How to Take the First Step

How many first steps have you skipped in your life?

How many times have you been on the brink of making some changes in your life, trying something new, or embarking on a big dream, only to hesitate, doubt yourself, and ultimately stay standing in the same spot and not taking that step?  (or worse, taking a step backwards instead of forwards?)

It’s something we can all relate to because we’ve all done it!

Some people do it all the time and never move forward.  Yet, other people feel the uncertainty, embrace the unknown, and put one foot in front of the other as they start down a new path.  

The first step is the most important one because it gets us moving in the right direction instead of hanging back waiting and waiting and waiting, do you take that step when you’re unsure, doubting yourself, or you just don’t have any idea how to do it?



For some folks, once they make up their mind that fear isn’t going to hold them back, they take that first step with gusto!

But, if that’s not you and you’re hesitating or telling yourself that you can’t, you might need to do a little prep work.

Get Honest with Yourself

I talked about this last week, but if you’ve been wanting to do something for a long time and you haven’t done anything to make it happen, it’s time to get honest with yourself…how bad do you really want it?  Because if you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out a way to make it happen or at least give it everything you have.


Believe in yourself

Before you can do anything, you have to believe you can do it.  

Believe that it’s possible and that you deserve it.  If you hang on to those thoughts that tell you that you can’t, or it’s for other people, or that you’re not good enough, you’ll never let yourself give it a try and you’ll prove those fears correct!  

But, it won’t be because they’re really true, it’ll only be because you never tried.  Think about that…there’s a big difference in the two.

See it happening

Visioning is a powerful way to set things in motion.  Take a few moments to think about what you really want.  Maybe it’s a new job, or a living in your dream home, or finding the love of your life.

Close your eyes and see it happening.  Feel it, experience it, and step into it.  Watch it unfold in your mind as it happens and spend a few minutes living it.  Don’t view it through a lens of ‘this will never happen’ or ‘wouldn’t this be nice’.  Really own it and know this is a reality!

After you see your goal in full color, write it down.  Then put it somewhere you can refer to it often when you feel stuck or unmotivated.

Visioning can be incredibly powerful for getting you ready to take a step.  It puts you in that mindset and shows you that you can do it!



There is no such thing as a step being too small or too big.  A step is a step, so leave the judgement at the door and take a step - any size - out of that door.   

Any step in the right direction is better than no step at all and no matter how big or small it is, it deserves to be celebrated!

If you do find yourself thinking your step isn’t big enough and that holds you back, guess what?  You’re wasting energy on comparing your step to other people’s steps.  It’s like the old saying goes…never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

Just start.

If your goal or dream is something big, break it down into do-able chunks.  

To get started, maybe it’s as ’simple' as changing your mindset and your first step is to commit to telling yourself every single day that you deserve this and you CAN do this.  Maybe you commit to telling yourself that every single day until you believe it or the next step becomes clear to you.

That may not sound like you’re doing anything, but you are!!  

Maybe your first step is research…you know what you want and you can see yourself there, but you just don’t know what it takes to get there.  Then, research may be your first step.

If your goal is fitness related, maybe your first step is just to walk around the block tomorrow morning before work.  

Once you get started, the next steps will start to appear for you when you’re ready for them…just don’t give up.  Trust yourself!

Push yourself outside your comfort zone since that’s where you’ll find what you are craving.  



Ouch….you finally get the courage to take that first step and you fall on your face.  

It happens!  In fact, that’s why a lot of us don’t even take that first step to begin with.  We’re afraid of the face plant on the ground in front of us.

But, I challenge you…what if it does happen?

What’s the WORST thing that could happen if you do fail?

I’m going to tell you…and it’s probably not what you are thinking.

If you fail, you succeed.  

By failing, you learn one way that doesn’t work for you so you can now try a new way.  It’s a learning tool, but we’re conditioned from the time we’re kids that failure is bad. 

Every time we fail, it’s an opportunity to learn something and improve ourselves.  

If you adopt this mindset, you hop over in the driver’s seat and where you go in life is totally in your hands and your control.



Taking the first step is definitely the hardest.  Our fears and doubts tend to hold us back to keep us from failing, but if you can start to see failing as an opportunity on your path to greatness, it’s not so scary anymore.

You deserve to live a life that makes you happy and leaves you feeling fulfilled when you crawl into bed every night.  You deserve to treat yourself to things that bring you joy.

Each step along the way to making these things happen are opportunities for growth, learning, happiness, challenge, and accomplishment. Its your chance to align who you are with how you live.

The first step will get you where you want to go, so I leave you with a question...

Why wouldn’t you take that first step?

Are you afraid to take the first step? If so, what’s holding you back? I’d love to hear more about it, so leave me a comment below and let me know!

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