What Happens when You Fall In Love with YOU

Do you know what it means to me to love yourself?

I’m not talking about an arrogant “I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to this world” type of love.

But a “I’m perfectly okay with all of my imperfections and I deserve to live a life that makes me happy."

Most of us are never really taught how to love ourselves. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Society teaches us to hate ourselves and most of us respond by becoming our own worst enemies.

I bet you talk to yourself in a way that you would never allow anyone else to, am I right?

When you truly love yourself, you treat yourself like you treat the people you love in your life.

You're kinder, softer, more forgiving, and yet, you're also stronger.

It looks and feels a little different than loving others…you’re not going to get butterflies when you think about yourself.  Once you fall in love with you, it's a life long relationship with the best person in your life...YOU.


Fall In Love with Yourself This Month

With February typically being all about love, we usually think of it in terms of loving others.  We forget that we’re part of the equation.   

In addition to appreciating the love of others this month, I like to use February as a time to focus on my relationship with myself to fine-tune my own love for me!

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

- Jane Travis

This month we'll be exploring different self-love topics to help you start the magical journey of falling in love with yourself. 

Isn’t it time you fell in love with YOU?

One of the things I’m doing this month is a daily self-love challenge. I’m sharing a pic each day on Instagram to share how I’m taking care of myself, taking time for myself, pampering myself, and digging into topics to deepen the connection with myself.

If you’d like to follow along, follow me on Instagram to see what I come up with!

If you’d like join me and play along with me, then join my private Facebook group where I share the prompts and lead discussions on all things self-love this month!

Also, I've put together a self-love writing prompts PDF that you can download for free to get you started! There's nothing like spending time with your journal to do some deep self-reflection. If you're interested in that, read more about it HERE.

But, before you do all of that, let's back up a bit and talk about what happens when you fall in love with yourself.


What happens when you fall in love with YOU

When you fall in love with yourself, amazing things happen.  

Life feels lighter.

You’re no longer floating along unsure of what to do with yourself.  You know what’s important to you and you value yourself enough to go for what you want and not let anyone or anything get in your way.

That doesn’t mean you suddenly cut off everyone and bulldoze your way through life solely focused on your own objective!

It means you take time for yourself, you get rid of the toxic relationships that make you feel you’re not good enough, and you aren’t afraid to try something new because you’re no longer afraid to fall on your face.

There’s an inner peace and calmness that begins to expand within your body.  You’re not at battle anymore with yourself.

You feel a strength that allows you to know that you can get through whatever life tosses your way.

You start to choose the riskier option, you tell someone how you feel, you say no to your boss when asked to work overtime, you distance yourself from the relationships that drain you...

Sounds pretty good, right?


Want to know what else happens when you fall in love with yourself?

Here’s a few other examples of what changes in your life...

  • When you pile too much on your plate, you graciously take a few things off and remind yourself it’s okay to do less because you’re only one person.  
  • You’re an imperfect human and you forgive yourself for your flaws and accept them as part of your unique beauty.
  • You allow yourself to make mistakes because you know mistakes are the stepping stones to growth.  
  • You stop doing things that aren't working in your favor or make you feel like crap.  
  • You no longer let people walk all over you.
  • You spend an afternoon lost in a good book and you don't feel guilty.
  • You workout not because you think you're fat, but because it makes you feel good.
  • You don't feel guilty for doing taking down time to recharge and rejuvenate.
  • You think you're pretty cool and you genuinely like yourself exactly as you.
  • You start chasing those dreams you're craving because they start to feel within your reach.
  • You start living the life you're' meant to be living.

Who doesn't want all of that?  So, I dare you, challenge you, etc. to join me this month in learning to fall in love with yourself.  If you already love yourself, then take this as an opportunity to fall even deeper in love with the awesome and fabulous YOU.

What would be different for you if you totally, completely, 100% fell in love with yourself??