Spring Clean Your Mind & Heart {21 Journal Prompts}

Journaling is a powerful tool in your self-care arsenal.  It is in fact, my favorite tool!

There is nothing that brings me more inner peace than curling up on my couch or under my covers in my bed, pulling out my journal, and releasing all the thoughts that are scrambling around in my head.

In the first few minutes of writing, I unload all the chatter that’s taking up space.  Once that’s gone, I start to dive a little deeper on anything that’s currently bothering me, and that’s when the magic happens.

As my pen flows, my heart unlocks, and I start to figure things out and see them from a new perspective.

It’s the cheapest form of therapy I know!

So, today, I wanted to provide you with some deep dive questions to help you get in the zone and release some of the mental and emotional clutter you’re carrying around inside.

Since it’s still Spring around here, I like to think of it as spring cleaning for your heart and mind.


Benefits of Journaling

There are SO many benefits to journaling!

I could go on and on about how your life changes once you start journaling. (I should know - I haven’t always been a journaler!  I’ve only been journaling regularly for about 3-4 years.)

In no particular order, from my perspective, here are the top benefits to journaling:

  • Reduces stress:  Writing it out by hand helps to get all of your thoughts out of your head so you can let it go and move on.
  • Helps you process things better:  Numerous studies suggest writing things out by hand helps you think about them differently.  I can’t tell you the number of times I couldn't move past something for days, but once I carved out time with my journal, I discovered where I was stuck.
  • Allows you to dig deeper:  There’s something magical about putting pen to paper.  Once you start writing and you let go of any expectations, stuff pours out of your mind and heart, through your pen to your paper.  My biggest personal a-ha’s have come through journaling.

As I have become a dedicated journaler over the past few years, I have gotten to know myself on an entirely different level.  I am more in tune with my intuition, and I no longer lead strictly through logic and reason.  

When you get out of your head and bring your heart into the mix, you start to make decisions in alignment with your truest self.  You just know what is right and what is wrong for you.

This knowledge helps you to fight the Inner Bully when it rears up to try to hold you back.  When you’ve worked something out in your journal and you know it’s the right (or wrong!) thing for you, it’s so much easier to put the Inner Bully back in its place.


Spring Cleaning for your Heart and Mind

This month’s topic is all about spring cleaning, but not the clutter in your house - the clutter in your mind and your life.

We all tend to hang onto past regrets, old grudges, and lingering disappointments.

These are holding you back.

It’s like driving through mud.

When you release the sludge, you will free up mental space, lighten your overall energy, and start to move through life with a bit more ease.

There are no benefits to hanging onto old drama.

It’s time to let it go!

These journal prompts are designed to help you identify those areas and why they still hold power over you.

Once you are more enlightened around what you’re holding onto, you should be able to release them.

Once they’re free from your mind and body, you’ll open yourself to new ideas and feel lighter and more energized.


The Journal Prompts

I’ve created a beautiful PDF with 21 prompts to help you dig into those past regrets, old grudges, and lingering disappointments.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the questions, but to get the most benefit, download the PDF and keep it in your journal so you can come back to the questions as needed.

Sample Questions:

  • To release past regrets, old grudges, and lingering disappointments, we have to ‘let things go.'  What does ‘letting it go’ mean to you?
  • What frightens you about ‘letting go’ of these old feelings and emotions?
  • What will be the benefit of letting go of all of this mental and emotional clutter?

Edit:  This workbook is no longer available




Journaling is my favorite self-care practice!  

It’s 'me-time' at it’s finest with the added benefit of clearing your heart and mind from the clutter.

If you journal regularly, you’ll notice when you’ve neglected it for too long.  You'll start to feel the need to purge your thoughts, and your fingers will practically itch to crack it open and start writing.

When you download my prompts, you can tuck them in your journal to revisit them whenever you’re hanging on to thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving you.

Happy writing!