The Power of an Accountability Partner

How familiar does this sound?  You set your goals, you’re excited to make them happen, a few weeks pass, and, disappointedly, you see that, yet again, you let life get in your way (or a few Netflix binges…no judgment from me!).  

You’ve done nothing on your goals.

It’s a typical situation for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be!

A really easy way to help you stay on top of your objectives is to get yourself an Accountability Partner!


What is an Accountability Partner?

In case you're wondering what an Accountability Partner is, it's essentially someone you pair up with to keep each other on track with goals and objectives.  You typically meet up (which could simply be an email) where you share your goals or objectives and what you plan to have done by when.  Then you cheer each other on, check in with each other, and by a designated date, you report back on how you've done.  

The goal isn't to chastise each other for not getting things done (unless you specifically want that!), but it's to have that extra bit of accountability so you don't slack off on the things you want to get done (I'm looking at you, Pinterest!...and Facebook!).

Having an Accountability Partner can be an amazing tool to stick to your goals and make things happen!


Benefits of an Accountability Partner

When you make some goals and they never go farther than the scrap piece of paper in your planner (or the list in your head!), it’s really hard to stay on top of them. 

Life happens…other options that are more fun present themselves…you’re tired…you’re not motivated…on and on and on.

But, when we tell our goals to someone else and specifically say we’ll have them done by a certain date and we promise to check back in on that day, it can have a huge impact on helping you get it done.

Who wants to come back and say ‘ummm…yeah…I sat on the couch all weekend watching TV’?

Yes, things will still pop up that prevents us for attacking one of our goals, but we’re less likely to have this happen all the time.

We somehow find the time for it and we get things done.  Plus, it’s really nice to have someone say, ‘wow, great job!’ when you tell them you finished what you set out to do.

On the flip side, you get to encourage your partner to stick to their goals.  It’s fun to be someone else’s cheerleader and support network.

One of my closest friends, Judy, is my accountability partner.  We've been doing this for probably a year and we meet up every couple of weeks, share our goals and where we are on them.  We even have a private (secret?) Facebook group where we can connect in between our check in sessions to see how we're doing and to cheer each other on!

I asked her if she wanted to share a few thoughts on her experience of having an accountability partner and this is what she had to say:

Having an accountability partner motivates me to accomplish my goals and stay on track. It helps me to commit to myself and do what I say I'm going to do. I meet with her every 2 weeks and it's an awesome feeling showing the work I have done. An accountability partner helps me be accountable.

If you don't have one yet, you definitely need one!!! Everyone needs one!!


Where to find a Partner

There are a lot of options for an accountability partner.  It can be someone you know or someone from an online group you belong to.  Here are a few ideas:

  • A friend
  • Family member - mom, sister, etc.
  • A co-worker
  • A life coach
  • My tribe!


Final Thoughts

Accountability partners can be a great way to stay on track and remind yourself how serious you are to get some things done.  

My only tip is to try to find someone that’s not just going to say ‘okay’ when you don’t get your stuff done…that’s not going to help you much!  While we’re not looking to chastise each other, we’re also not looking to enable our non-goal reaching habits!

Have you ever used an Accountability Partner before? What are you thougts? Yay or nay?

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