May 2016 Faves & June 2016 Plans

It’s that time again, folks!  The first part of the month around here that means checking in on how we’re doing on our monthly goals and setting some new ones for the month ahead.

You might be asking why I share these every month for all the world to see?  For starters it helps to keep me accountable!  But, for some reason, you guys seem to like taking a peek at what’s going on in my world, so I’m happy to oblige :).

Ahhh....June.  Summer time is officially here!  Long, light filled evenings, BBQs, ice cream, and all the good things in life tend to overlap and take over.  Finally!!!

This summer is going to be a good one, albeit a tad on the busy side, but lots of goodness brewing so I can't wait to immerse myself in the fun :).

Before we dive into all of your faves and all of my goals, let me take a moment to thank those of you that took time out of your busy schedules to take my short survey last month!  To those beautiful ladies that provided responses, I was overwhelmed by how real you showed up and how open you were with explain what you're struggling with and what you feel holds you back in life.

Based on the responses, I was able to see a common thread shared amongst almost every single respondent and it inspired me to create a small group coaching program to target those challenges.

Next week, I'll share more about this as I officially open the doors for registration, but if you struggle with self-doubt and not believing in yourself, or you are afraid to try something new or different because it might not work out, this program is JUST FOR YOU!  Keep your eyes peeled on Monday for a very specific post where I will outline everything you need to know about the program so you can hop on the registration and start making magic happen in your life!

But, in the meantime, that's not why we're here today!  Let's switch gears and dive into what happened last month and what's to come for this month!


Here’s what you were loving

May shall I put this...a little crazy.

I finished up the last in-person training weekend for coaching school (woohoo!), wrapped up the peer group meetings that was also part of training, and the weekly teleclasses.  I was anticipating my schedule magically opening up by the end of the month, which is why I launched into prepping for my new group program.  

Then.....I went to my final training weekend and was informed that, no silly are not finished.  So...the last half of May has been a little crazy to say the least.  Between my day job, school, and business related tasks, I've been working from 5:30am - 10:00pm 6-7 days a week.  Something had to slip through the cracks with this type of schedule and unfortunately, keeping up with my blog posts became the victim. 

Even though I didn't get to publish all of the posts I had planned, here are two of my favorites in case you missed it:


How’d I do on my May Goals?

House & Home | More Organizing/Decluttering {SUCCESS}
Last month, I mentioned I wanted to do a tad more cleaning out in my bedroom. That room really didn't need too much work since I cleaned it out last fall, but as I switched out my winter clothes for my summer clothes I tried to ruthlessly go through all my clothes and shoes and get rid of everything that I knew I wouldn't be wearing this year. Once that was done, a little extra cleanup from some clutter that had accumulated last fall and I was good to go!
Heart & Moxie | Officially open the doors on my coaching business! {FAIL}
I almost made this one!!! It wasn't from lack of trying, let me assure you :). I worked on my 'Work with Me' page during the latter half of the month, plus put together my program page for my new group program.

While I'm still working on my private coaching page, the group program page goes live on MONDAY! For those in my Moxie Girl tribe, it will open a tad early for them (i.e. today!), so it's officially open for registration, just not to the "public" just yet. So...I only missed this by about 2 days!
Health & Fitness | Solidify my Morning Routine & Cleaning up my Diet {SEMI-SUCCESS}
I've definitely embraced the early morning hours and have been getting up before 6am every single day for the past 2-3 weeks and I LOVE it! I get so much work done in the mornings and that's my peak writing time, so I've been making good use of it. I love feeling like I'm not rushing to get my day started anymore. It's done wonders for feeling more balanced and having more time for myself.

As for the cleaning up my diet...I was totally rocking that and my daily movement plan until the second half of the month rolled in everything just went to hell in a hurry...sigh. But, after almost completely burning myself out over Memorial Day weekend, I reconnected with myself and for the past few days, I've been making my daily movement and better eating a priority.
Travel | Book 2 Trips for Later This Year {SEMI-SUCCESS}
Last month, I mentioned that I have two trips coming up this summer that needed planning. First up is Summer Camp in North Carolina in August. I went last year and it was AH-MAZING. This year, I'm returning as a camp counselor...woot woot! The only thing I need to book for this is the flight to Asheville and possibly a side girls night getaway to the Biltmore with one of my besties that's also coming to camp. I meant to get all of this taken care of in May, but it didn't quite happen. So, that's the 'semi' part of the semi-success status! (and if you'd like to join me at Summer Camp, you can learn more about it and register HERE)

The other trip is my European adventure in September. Most of the trip will be a solo adventure, which I'm SO excited about, but the kick it off, I'll be meeting up with my brother, his girlfriend, and another friend of ours for something in Dublin. Then, I'm off on my own to Edinburgh and Glasgow for another week. I'm happy to say, I have this trip completely booked! Flights, hotels, etc. are in the books and all I need to do before I leave is to map out what I want to visit while I'm in each city (suggestions always welcome!).

My Plans for June

June is going to be a little bit packed.  I'm hoping to finalize all my requirements for school and that will take up the bulk of my month.  The rest of my time will be putting together the finishing touches on my group program that will launch at the end of June!  

I am, however, hoping to work in some local exploring in the beautiful towns around me here in Connecticut.  Winters in Connecticut may be hell, but they definitely do summer right and I don't want to miss it by being inside working all summer (which is definitely something I could end up doing!).

So…what are my goals for June?

House & Home | Redecorating
Now that I have most of my home completely decluttered, I'm turning my attention to some redecorating projects.  I'm hoping to sell some furniture that doesn't fit with me anymore and really spruce things up as part of my year long plan to make my home my peaceful sanctuary.  I'm looking into getting my flooring replaced on my first floor, but not sure exactly when we'll get that scheduled.  I'm hoping by the end of summer to have my downstairs transformed (and there will be a healthy dose of DIY'ing to keep expenses down!!).  

Heart & Moxie | Officially open the doors on my coaching business!
I should be able to cross this one off my list on MONDAY as I launch the registration for my new group program.  Following later in the month will be my private coaching package that will officially hit the website.  I can't wait to start working with you fabulous ladies and help you start to make amazing things happen in your life by learning how to get out of your own way!

Travel  |  Book my Summer Camp trip
This should be easy...I just need to book a flight and possibly a hotel room if my friend and I decide to stay an extra night at, or near, the Biltmore.  I have to make this happen this month since it'll be getting down to the wire.

Fun  |  Not work every single minute
I could easily work my way through every waking hour this month given the length of my to-do list, but I'm trying to remind myself that I don't need to push myself this hard.  To that end, I'm adding this to my objectives...get out and do some fun things!!!  "Fun things" is yet to be defined but there's a lot to pick from, so no worries on that front

Your turn, friends! What are YOUR goals for June? I’d love to hear all about them, so leave me some comments below and let me know!