13 Journal Prompts to Start Loving Your Body & Yourself More

If you are a regular around here, you know I love to journal.  In the past, I’ve shared other journaling prompts and they’ve proven to be rather popular posts, so it seems like you guys love to journal too!


Last week, I got real and shared my struggle with body love.  As hard as it was to share those thoughts and feelings, I have a feeling many, if not most, of you can identify with me.  

Sadly, we live in a world that objectifies women’s bodies and implies our self-worth hinges on what we look, what we wear, how we move, what we do or don’t do with our bodies, etc.  

It’s no wonder that women everywhere hate their bodies!

How could we not…we’re constantly told (indirectly) that our bodies are not good enough and we’re subjected to photos of “perfect” celebrities and models that have been airbrushed to levels of “perfection” that aren’t even realistic or possible for the model or celebrity!

It’s time we stop this nonsense.

@@We have one body and it’s our vehicle for moving through our life.@@

It takes us where we want to go, allows us to wrap our arms around those that we love and love us, and do things that fill our soul with joy.

It takes care of us when we're sick, it powers through life's challenges, and when we're falling apart on the inside, it lovingly carries you through to sunnier days.  

Our bodies don't judge our emotions or our thoughts (okay...I know it's not physically possibly for our bodies to judge our thoughts...but just go with me for a second, okay?).

Yet, how do we repay everything our bodies do for us?  We call ourselves names, we hate it, we fight it, we abuse it with over exercising or unhealthy restrictive diets, all in the name of trying to make it better.

To make it better, we have to start on the inside with our out of whack mindsets and unrealistic expectations.

To put such high, and typically unattainable, expectations on our outer shell and ultimately hate ourselves for our very normal imperfections is a waste of energy.

If you could let go of your body hate and self-loathing, how would your life be different?

How else could you use that energy to channel more purpose and meaning in your life?

I feel this is one of those topics that needs a lot of attention…not just from within ourselves, but society as a whole.

Unfortunately, I don’t think society is listening or cares, so this has to start within yourself.

If you are ready to start exploring what Body Love would mean to you, I encourage you to pull out your journals (either online or paper/pen) and dive into my journal prompts.

I’ve created a list of 13 juicy questions to help you peel back a few layers and, with compassion and curiosity, start peering at all the awesomeness you bring to the table.  

Look within to find your light and let it start illuminating you from the inside so it washes away the constant focus on your exterior shell.

Your self worth is not defined by how big your butt is, or how jiggly your thighs are.   Your self worth is defined by who you are, and girlfriend, I promise…you are one amazing woman!

Are you ready to start diving in and exploring your awesomeness?

13 Body Love Journal Prompts

  1. What does “Body Love” mean to you?
  2. Write about your current relationship with your body…what do you love, what don’t you love, etc.  No judgement, just explore the idea!
  3. Why do you think society puts so much pressure on women and their body image?  How is this damaging?
  4. How much of your self-worth do you tie to your body image?
  5. What are practices or daily things you do that make you feel beautiful, sexy, and/or comfortable in your own skin?  How can you start doing more of this in your life?
  6. Explore the idea of loving yourself just as you are…what would that look like; what would it feel like?
  7. If you have a daughter (or imagine you have a daughter), what lessons would you like to teach her on loving herself and accepting her body?
  8. How might you learn from the lessons you’d teach your daughter?
  9. What are your imperfections?  Write them down, then journal on how awesome and amazing each of these imperfections are...
  10. Imagine your body could talk to you…what would it tell you it needs?  
  11. What makes you unique?  Write about how awesome this makes you...
  12. What limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and/or unfair expectations (on your body) can you let go of?  Write about those and what your life would look like after letting go of all of that...
  13. Think back to when your ideas on your body started to shift (i.e. transitioning out of the little girl phase that never thought about her body to the teenager that was acutely aware of every tiny ‘flaw’)…write a letter to this younger self telling her that she was okay as she was and anything else you’d like her to know.


Final Thoughts

While I do 100% believe we are capable of healing ourselves from society’s negative, and frankly incorrect, influence on how we perceive ourselves and our self-worth, as indicated in my Keeping’ it Real post last week, it’s still something I struggle with.  

None of us are perfect and we all struggle with things.  

I’m working really hard on being very mindful and very compassionate with myself on this journey.  

It’s not easy…in fact, it usually feels like I’m trying to swim upstream in a tidal wave of opposite thinking, mindsets, messages, etc.  

But, I soldier through and with each step, I get stronger in mind and more resolute to make it to the point where I totally love and embrace my body exactly where it is. :)



Download a copy of these journaling prompts to keep in your journal as a reference!  Just click on the “Gimme my Journal Prompts” button to get started...

Edit:  This PDF is no longer available

What is your definition of Body Love? In what ways do you feel you might want to work on this? I’d love to hear more from you, so leave me a comment and let me know!