April 2016 Faves & May 2016 Plans

It’s that time again, folks!  The first part of the month around here that means checking in on how we’re doing on our monthly goals and setting some new ones for the month ahead.

You might be asking why I share these every month for all the world to see?  For starters it helps to keep me accountable!  But, for some reason, you guys seem to like taking a peek at what’s going on in my world, so I’m happy to oblige :).

I can’t believe we’re already turning the calendar to MAY!  Where has the time gone?!

Despite how fast this year is going by, I’m loving 2016, so far.  My only complaint is that I wish time would slow down, just a wee bit!

Before we dive into all of your faves and all of my goals, let me take a moment to let you know about a little survey I have open right now.  

We all struggle in life and my objective is to try to help you reduce those struggles and make the time to follow your passions to live a life that truly brings you joy.  

Sometimes are struggles are in finding those passions, identifying the first step, or making the time to pursue our loves.

That’s what I want to find out more about….what are you struggling with?

With the information you provide me, I can create targeted and specific content for the blog, emails to my tribe, and some free webinars to help you overcome those struggles and put some plans in place!

I can also use this to identify possible future group programs, workshops, etc.

If you have a few minutes, would you mind answering these few questions to help me better serve you?  It should only take less than 10 minutes!

To sweeten the deal, 4 lucky ladies will be winning 1:1 coaching with me!  This is your time to work through some of those blocks with a trained coach for FREE!

The survey is now closed.

So, with all of that out of the way, let's dive into what happened last month and what's to come for this month!


Here’s what you were loving

I don’t know about you, but I feel like April zipped by a tad too quickly! I guess it didn’t help that I was out of town 2 out of the 4 weekends, but it seemed like I blinked and another month was coming to a close!

Given the hectic schedule, I didn’t get quite as many posts published this month as I like, but that’s life, right? It ebbs and flows and we ride along enjoying the view along the way.

Since I didn’t publish as many posts, I’ll cut the number reader faves to just the top 2...

In case you missed it, here are the top 2 posts from last month:



House & Home | More Organizing/Decluttering {SUCCESS}
Last month, I mentioned that in Q2 (April, May, and June), I’d be turning my decluttering, reorganizing mission to my upstairs rooms. I have 3 main areas to go through, so that conveniently works out to one per month.

Last month, my focus was on my spare bedroom. I’d been using it as a dumping ground while cleaning out other rooms over the past several months, so it was time to tackle that mess.

I’m happy to say, I finished in one afternoon! I still want to reorganize a few things and replace some of the dated furniture that’s in there, but for now, it’s cleaned up, straightened up, and presentable!
Heart & Moxie | Clean up Website {SUCCESS}
Since I had already started on this when I mentioned it last month, I didn’t have too much left to do. I swapped out my headshot photo, updated my About page, and I moved some of the things in the navigation bar around to make it less cluttered and easier to navigate.

All of this is in prep for launching my business (this month!), so check and check!
Health & Fitness | Working on Daily Moving {SUCCESS}
This was a big objective for April and while I didn’t move every single day, I definitely moved most days. Sometimes, if I didn’t have a ton of time, it was simply a solo dance party in my living room (which is SO much fun!).

Now that the weather is starting to improve, I want to get in some outdoor walks to add in some more variety. But, very happy to have moved a lot more than I normally do, simply by making it a priority and being mindful!
Life | Birthday Reflections {SUCCESS}
Last month, I spent part of my birthday reflecting on the year ahead. I love doing that on my birthday and setting personal goals for my birthday year as opposed to the calendar year (not that I don’t also enjoy making new year goals too!).

I have a few specific goals in mind that I will be working on over the next 11 months related to business, health, and personal growth.

My Plans for May

I LOVE May in Connecticut!  This is the time of year the state really starts to wake up and come alive.  Everything is blooming, the birds start chirping, and usually it starts to warm up (although the first few days of May, so far…not so much).

I’m hoping to get outside a bit more this month, but I do have quite a bit on my agenda already!  We’ll see how it goes!

So…what are my goals for May?

House & Home | More Decluttering
Since this is long term project, expect to keep seeing this one each month!  But, the hope is that with each month, the focus moves to a new area of my house :).  

My objective is to simplify, simplify, simplify!

For May, I’m turning my attention to my bedroom.  I did a thorough declutter in this room last fall, so there really isn’t much for me to do here.  I do need to swap out my winter clothes for summer clothes and that will definitely involve getting rid of old stuff I won’t be wearing.  

Other than that, the main need for my bedroom isn’t really decluttering, but organizing.  My closets are fine, but my dresser and other areas could use a bit more thought, so that will happen this month



Heart & Moxie | Officially open the doors on my coaching business!
This month, I should finish up with most of what is left of coaching school.  I won’t be certified just yet, though.  I will still need to finish up some outstanding projects, a book report (yes….a book report!), and complete a final oral exam.  But, the bulk of things that steal most of my time - class, peer groups, and peer coaching should wrap up leaving me oodles of time to start taking on clients and transforming lives!

Don’t forget to take the survey I mentioned above to tell me what you are struggling with so I can create specific content to help you find solutions!


Health & Fitness | Solidify my Morning Routine & Cleaning up my diet
I love to get up early before work to get some things done.  Now that it’s starting to get lighter earlier, I want to take advantage of those hours and solidify my morning routine.

I want to have time to get in a 30 minute workout and time to write since that is when I do my best writing.

I also want to clean up my diet more.  I was just diagnosed with mild Rosacea, so my focus is to cut back on all the inflammatory foods we eat (think sugar, gluten, dairy, etc.).  I’m not planning to totally cut these out of my diet, just replace a lot of it with vegetables, lean meat, fruits, etc.  You know…the healthier stuff!


Travel  |  Book 2 trips for later this year
Last year, I had an AH-MAZING time at Summer Camp and this year, not only am I returning, but I’m going to be a camp counselor!

My first travel task this month is to get my flight booked for heading down to Asheville, NC in mid-August.

Then, closely on the heels of that trip, I’m heading back to Europe in September.  I’m meeting up with my brother and some friends for an event in Dublin early in the month, so I’m going to add on some extra days and do some solo traveling.  What’s on the agenda?  Right now…a few days in Dublin, a few days in Glasgow, and a few days in Edinburgh.

If you have any tips for those cities…let me know! What are the must see’s and what isn’t worth adding to the list?

Your turn, friends! What are YOUR goals for May? I’d love to hear all about them, so leave me some comments below and let me know!