Why You Should Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Children have the right idea - they play, get dirty, laugh, and don’t take themselves too seriously.  Somewhere along the way, society says that to be an adult, you have to rein that in.

Most folks lose touch with their inner child as they navigate adulthood and take on the many responsibilities that come with being a grownup.  As a result, a lot of people lose sight of who they really are, and they forget to chase what they truly want.

Reconnecting with your inner child helps you stay connected to your true self and even get a glimpse into your purpose in life.

There are many benefits to reconnecting with your inner child, and even the most hardened adult has an inner child inside waiting to be rediscovered.



There are a lot of good things that come from finding the child within and engaging with her on a regular basis.



Kids like to have fun, and they like to make everything a game.  When you tap into your inner child, it allows you to see the world through a different lens.  It makes the mundane fun again.

Your inner child helps you seek out the things that make you enjoy life and “feel like a kid again.”

Everyone needs to experience fun in their life.  It’s what keeps things a little less serious and what allows you to release stress and relax.  A good, child-like, belly laugh, never hurt anyone!



A strange thing happens as people get older...they get less curious.  

Maybe it’s because they think they already know everything.  Maybe it’s because they’re too busy to care about anything outside of the routine.  Maybe it’s because they’re too scared to try something new.

The difference with kids is that they’re insatiably curious and want to learn about everything.  If you've ever spent any time around kids, you know they ask lots of questions.  They have the right idea!  

When you tap into your curiosity and follow it, you expose yourself to new ideas and new experiences.  Trying new things and being in  different situations allows you to grow and become a better person.



Kids love to create!  Give them some crayons or paint and watch them lose themselves in the activity.

Being creative allows you to access different parts of your brain that provide a lot of benefits. It helps you to see any situation with multiple options.  As a result, these additional options give you the ability to make better decisions.

Everyone is creative, but most people don’t exercise their creative muscle as often as they should.

Getting in touch with your inner child will help you do that.



To a child, everything is new.  Every day introduces a new experience, place, person, activity, etc.  Every day is an adventure, and it makes the world exciting!

It also allows them to fully throw themselves in this new thing to learn all they can and because they’re curious (see how these all tie together!).

Trying new things on a regular basis and tapping into your inner child exposes you to new possibilities that you didn’t realize were around you.



Let’s be honest, adults take themselves way too seriously.  

Kids are a lot more resilient than adults at making mistakes and bouncing back.  They don’t take themselves that seriously because they haven’t learned to judge themselves yet (sadly, it’s the serious adults that teach them to fear mistakes).

When you take yourself too seriously, you judge yourself, and that holds you back.

When you relax and laugh at your flaws or mistakes, you push forward with curiosity and a renewed drive.



Some women know their purpose and live it daily.  But, for many women, they’re on a quest to find their purpose.

They’re in jobs that don’t fulfill them, and they are seeking anything that gives them that sense of meaning.

But, for many, they don’t know what that purpose is.

Getting in touch with your inner child will help you see clues as to what is that purpose.

By trying new things, being curious, not taking yourself so seriously, being creative, and having fun, it exposes you to things that light you up.

When you are engaged in something that lights you up, that’s a clue to your purpose.  It doesn’t mean you need to do that for a career, but if you dig into what about that activity excites you and fully engages you, you have a clue into your purpose.



The goal of reconnecting with your inner child is to reconnect with you.

As adults, we tend to spend a lot of our time living our lives according to other people’s expectations - our boss, partner, parents, neighbors, other moms, friends, etc.  Sometimes we lose the essence of our true self after years of trying to be who everyone else wants.

Sometimes we lose the essence of our true self after years of trying to be who everyone else wants.

You may find that your inner child is not the same as the child you were when you were younger...that’s okay!  Your inner child, now, is the part of you that lets you escape and have fun.  It’s the part of you that lets go of expectations and judgment.

So, how do you reconnect with your inner child?

  • Journal:  Write to your inner child and see what they want to tell you.  Journaling has incredible powers to help you see yourself and your life from a new perspective.

  • Try something new: Try something new just because it sounds fun.  When doing new things you break out of a rut, increase your confidence, and possibly, learn something new.

  • Disconnect: I dare you...spend an afternoon without a to-do list and with your phone off.  You can’t reconnect with your inner child if you’re still doing adult things, so to invite your inner child to come out and play, you have to create the right environment and disconnecting is the first step.

  • Do something you haven’t done since you were a child:  Think back to something you loved to do as a kid but haven’t since then.  Maybe it’s finger painting or riding a roller coaster.  It doesn’t matter what it is or how ‘un-adult’ it is...do it.  You may find you hate it, or perhaps you'll discover what you loved so much about it.  Regardless, you’ll likely have a lot of fun in the process and feel years younger.

  • Let go of judgment:  Don’t worry if you feel silly or how childish the activity seems.  Let go of this mindset and just enjoy the moment.  Also if you discover you don’t love something you loved as a kid, don’t judge that either.  It just means you’ve evolved over the years, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have an inner child.



When you are in constant ‘adult’ mode, you are focused on responsibilities and making the right impression.  In the process, you forget what makes you live and you lose the sense of feeling like a kid again.

When you reconnect with your inner child, it’s not to live your life every day as a child would or to be childish. It’s all about learning who you truly are and connecting with yourself on a different level.

So, it’s time to release your inner child and feel the shift into a more centered and confident adult.