some are the same, the symptoms for women can be very different, yet most people are completely unaware! 

Just like few people are aware of the heart attack differences between men and women, even less are aware of the differences between a midlife crisis between men and women.

I’m going to go into a ton of details on this in a separate post, so for now, let’s just look at this from a high level perspective (and I’ll be talking in generalities, so I’m not saying this is the case for ALL people).

Men, when going through a midlife crisis, are triggered by their loss of youth.  Many want to try to hang onto their youth, or need to come to terms with the fact that they’re no longer young.  This is where we get the stereotype of the ‘old’ guy getting the convertible and trading in his wife for someone half his age.

Women, aren’t trying to retain our youth. We’re realistic enough to know that we can’t do that (although, I won’t deny you a little Botox if that makes you feel a little better ;)).  We generally have spent our adult years taking care of others, or putting other needs ahead of our own and we’re tired.

Yes, we’re triggered by the passage of time, but for us, we’re feeling a disconnect with who we thought we were and who we actually are and we’re probably not even fully aware of who we are right now because we haven’t given ourselves the time to figure it out!

So, for women, we’re looking to reclaim ourselves, find our purpose, and light our worlds on fire.

At this stage, we typically feel a bit lost, confused, stressed out, and stuck in our current lives.  We want more, but a lot of times we’re not even sure more of what - clarity, adventure, connection, time, space, purpose, fulfillment, peace, etc.

I want to help women dig into all of this in order to create the life they are craving.  I want to help them become the woman they’ve dreamed of being.  We all have it in us to be more, we just have to get out of our own way! 

Learn more about my program the midlife transition: Midlife Awakening


What this means for Heart & Moxie

If you’ve been a long time reader around here, you will naturally be wondering what that means for Heart & Moxie...

In a nutshell…don’t expect a ton of changes.  I’ll still talk about most of the same topics I already talk about - personal growth, self-love, empowerment, etc. 

I will, however, be introducing some more topics specific to midlife challenges and transitions for women.  If you’re not a midlifer, that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome here…you will still learn a ton that you can apply in your life regardless of your age!  If you’re younger, it will help you with any quarter life challenges and help you develop a strong sense of self and self-worth that will better prepare you for your midlife years when you hit them (you’ll get there faster than you think!).

As we slide into 2017, I’ll be amping up the content, programs, and more to provide a resource for women in this stage of life, so if you are a midlifer get your friends involved!  Start talking about this stuff!

Share my website with them and let me know what you find challenging and where I an help you as you transition through this stage of your life.

If you’re a midlifer, what’s your biggest concern right now? How can I help you?