Making the Most of Spring 2016!

While winter in New England this year was mild (probably the mildest of the 18 years I’ve been here!), I am THRILLED that it is now officially Spring!

Can we pause and do a little happy dance?

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year, but Spring is a close second, so I’m itching to see flowers blooming - and because of our mild winter, they’ve already started popping up!  I can’t wait to throw open the windows and let the warm breeze fill my home.

I think what I love most about both Fall and Spring is that they’re both the season of change.  You can feel a little extra buzz in the air, the world explodes with color, and it’s fun to pull out a change of clothing to usher in a change of temperature.

With each new season, I love to share my plans for making the most of it as a means to inspire you, girlfriend, to make the most of yours!

I have to admit, Spring is probably one of the more challenging for me to come up with ‘things to do’ to celebrate the season (although not quite as challenging as winter when I just want to become a bear and hibernate for three months!).

What do I want to do most right now?  GET OUTSIDE!

I want to feel the warm breeze, I want my toes to wiggle in the freedom of flip flops (although around these parts, that’s more of a summer thing, so I will {im}patiently wait a little longer), and open the windows to let the outside in.

I want to fill my home with fresh flowers and go explore my neighboring towns to watch them wake up after a long sleep.

In other words…I want to start moving!

Download your copy of this Spring Planning Page below!

Download your copy of this Spring Planning Page below!

In the interest of celebrating the first day of the new season and to perhaps inspire you to make your own Must Do Spring list, I wanted to share what’s on mine!

Now that I have my list, I'm ready to get started...let's do this, Spring 2016!



Before you go, be sure to download your FREE Spring 2016 Planning Page so you don't miss a thing this season!

Download your copy of this Spring Planning Page below!

Download your copy of this Spring Planning Page below!

With this page, think of the specific memories you want to create and write them down!  Envisioning them will help you make them happen! 

Click on the 'Gimme my planning page!' button below to grab your copy!

We’ll never get another Spring 2016, so let’s not let it zip by without making the most of it! What’s on YOUR list of things to do this season? Leave me a comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!