Moxie Girl Happenings {Feb 2016}

Last year when I revamped my blog and switched it from Random Little Faves to Heart & Moxie, I had a lot of ideas for creating a community of like-minded women.

To that end, I set up the Moxie Girl Tribe and offered the community piece by setting up a Facebook group exclusively for Tribe members.  

The Moxie Girl Facebook group!

The Moxie Girl Facebook group!

Now that I’ve worked out a few kinks and got the community hopping, it’s time to roll out some new features for my amazing Tribe members!

In case you’ve missed the call to join my Tribe, I want to share those ideas with you in case you want to get in on the action!

Going forward, I plan to share what’s happening in the Tribe each month as a means to honor this amazing group of women and encourage more of you to join the party!


New Features Coming for the Tribe

When I originally conceived the idea for the Moxie Girl Tribe, my overriding goal was to create a community of positive, supportive women that want more from their lives and are going out and making it happen (or at least want to change their lives to be that person!).

Six months into launching the Moxie Girl Tribe and I’m thrilled that this is exactly what has happened!  

The Tribe is officially 700+ ladies strong, but the real community is happening in the Facebook group where we have close to 90 active members (as of Feb 1, 2016).

I’ve had a lot of ideas for offering more features to my Tribe and last week, I floated these ideas to my girls in the Facebook group for feedback.  Fortunately, they loved the ideas and one member offered up a fourth idea, which I loved and was quickly added to the mix.

So…what are the new features that are coming for my Moxie Girls?  

Accountability Partners

I doubt I’m the only one with a to-do list a mile long and not enough time in each day to knock everything off my list, am I right?  

Having an accountability partner can greatly increase your productivity simply by having someone to check in with and to report on your progress. 

For the Moxie Girls that are in the Facebook group, I’m opening up the ability to get matched with an Accountability Partner! 

How cool is that?!

If you’d like to get in on this action, then it sounds like it’s time to become one of my Moxie Girls!

**Note: I’m limiting this to those in my Facebook group since there’s a strong community there and the women have gotten to know each other, which helps foster the relationship. If you are already a Tribe member, but you’re not in the Facebook group and you want a partner, simply join the group (check your last newsletter email for a link) and you’ll be able to sign up!

Book Sharing

Originally, I wanted to do a book club within the group, but trying to organize an online book club didn’t see to thrill the girls…too many challenges to make this a go.

BUT!  We definitely wanted a way to connect over books and find new awesome reads to add to our must-read lists!

Instead of a traditional book club, we’re going to have book lists within the Facebook group where we can share our favorite reads (on topics ranging from self-improvement, getting organized, setting goals, time management, etc.).

Each week in our Facebook group, we’ll feature one of these books and the person that recommended it gets to share what they loved, what inspired them, etc. with the group!

Want to learn about more amazing must read books?  Join the Tribe and get in the Facebook group!

Featured Moxie DreamChaser

This idea is something I’ve had since before I even started the Tribe!!  I’m all about encouraging women to identify their dreams, know they’re worth chasing their dreams, and inspiring them to do just that.

I knew I wanted to highlight and celebrate these women and allow their stories to inspire other women.

To that end, I will be setting up the Moxie DreamChasers!  

I will pick one dream chasing woman from my Tribe each month to feature on my blog, in my newsletter, etc.  She’ll share about her dream and how she’s actively chasing it (or chased it, if she’s already made it happen!)

This will be open to all members of my Tribe (i.e. not just the Facebook group).

Are you DreamChaser and would like to apply to be featured?  Then it’s time to be a Moxie Girl, so join my Tribe!!

Monthly Challenges

Everybody loves a good challenge, right?!

Starting in March, I plan to host monthly challenges ranging from 1 week or 2 weeks (with the possible 30 day challenge every now and then), ranging on topics from self-love, organization, reaching goals, time management, getting more out of life, etc.

The objective is to challenge you to start making small steps each day to make big changes in  your life!

This will be open to any member of my Tribe (i.e. not just the Facebook group).

Love a good challenge and want to start making small changes that add up to big life changes?  Then, you know what to do!! 

Join my Tribe!!

***Join Us!***

You know you want to be a part of this, so if you don't want to miss out on all the fun, then sign up to be a Moxie Girl...

Learn more about all the great features for being a Moxie Girl, right HERE!

If you want to get in on those features that are a perk for the Facebook group, be sure to join the Facebook group from the link that you receive in your confirmation email. If your Facebook name differs from the email address you use to sign up, or your email address does not contain your full name, I will need to send you a private Facebook message to confirm you are indeed a Moxie Girl. Alternatively, you can send me an email and let me know so I can confirm you and get you in the group even faster!
What are your thoughts on these new features? Do they sound like something you'd be interested in? Leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you...

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