Your Permission Slip: Just Be You

I have to ask you to stop…

Stop fighting who you are!

It’s fine to want to learn, grow, and improve yourself (in fact I encourage it!), but, in today’s society, with social media such a strong influence, too many people are hiding a deep dark secret - they don’t like who they are.

Faced with the ‘perfect’ images of other people’s lives (spoiler alert - they’re not so perfect!), too many people are on a mission to hide who they really are to fit in with the image they think they’re supposed to be.

It’s time for you to give yourself permission to just be you exactly as you are right now.

Think about that for a second...permission to just be you.  Do you feel a little bit of the weight lift off your shoulders?  Are you breathing a little bit more easily?

Stop being so ridiculously hard on yourself!

You deserve just to be you.



Everyone has quirks.

No one is perfect.

Imperfections are not flaws...they’re what makes you unique.

Unfortunately, too many women focus on their flaws - physically, emotionally, and mentally - in razor sharp detail and use them as evidence as to why they’re ‘not good enough.'

I bet if I asked you to describe yourself you could rattle off a list of things you’d like to work on, or that aren’t quite right.

When you set your focus on a specific target, that’s all you end up seeing - both in yourself and in others (which is why so many women bash other women...they have trained themselves only to see flaws, and by magnifying someone else’s flaws, it makes them feel less vulnerable.  But...that’s a topic for a different post!).

What if you were to shift that focus by 180 degrees and use your energy to focus on all the things you like about yourself?

If you got into that habit, over time, all of those flaws would turn into charming quirks that you’d actually...wait for it...LIKE about yourself!

No longer would you see these as bad things about yourself.  The traits you used to hate would turn into the qualities that make you unique and extraordinary.

When you embrace your quirks, life gets easier.  You release the pressure on yourself to be perfect.

The result is that you become a lot more confident and you focus on bigger things that have more impact on your life.



Confidence is sexy.

Most people will tell you that confidence is at the top of their list of things they find attractive in potential partners (for both friends and romantic interests).

Who would you rather hang out with?  The person that loves life and doesn’t get caught up in their own drama or the person that nitpicks all of their flaws and complains about who they are?

Personally, I find it boring when people complain about their imperfections.  We’re all imperfect, so let’s just accept that and move onto more exciting topics!

No one is perfect, and those who embrace themselves as they are, exude confidence.

Confident people get the job offers, the hot dates, and find the exciting opportunities in life.

Things just seem to fall into place for those that accept who they are and are comfortable in their own skin because they aren’t distracted by paying too much attention to their perceived flaws.



Face can’t be anyone else but you.

You can try to fight it but why?

Being in that mindset of always comparing yourself to other women is so easy.  Everywhere you look, you see women who appear to have what you want - better looks, more success, the perfect family, etc.  You can't help but to want to be more like them since you only see your shortcomings.

Yet, you probably don’t realize that they’re looking at you and wanting to be like you in some way.

You can always improve who you are through experiences, education, personal development, etc. but this doesn’t change the fundamental person you are.

If you’re an introvert, you’ll always be an introvert.  Trying to fight that will leave you exhausted and frustrated.

No, you may not have a perfect size six bikini body, but seriously, who cares?  If that is the difference between someone loving and respecting you versus wanting nothing to do with you, I’d argue they’re not someone you should want in your life anyway.



Life is hard enough as is, so why make it more complicated by trying to be someone that you’re not?

Embrace who you are, love your quirks and forget about your imperfections.

Give yourself permission to just be you and experience life in a much more relaxed state. You deserve to see yourself in a new light and to love your life exactly as it is.

Need some guidance on getting to that place?  Then let’s work together to get you on that path!