Find Yourself to Find Your Purpose


Fact…most people are living a life of other people’s expectations, and they don’t even realize it. 

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life?  You get up each day and, like Groundhog Day, you go through the same motions, the same steps, the same obstacles as the previous day (and the last week and the last month!).  

Do you live for the weekends because that’s when you can be the ‘real’ you?  

Do you feel like you wear a mask more days than not, just to fit in with the world around you?

If any of this sounds familiar, you might be living a life of someone else’s expectations instead of your own!

Scary, right?



Sometimes that ‘other’ person is someone very dominant in your life…parents, spouse/partner, etc.  But, what tends to be more common, is the ‘other’ person is fictional…it’s what you think others want you to do with your life.

It’s completely understandable!  You grow up under the influence of your parents and teachers telling you what to do.  Of course, they have big dreams for your future and sometimes, their dream becomes what you think you want for yourself.

But, even if your parents or teachers gave you the freedom to chart your own course, for high-achieving women, the pressure they feel and the expectations they struggle to meet are self-imposed based on who they think they should be.

If you have reached a place in your life, though, where you are craving something more, or you're feeling like your life is lacking meaning or purpose, it's time to take a closer look at what's underneath the surface.

You can’t find your purpose in life if you don’t know who you truly are.

You have to take the time to dig in and find out who you really are, what makes you tick, and what lights you up to get off the hamster wheel of life.

You shouldn’t wonder ‘is this all there is to life?’. You should wonder ‘what’s my next adventure?’.



Most people never get to fully know themselves and never find their passion, so the hamster wheel is a very common way to live life.  In fact, most people consider that the norm!

Most people tend to admire those that take a leap of faith, change course, and follow a dream.  You congratulate them on the guts it took to do that and probably feel a teensy-weensy nugget of jealousy.

They have a driving purpose for what they want to do with their life.  You can see the joy they’re experiencing on the inside because it radiates out of them and if you get real with yourself for just a few minutes, you want that too.

But, you decide they’re one of the lucky ones that have it all figured out and go back to your unfulfilling, but safe life wishing you could be more like those people.

My question for you is…why can’t you be one of those people?

What’s holding you back?

Everyone, at some point, will wonder why you’re on this planet (hello, quarter-life and mid-life crises!).  It’s natural to want to feel like you have a reason for being here.  You want to feel you’re adding value somewhere and feel a sense of fulfillment in your life.

Every single person walking on this planet has a driving passion within that gives you purpose. It's your job to find that purpose and live it.

If you spend the time to get to know yourself and uncover that passion, you will find the light within yourself and change the course of your life forever.



When you discover your passion and cozy up to your purpose, you will allow yourself to live a life aligned with who you truly are.  That’s when the magic happens.

Sounds great, right?  

Your next question might be, okay, how do I do that?!

It all starts with getting to know yourself really intimately.

  • Find out what you truly like…not what you’re supposed to like.  
  • Find out what you don’t like…not what you’re supposed to not like.
  • Figure out how to spend your time so that you lose track of time.
  • Explore ways to feel like a kid again.

You have to start peeling back the layers within yourself to discover who you are before you can figure out your passion(s).

No one else can tell you what you’re passionate about; you have to find that on your own.

Will it get uncomfortable?  Absolutely…but in the discomfort is where you find your truth.

Will it be hard?  Sometimes…but pushing through those hard times will build your strength.

Whether you know it or not, you are an amazing, beautiful soul that deserves to live a life that you love.  You deserve to find that inner light within you and stoke the flames to let it shine out through every pore of your body.

Everyone knows people who are living their dreams, and here’s the kicker…they’re no better than you and they’re no different than you.

They’ve just taken the time to get to know themselves to figure out what they truly want in this life, then they’ve gone out and grabbed it.

So, where do you start?  It’s simple: stand in front of a mirror and take a good look.

You start right there...with you.



My hope with sharing this topic is that I have inspired you to look within and find your passion.  There are a lot of ways to go about this, and I’m not really concerned with how you do it, so long as you do it.

Life is short and time is precious.

If, however, you have no idea where to start and you’d like a little help with this, reach out and let’s talk.  I have a burning passion for helping women discover this side of themselves so they can design a life they love.  If you’re ready to dig in and do the work, then I’m ready to walk that journey with you.  Let’s work together to get you that life.

Note:  I originally published this article almost 2 years ago, but it still stands true, so I brushed it off and re-published it, because it needs to heard again!