Find Your Purpose by Setting Goals for Your Passions


Following our passions and setting goals…topics I love to talk about and ones that people love to learn about!  There are countless articles, books, etc. about setting goals to get further in life, make more money, or to lose weight.

But what about the things in life that light us up?  For some, that’s one in the same with what they get paid to do, but for others (i.e. most of us), we put our hobbies and passions on the back burner because we’re so busy with our jobs, families, or other adult responsibilities.  We relegate these to ‘someday’.

But, our passions are the things we need to make time for in our lives.  In fact, I don’t see why we shouldn’t also set regular goals for those passions!

While it may seem obvious, let’s pause a moment and talk about our passions.

What exactly defines a passion?

The things we are passionate about are the things that fire us up and make us who we are.  Spending time on things that we’re passionate about brings happiness and fulfillment to our lives.  

We hear a lot these days about making our passions our jobs, or if we do what we love, we’ll never work a day in our life.  I don’t necessarily believe this. If your passions can be turned into a job and you have that desire to do that, go for it!

But, you don’t have to get paid to do your passion.  You don’t have to make it your mission to turn your passion into your day job.


Why we Need Passions

Before we get into my tips for setting goals for your passions, let’s talk for a minute about why we need things in our lives that we are passionate about.

#1  |  It Fires us up

Think about the last time you spent time doing something you absolutely, positively love.  How alive did you feel?  

When we’re passionate about something, it fires us up.  When we’re fired up, we feel alive.  When we feel alive, we’re experiencing life at our high points.


These activities can take our lives from being rather humdrum to joyful and fulfilling.

#2  |  It Feeds our soul

Along with the first point, when we are fired up and lost in the activity that brings us deep joy, it feeds our soul.  Our passions are tied to our being.

They define who we are because they represent a core desire or need that is being met when we engage in our passion.

By doing so, we feed our soul and take care of ourselves on a completely different level.  Think of it as chicken soup for the inner most part of ourselves.


#3  |  It Makes us interesting

Have you ever met anyone that claimed to have no hobbies, passions, or interests?  Maybe they’re a workaholic or never take any time for themselves. 

Regardless of the reason why, how interesting did you find them?  

Our passions, hobbies, and interests are the extra notes that round us out.  They give us that extra sparkle in our eye and when we talk about our passions, it’s very common for us to light up while doing so.  

This makes us not only infinitely more interesting to other people, but it also makes us a hell of a lot more interesting to ourselves!


#4  |  It Challenges us

When we find something that we absolutely love doing, we usually want to do more of it and, depending on what it is, its not unusual to want to do better at it.  

That means our hobbies, and especially the things we’re passionate about, challenge us to improve and learn more.  This keeps our brains sharper, healthier, and stronger.

It gives us something to work towards, which takes us to setting goals for our passions.



Finding our purpose in life is a journey many of us make at some point in our life (usually around when you’re in the 35-45 years old range!).  Knowing you’re contributing to life, sharing your gifts, and living out your purpose is what leads to a life with limited regrets.

Following your passions and making time for them allow you to get closer to identifying and living your purpose.  It’s a requirement for living a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Setting Goals For Your Passions

Most of us don’t think about taking time to set goals for our passions.  They’re hobbies or things we do when we have spare time.  Plus, most of us have enough goals in our ‘regular’ life to keep us from wanting to add more to our ‘fun’ life!  Right?!

But, if you want to take advantage of the fact that you have these activities and hobbies that you so deeply love, then why not set a few goals to help you improve and make time for it?

Setting goals for your passions isn’t that much different than setting them for your job or finances or health (actually…it’s pretty much the same!).


Step 1:  Identify Your Passions

If I were to sit down to have a cup of coffee with you and asked you to tell me what you love to do, what immediately springs to mind?  

Some of you will easily be able to rattle off all of the things that you love to do, so this would be an easy question for you.

But, for others, this might be your first stumbling block.  The first step is consider what you love to do, what you’d love to try doing, or what you used to love doing.  

One of the best ways to consider that is to think about what you do when you completely lose track of time.


Step 2:  Figure out what’s getting in your way

For most of us, having enough spare time is a big culprit of us not spending enough time on our hobbies or passions.  But, maybe you have a serious addiction to social media or you binge watch various TV shows a little more than you care to admit.

If you’re not spending enough time on your passions and hobbies, then consider what’s getting in your way.  Take a look at how you spend your time and look for time sucks that you can erase from your day.

Is it time, money, self-confidence, something else?

Where can you reclaim some wasted time in your schedule to work on your passions?

