Why Making Mistakes is a Good Thing

People don’t like to fail.  They’ll go out of their way to prevent failure because they see it as ‘bad.'  While mistakes may not be quite the same as failure, they’re on the path, and they make people feel uncomfortable.

But, mistakes are actually a good thing!  They help you tweak things, so you stay on the right course.

You can’t help but make mistakes, so instead of cursing them, learn to embrace them so you can squeeze all the goodness out of them to take the most advantage of them.


When you make a mistake, it lets you see the flaws.  Maybe it’s a flaw in execution, mindset, skill, timing, etc. The key is to take note and figure out where and why you screwed up!

If you walk past your mistake and fail to stop and see what's behind it, you’re missing out on the best part.  By taking a moment to see how you got to that place, you identify where you can improve.

Maybe you need a bit more practice to beef up a skill, or perhaps you need to tweak your mindset to approach it from a different perspective.

The beauty of mistakes is they allow you to see what doesn’t work for you, so you can figure out what does.


For some people, when they screw up they let it take over and confirm their self-doubt and insecurities (‘of course I messed that up...I can’t do anything right’).  But, if you’re embracing the mistake as part of life and the journey, you take the time to learn from it.

When you pause, look at what went wrong, tweak it and try again, you become more resilient.  Resiliency is a life skill that allows you to ‘bounce back.'  With each mistake you make, you strengthen that skill.  Over time, you build your confidence and your ability to overcome whatever life throws at you.

If you give into mistakes and let them loom over you, you’re like a stretched out rubber band...there’s not snapping back and moving on.  You stay stuck in one place.



Let’s face it...you’re human and making mistakes is just what humans do.  Everyone makes mistakes so why be so hard on yourself when you’re doing what everyone else does!

The key is to learn from those mistakes.  If you keep making the same mistake over and over, then it’s time to pay closer attention because there’s a lesson that needs to be learned.

A sign of emotional maturity is owning your mistakes.  If you want to be the best version of you, it’s time to drop the judgment and shame, take a closer look at how you made a mistake, learn everything you can from it, and do it again...only differently.