8 Reasons Why You're Not Achieving Your Goals

It's time to get real, people!  Do you have goals that are just sitting around going nowhere?

I bet you do!  We all do!

As I coach people, I constantly run across goals that are lingering in my clients’ lives that are going nowhere.  Sometimes they’re frustrated, but sometimes, they’ve resigned themselves to the idea that they’ll never achieve these lofty dreams!

To that, I say…CODSWALLOP!

(No…I’m not British, I just love hearing Brits say that word!!)

Our goals…our dreams…are all attainable!  Sometimes we get in our own way (okay…usually this is the root of the problem!) and sometimes it’s not quite the right time in our lives to go for a particular goal, but that doesn’t mean it’s never a good time to go for it!

If you constantly dream about something, you’re doing yourself a disservice to NOT make it happen!

Even if you never cross the finish line on your journey to achieve your dream/goal…the time and effort spent to make it happen will not be without reward.  

I pinky-swear promise!

One thing I’ve noticed when talking about goals with women is that they do want to achieve them, but despite this, they’re not making any progress and they have no idea why.

Can you identify with that??

Do you have goals hanging out on your back burner that are just sitting there, patiently waiting for you to get on it?

I’m betting there’s not one single person that can answer ‘no’ to those questions!

We ALL have goals we haven’t started.  Even a die hard goal setter like me has a few goals that are sitting around waiting for some action.

Whether all of your goals fall into this category or just a few, I’ve compiled a list of 8 common reasons, i.e. Goal Busters, why you are not achieving your goals PLUS some Fire it Up Tips on how to step around those blocks and finally turn those goals into reality.

Maybe you recognize some of these Goal Busters and maybe some don’t apply to you at all, but consider them carefully, because perhaps one (or more) of these are sources of your inaction without you even realizing it!


8 Goal Busters (& tips to overcome them)

Goal Buster #1  |  They’re not important enough to you

We’re going to kick things off with some tough love!  One of the main reasons you're not making any progress on your goal is that it's not important to you.

You might think your goal is important, but if they were, you’d get it done or at least work towards it.  When something is important to us, we make time for it because we can't not make time for it!

If this is you...then, girlfriend, you need to spend some time thinking about those goals!  Until they rank higher on your importance scale, they'll never get off the ground.

Fire it Up Tip:  Ask yourself how bad you want it!  When you think of the ways you are currently spending your time, where do your goals rank in comparison?  If you're finding your goal is definitely important to you, it's time to explore the other items on this list, because once it's important to you, you've got some work to do to make it happen (but you can do it!).


Goal Buster #2  |  You’re not planning for them

It’s not enough to simply say  ‘I want to do this’.  You can throw it out the universe all you want, but unless you have a plan to back it up, it’s going to be sailing around the universe with no direction and no where to go.  The universe won’t know what to do with it in order to help you out!

You have to put a plan in place to achieve what you want to do.  Set the goal, break it down and create action steps. Give yourself measurable objectives and perhaps even a reward system to encourage you along!

Benjamin Franklin said it best…”If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” 

Fire it Up Tip:   Make a plan…give yourself some objectives.  Even if you only plan the first step, it’s better than planning nothing at all, which takes us to the next Goal Buster!


Goal Buster #3  |  You don’t know where to start

Ah…the elusive first step!  If you have a big goal it can daunting to figure out where to begin, so you spend days/weeks/months/years standing at the starting line and never budge. 

It can be frustrating when you know it’s something you want to do, but you have no idea how or where to start. This one is very common, especially when going for something you’ve never done before!

Fire it Up Tip:  Just take a step…any step.  Even if it’s the wrong step, it’s still a step! Sometimes just getting started is the boost you need to build your confidence or to get the ideas flowing.  

As I am starting to build my own business, let me assure you…I have no idea what I’m doing!!  I’ve never owned a business before, but I’m not letting that stop me!!  I’m figuring it out along the way.  There are so many amazing entrepreneurs out there that I can ask for advice and that’s what I’m doing.  I’m taking it one step at a time and I will be launching my coaching business next month!

You could also reverse engineer it…picture where you want to end, then work your way backwards until you arrive at the first step.  


Goal Buster #4  |  You’re not making them a priority

Time for some more tough love, my friends. 

Sooooo....your goals are important to you, you’ve planned them out, you even know your first step!  But, they’re still not going anywhere? 

You’re not making them a priority. 

You’re letting everything else in your life jump ahead of this, which means it’ll never get off the ground.  Sure…some things may need to be higher on the list, but I’m betting there’s some Netflix binging time, some Pinterest scavenging time, and countless other time sucks that can be used more wisely if you simply make your goals your priority. 

It happens to the best of us…we’re busy people and sometimes numbing out in from of the TV or our computers is just the ticket for getting in a little down time.  But…notice that I said “sometimes”.  If we’re spending too much time on these types of activities, we’re not directing any energy or effort to what’s important to us!

Fire it Up Tip:  Make your goals a priority in your life!  You deserve to work towards the things that are important to you, so give yourself the space and the permission to go for it!  Put it in your calendar and don’t negotiate that time away! 

Want a tip to make it easier to prioritize your goals in your life?  Then, let’s just to our next Goal Buster...