Get real with yourself if you really want to make some changes.  You do have the time, it’s just a matter of eliminating what’s getting in the way.  What can you say ‘no’ to, in order to say ‘yes’ to yourself?


Step 3:  Identify the first step

Once you’ve identified a few things that fire you up, it’s time to identify the first step in getting there.  This is where a lot of people stop and give up.


Because they get overwhelmed with trying to figure out the entire plan.  If that’s you, then my advice is to NOT try to figure out the entire plan.  You don’t need to know every single step in order to get started.

Just figure out the first step then do it.  Typically, once you finish, or almost finish that step, you’ll know what is the next step.  Eventually, you’ll be able to see a few steps ahead, then a few more.

But, to get started, you only need to figure out the very first step!


Step 4:  Make yourself accountable

If you really want to make your passions more part of your life, make yourself accountable by sharing your goals and objectives with a close family member or friend.  Pick someone that will be your biggest cheerleader, but will also help you stay accountable.

One of my best friends is so great at supporting me that when I don’t achieve the goals I set out to do, she totally tells me it’s okay and not to worry about it.  I love her support, but that doesn’t actually help me stay accountable, so be sure to pick that friend that doesn’t hold back and lovingly calls you on your BS.


Tips for Success

If you are ready to start making goals for your passions, then I have a few quick tips for your success.

Tip #1  |  Know Your Why 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again (and again).  If you want to stick with something you have to get clear on why.  

Without really knowing why you want to do something, you’re less likely to dig in your heels and stick with it through the challenging times.

Your why is your anchor and your guiding light.

Define it and own it.

Why do you want to work on your passion?  Is it to turn it into a job, bring in more relaxation and ‘me time’ into your life, get healthier, etc.?  Only you know your why, so get crystal clear on it before you embark on your passion filled journey.

When  you get stuck…go back to your why.


Tip #2  |  Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

The #1 reason we don’t stick to our goals isn’t lack of time or money or any other reason (*cough cough* excuse) we come up with.  The main reason we don’t stick to our goals is we fail to make them a priority.  

I’ve written all about this in a no-nonsense post recently, so if you want to dig into that further, read my post Taking the BS out of Time Management

If you want to turn these goals into reality, you have to make the smaller objectives and daily tasks a priority in your life.  This is where knowing your why comes into play.  When you know your why, making it a priority becomes a whole lot easier.


Tip #3  |  Give Yourself a Break

Know your why and make your goals a priority…but…what about when life throws a curveball and screws it all up?  It happens and that’s life.

Despite your best laid plans, you will fall off course, you will push it to the back burner, you will lose your momentum, and suddenly you find you haven’t worked on your passion goals in weeks.


Yes…I’m yelling at you.  Do not beat yourself up if life happens.  It always will.  The important thing is to recognize it, recommit to your why, and work it back into your life by making it a priority again. 

Don’t stall yourself from getting back in the game by telling yourself you’re a failure for having fallen off course.  That’s a waste of energy.  Recognize where you are, brush yourself off, and get your head back in the game.  

That, my friends, is how you keep moving along.


Tip #4  |  Take a Look Back

As you work on your goals, it’s easy to get caught up in looking at the gap between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.  That can feel daunting and unmotivating.  We may even feel we haven’t made much progress so why keep going...

If you get to this place, and you will, I want you to take a few minutes to look in the rearview mirror at how far you’ve come.

Sometimes seeing the progress we’ve made is the kick in the butt we need to keep going forward.

Celebrate your achievements and use it as fuel to keep going.


Tip #5  |  Share it with Others

Celebrating ourselves is awesome, but having our friends and family cheering us on is also fantastic.  If you have loving, supportive people in your life, share with them what you’re doing (However, if you’re family and/or friends are the type to dissuade you or cut you down…don’t tell those folks.  Guard your passion and your work on it like the crown jewels!).

Tell them about your accomplishments and let them lift you up and enjoy it with you.

It’ll make the entire process that much sweeter and since this is a passion project or side hobby that you love, it invites them into a new part of your world.


Final Thoughts

As with anything…achieving goals take a mindful approach.  Just because your passions are something that's fun on the side doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Having a nice balance between work & play is essential to feeling whole and living a full life.  Taking time for enjoying whatever you’re passionate about is worth your time, effort, money, priorities, and energy.

Just do it.

Do you need help figuring out what you’re passionate about?  Hit me up for some 1:1 time and I’ll help you dig in and figure it out!

It’s common to not know what you’re passionate about since we spend so much time working and adulting…give yourself a gift by making the effort to get to know a new side of yourself!


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