Goal Buster #5  |  You Don’t Know your Why

I’ve talked about this one a lot around here…knowing your Why is the key to so many things!  So, you have this big, beautiful life goal.  Awesome!

Do you know WHY you want to achieve that objective?

I’m not talking about that fluffy reason “this would make me happy” or something like that.  I mean all the reasons beneath that.  What is fundamentally driving that desire?  Why would achieving this goal make you happy?

When you dig in and know the deep source of why you want to do something, you light that fire that fuels your mission.  It becomes something you can’t let go of and you start doing things every single day to make it happen.

Know your WHY…know your mission…make it happen.

Fire it Up Tip:  Start asking the questions…why is this important to me?  Once you know your answer…peel back another layer by asking why again…then again…then again.  Keep digging until you feel that A-HA moment when you hit the true reason you want to make this happen.  When you get there, you’ve uncovered your power!

But, I bet when you get there, your inner critic starts getting a little ansy and awakens from its slumber.  It starts telling you that you can’t achieve this…who do you think you are?? 

Sound familiar, then let’s dive into our next Goal Buster!


Goal Buster #6  |  You doubt yourself

Is that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you can’t do this? Or, perhaps it’s incessantly whispering that you’re not good enough? 

Been there, done that, so I totally get it! 

Our inner critic tends to get nervous when we’re about to embark on something big and/or new.  The idea that you might do something unknown (i.e. where you might fail) scares the bejeezus out that little inner critic so it goes into overdrive telling you all the things you need to hear to stop yourself from doing what you want. 

It’s a tricky little devil too…it knows exactly what will make you halt course and stay safe.

These are some of the hardest blocks to work through and let me assure you…every single person walking on this planet has inner critics.  Every single person that has succeeded has fought against the inner critic and you can too! 

Fire it Up Tip:  Your job is to thank it for expressing its opinion, then kick it to the side and carry on anyway!  There’s no magic trick for this one and depending on how stubborn your inner critic is, it can take conscious and mindful work, but just recognizing that it’s purpose is to hold you back in order to protect you can help put it into perspective.  Just because you have a thought does not mean you have to believe it. 


Goal Buster #7  |  You’re afraid to fail

Failing is understandably scary!  Who wants to fail?!  We’re taught from the time we are little that failing is bad.  We don’t want to do bad things!  We don’t want to feel bad!  We don’t want others to see us screw up!

I get it…failing is definitely not your desire when you’re embarking on something new.

But, what if I could reframe that for you?

What if I could convince you that failing is not failure? 

Failing is an opportunity.

What is it an opportunity for?  To learn from it…learn about the process, the experience, and most importantly…YOU.

When you fail at something, it gives you a great opportunity to learn so much more than if you had not failed.  If you’re wise, you’ll use this information to tweak your process, hone your skills, and try again with a new and improved approach.

Nobody that has ever achieved great things did it without failing along the way, but they didn’t let those failures stop or discourage them.  They turned it around and used those failings to their advantage.

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Fire it Up Tip:  It may be hard, but let go of the fear of failing.  Replace the fear with the mindset that failing will help you do things better and you are open to it. 

You won’t run away from it when it happens (because it will), you are open to using it as a tool on your journey.  You can even plan ahead for this…envision what failing might look like, then plan now for what you’ll do when it happens. Then, when it does…you’ll be ready.


Goal Buster #8  |  You’re not holding yourself accountable

Its easy to slide on your goals if you don’t have to tell anyone you didn’t do what you wanted to do (that goes back to the failing thing and not wanting others to see you ‘fail’)

If you want to best chance of achieving your goals…tell a friend or get an accountability partner! (pssst….my Moxie Girls in the Facebook group have the ability to be paired up with an accountability partner!  Just sayin’  ) 

When you make yourself accountable you are MUCH more likely to stick to it and get it done. 

Most of us don’t like to come back to someone and say we didn’t do what we said we’d do.  We get embarrassed and feel…wait for it…like a failure.  Having an accountability partner helps us stick to what we say we’ll do, which means…you guessed it…we get things done!

Since stating to work with a coach this year, I’ve accomplished more in my life in the past 4 months than I normally do in an entire year!

Fire it Up Tip:  Ummm…tell someone!  Maybe its your best friend, maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s putting it out there for all the world to see on your blog or twitter or Instagram…whatever! 

The point is, get it out of your head and make it tangible by telling someone else about your objectives.  My advice is to pick someone that will hold you to it and check in with you on your progress.  It won’t be very helpful if they don’t really care if you do your action step or your goal.  


Final Thoughts

There are countless reasons for not achieving our goals.  Some of them are external and out of our control, but the vast majority of them reside within ourselves and we have complete control over this!

Know your why, set your priorities, believe in yourself, make yourself accountable, and take that first step.

If you do all of that, I promise you’ll start reaching those goals!  Your dreams will start to become your reality and how cool is that??


Before you go, don't forget to download your FREE Life Goals Worksheets.  Through these you will identify your vision, your why, and your goals.  Then, you break them down into action items and even identify what might get in your way and how to get around them.  Talk about being prepared!

How many goals do you have on the backburner? How would your life be different if you could move them front and center and make them happen? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!